ment had been much improved. A deter. Coombs, Esq. Prayer was offered by the mined and persecuting spirit was directed Rev. G. Rose, against the Home Missions in almost every The Rev. G. Smith, one of the secrepart of the country. In nearly every de taries, read the report. It gave a brief acpartment of agency there had been an im count of the labours of the agents of the provement and an increase of numbers, society, and presented an encouraging view Last year the number of schools was 204 ; of the stations occupied by them. These they were now 210; the number of teachers stations are found in different parts of the 1476, now 1700; the scholars 11,800, now country, some of them in districts in which 13,000. There had been opened during the the native Irish language is spoken. In year 61 new places. The agents preached these latter, the efforts of the missionaries the gospel in 655 towns, villages, and ham. are especially acceptable. Especial reference lets, to nearly 50,000, in the midst of a was made to the labours of the Rev. J. Godpopulation of nearly one million of souls. kin, whose talents as a lecturer on Popery Last year the Bible classes amounted to 84, and Puseyism are well known, and the effect containing 1,150 persons; this year to 110, of whose efforts are most gratifying and deincluding 1,429 pupils. Upwards of 600 lightful. Crowds of listening auditors are persons had been united in church fellow attracted, amongst whom are to be found ship, nearly all the fruits of missionary Protestants of all denominations, and often labour. Last year the net income of the many Roman Catholics. The report alsociety was 7,1691. ; this year, 7,7881., but luded to the great lack of books universally the expenditure during the same period was found, and the intention of the coinmittee to 9,3341.

attempt the sale of useful and religious The resolutions were moved and seconded works on a plan similar to that pursued by by the Rev. Drs. Morison, Leifchild, and the colporteurs of France. The state of the Matheson ; by the Rev. Messrs. Stoughton, funds was reported to be, upon the whole, Stratten, Burnet, and Jackson ; and by such as to demand the grateful acknowledgM. Fisher, Esq.

ments of the committee to their constituents, and to awaken confidence and hope for the

future. But still, as extensive fields of laCOLONIAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY.

bour present themselves in every direction, Seventh Anniversary, May 13.

a considerable augmentation of the amount

contributed must be realized before the The chair was occupied by Lord Mor

efforts of the society will make that imprespeth, and after singing and prayer, the Rev.

sion on the great mass of the people which is A. Wells read the report, which gave a con

so much to be desired. The report concise history of the Society's labours at its

cluded with a powerful appeal to the friends various stations in Canada, New Zealand,

of evangelical truth for larger contributions,

to enable the committee, during the ensuing and South Australia, during the past year. Such had been the depressed state of the

year, to carry out the more extensive opera

tions contemplated. colonies, that considerable aid had been re

The resolutions were moved and sustained quired by the missionaries from the parent

by the Rev. Messrs. Adkins, Blackburn, society. There were, however, indications

Sherman, Burnet, Gawthorne, T. James, of renewed prosperity in the colonies, and it was therefore hoped that the demands during

and Dr. Morison. the succeeding year being decreased, fresh scenes of usefulness might be occupied.

CHURCH PASTORAL AID SOCIETY. There had been a very serious decline in the amount of funds received ; and had it not been for a legacy of 5001, bequeathed by the

Eighth Anniverary, May 9. late Mrs. James, of Birmingham, the institution would have been 1,0001, in debt.

Lord Ashley, president of the society, ocThe meeting was addressed by C. Hind

cupied the chair.

The Rev. E. F. Champneys, clerical secreley, Esq., M.P.; the Rev. Dr. Vaughan ; the Rev. Messrs. Binney, Burnet, Adkins,

tary, read prayers, and presented the report, Freeman, Hill, and Smith (Sheffield); and

which stated that during the past year the

committee have extended aid to twenty-nine by the treasurer, J. R. Mills, Esq.

incumbents, in addition to those already on

their list. They have thus afforded the IRISH EVANGELICAL SOCIETY. means of supporting twenty-six additional

curates, and one lay assistant; besides which Twenty-ninth Anniversary, May 9. they have made also one grant towards the

completion of a building for a school-room, The chair was occupied during the evening to be licensed for Divine service, in an imby C. Hindley, Esq., M.P., and T. M. - portant manufacturing district, and a grant. of 201. to enable an incumbent to occupy been distributed in the army, 1,437 copies a chapel, and conduct regular service on to steam-packets, 825 among Her Majesty's the Lord's-day, in a hamlet of 500 persons, ships, 4,992 copies to merchant seamen, situated four miles from the parish church. and 2,994 copies to canal boatmen. The These grants amount to 2,0101. per annum. total distribution during the past year was The existing grants of the society are to aid 11,472 Bibles and Testaments. Her Ma. 235 incumbents, in charge of an aggregate jesty the Queen Dowager had been graciously population of 1,801,452, or to each on an pleased to present to the Society a donation average 7,660 souls ; while the average rate of 251. The total receipts during the year of their incomes is only 1631., and 128 have amounted to 3,2511, 58.; and the disburseno parsonage-house.

ments to 3,2201. 168. 10d. These grants provide stipends for 233 Addresses were delivered by Captains Sir clergymen and thirty-one lay-assistants, at E. Parry, J. J. Jones, Fishbourne, and an annual charge upon the society's funds, Harcourt; by the Rev. Messrs. Sidney, when all the appointments shall be made by T. H. Davies, and J. Davies; also by the incumbents, of 20,3501. And as the in. Assaad Yacoob Kayat, and General Wardcumbents aided provide eitber from their own law. or local resources the further sum of 3,1381. per annum, to make up the amounts required for the several stipends, the society is thus BRITISH SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION made the honoured instrument of bringing

OF THE GOSPEL AMONG THE JEWS. into the service of the church the annual sum of 23,4881.

First Anniversary, April 24. At the present time 200 clergymen and thirty-one lay-assistants are supported in The first public meeting of this society their labours by the society, at the charge of was held April 24th, J. D. Paul, Esq. in the 17,7351. a-year.

chair. Prayer was offered by the Rev. J. The grants provide for the addition of 338 A. Miller, and a Report read by the Rev. full services on the Lord's day, 124 on Dr. Henderson ; after which, resolutions week.days, 284 cottage lectures, and in were moved and seconded by the Rev. Drs. creased pastoral visitation in all the districts Burder, Stewart, and Cox, and by the Rev. aided.

Messrs. Redpath, Blackburn, Scott, Archer, The income of the society for the year Hamilton, W. Bunting, Fergusson, and J. ending the 31st of March, so far from being C. Burns; also by W. Hamilton, Esq. raised to the amount which the present scale of the grants requires, has only reached the sum of 17,5621. 198. 11d., whereas in the BAPTIST HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY. previous year it amounted to 18,8801. 158. 2d. Of this deficiency, however, of 1,3171. 158. Forty-sixth Anniversary, April 24. 5d., only 4281. 178. 11d. may be considered as the falling off from the ordinary sources

Chairman, John Heard, Esq. of its income; the remainder is occasioned The Rev. S. J. Davis, the secretary, read by a smaller amount having been received an abstract of the report. The accounts from legacies and special donations.

from the Berkshire auxiliary were encou. The expenditure of the society for the past raging. The Cambridgeshire auxiliary, in year has amounted to 20,2091. 78. 10d. or proportion to its means, had proved itself 2,6461. 78. 11d. more than its income. both vigorous and efficient. The accounts

The resolutions were moved and sus. from Devon and Dorset were some of them tained by the Bishops of Chester, Norwich, highly interesting. In the Isle of Wight and Llandaft, Archdeacon Shirley, the Rev. the prospects were encouraging. In the Messrs. Tottenham, Stowell, Scholefield, Scilly Islands the lessee had caused notices Bickersteth, Stewart, and Villiers, and by to quit to be served at the chapels. In General Marshall.

Lancashire, notwithstanding the general depression of trade, the auxiliary had not

declined, either in its resources or its useful. NAVAL AND MILITARY BIBLE SOCIETY. ness. In Nottinghamshire the stations were

for the most part healthy and vigorous. Sixty-third Anniversary, May 9. From the northern auxiliary cheering ac

counts had been received. From PembrokeThe chair was occupied by the Marquis of shire, Rutlandshire, Sussex, North Wilts, Cholmondeley, and prayer was offered by the and East Somerset, and from the West Rev. C. Smith.

Riding of Yorkshire, the reports were, upon Colonel Le Blanc, the military secretary, the whole, highly satisfactory. The labours read the report, which stated, that during the of Mr. Pulsford, the evangelist, had been last year 2,007 copies of the Scriptures had greatly blessed. The report concluded by

pressing on each auxiliary the importance of reversionary bequests already known of setting apart some one Sabbath in the year, should furnish the means of making it. most convenient to itself, for simultane. The speakers were, the Rev. Messrs. S. J. ous Baptist Home Missionary collections Davis, Mursell, Overbury, Webb, Mulhern, throughout the district.

Pottinger, Trestrail, and J. Edwards, of From the treasurer's accounts, it ap Nottingham. peared that the total receipts of the year were 5,2701. 18. 4d.; but the disbursements had so far exceeded the receipts, as to leave

CHURCH OF SCOTLAND MISSIONS. a debt of 5261. 178. 9d. against the society. Speakers : the Rev. Messrs. Barnes, Él.

Tenth London Anniversary, April 27. ven, Frazer, J. Edwards, (Nottingham,) Angus, Stovel, and Messrs. Robinson and

W. Hamilton, Esq. presided, and after Barker.

prayer had been offered by the Rev. Mr. Ferguson, the Rev. J. C. Burns made some

interesting statements as to the operations BAPTIST IRISH SOCIETY.

and success of the society, and addresses

were delivered by the Rev. Messrs. HamilTwenty-ninth Anniversary, April 25.

ton, Redpath, Scott, (Sweden,) Smith,

(Greenock,) Cumming, Bunting, Burns, Chairman, D. W. Wire, Esq.

Lorimer, and the Rev. Dr. Stewart, The Rev. S. Green read an abstract of the report. During the year the society had continued such schools as the increasing, atten

BIBLE TRANSLATION SOCIETY, tion given to the instruction of the young, under sanction of the National Board of Edu.

Third Anniversary, April 26. cation in Ireland, had left it possible or expedient for the committee to maintain, and C. B. Robinson, Esq., occupied the chair, they rejoice to be able to report, that though and prayer was offered by the Rev. W. the number of schools was decreased, there Groser. was an increase in the efficiency and useful. The report was read by the Rev. Dr. ness of those now pertaining to the society. Steane. It stated, that the Baptist MisInquiries had lately been instituted as to the sionaries in Calcutta had been pursuing the present condition of these important and work of translating and publishing the Sacred useful auxiliaries to the spread of the gospel Scriptures with great diligence. Since their and of Divine truth in Ireland. From last statement, in 1841, they had printed in twenty-four replies, the first twenty-four the Bengali language 60,000 volumes, in that came to hand, the following particulars the Hindustani 3,000, in the Hindui 21,000, were learned. They had 2191 on their in the Persian 1,000, and in the Sanskrit books, whose ages range between twenty. 4,500, making a total of 89,500. This two years and four years, the average age number, added to those of former years, being ten years. More than 1720 were makes an aggregate of 282,900 volumes of Roman Catholics ; 697 had repeated consi. the Sacred Scriptures, or portions of them, derable portions of the Word of God within printed on behalf of the Baptist Mission, the year, and in most instances the schools the American and Foreign Bible Society, and were situated where, without them, there the Bible Translation Society. The followwere no means of education within reach. ing works were reported as being in proThe direct missionary labours of the society gress :-In Bengali 54,000; in Hindustani had continued without intermission. Seve. 24,000 ; in Hindui 1,000 ; in Armenian ral extracts from the correspondence of the 1,000; in Sanskrit 19,000. A total of agents were then read, showing the benefi. 99,000 volumes of the Word of God in whole cial results of their efforts. The association or in part. Towards these important works of Baptist churches in the south had conti. the committee had voted 1,5007, in the course nued its useful course, and the labours of of the year; and also 1501. towards a transthe Scripture readers had been attended lation recently commenced into the Kariff with great success. It was stated, that last language, by the Rev. A. Henderson, Bapyear there was a debt against the society of tist Missionary at Belize. The report also 7201. ; an equal, if not a larger diminution mentioned the great anxiety felt by Dr. of income had occurred within the last year. Yates and his coadjutors, to publish the enThe liabilities of the society had, therefore, tire Bible in Sanskrit, but that they hesitated become very serious. A kind friend had to enter upon so serious an undertaking, advanced 10001., with the mutual under- unless they were encouraged by their friends standing, that repayment was not to be at home. The cost was estimated at about urged, except the circumstances of the So- 1,5001. The committee had made a grant ciety should materially improve, till certain of 5001, towards it. During the year, the American and Foreign Bible Society had re- à pure translation from the Hebrew and peated their former generosity, and remitted Greek into the Portuguese language. This à further donation of five thousand dollars has been a work of time and much labour in aid of the Oriental versions. The Rev. and difficulty: the portions already com. George Francies had been appointed travel pleted and printed are the four Gospels; the ling agent for the Society.

Acts of the Apostles; the Epistles to the J. Allen, Eseu the treasurer, present. Romans and Corinthians, and the book of ed his accounts; from which it appeared, Psalms. The other Epistles of St. Paul are that the balance in hand last year was 1751. just finished, and the remainder of the New 38. 3d.; the receipts, including that sum, Testament is in the press. The Rev. T. were 3,4881. 28. 5d. ; the expenditure a. Boys, under whom the work of translation mounted to 3,4251. 38. 8d.; leaving a ba has proceeded in Portugal, is now in England, lance in hand of 621. 188. 9d.

to make arrangements for the completion of The meeting was addressed by the Rev. the work. 4,000 copies of the completed Drs. Godwin and Steane ; by the Rev. portions have been circulated in Portugal, Messrs. Brewer, Williams, Birrell, Spas being purchased with great eagerness. The shatt, and Elven.

revision of the Portuguese version of the Old Testament is just completed, with the

exception of the book of Job, and a few BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN AND NEW

chapters of Daniel. The free receipts for FOUNDLAND SCHOOLS SOCIETY.

the year amount to 1,6321. 58. 100., exceedTwentieth Anniversary, April 28.

'ing the former year by 4791. 18. lld. The

great reduction in the price of Bibles has Lord Bexley, the president of the society,

naturally diminished the receipts for books,

which, this year, amount to only 7041. 18s. occupied the chair. We learnt from the report, that in its two fields of labour the society

4d. being 3431. 108.9d. less than for the prenow numbered ninety-five week-day, besides

vious year. The total receipts are 2,3371. evening adult schools and Sabbath-schools.

48. 2d., being an increase of 1351. 108. 2d. Besides that, several of the teachers having

upon the former year. The issues of Bibles,

Testaments, and Scripture portions, during been duly licensed as catechists and lay. teachers, altogether eighteen had been

the past year, are 12,348 copies. The meetdeemed worthy to be admitted into the

ing was addressed by the Rev. Messrs. sacred ministry of the church. The dona

Tatum, Day, Cumming, and Leete ; also

by Captain Harcourt, and Mr. Cumming, tions to the society had fallen off last year, and the contributions from associations had

the lay secretáry. not reached the amount subscribed in 1841. The receipts for the last year were 2,3161. 28. 4d., while the payments had exceeded by

THE BAPTIST UNION. 1771. 58. due to the treasurer. The sums received in Canada and Newfoundland, and

Thirty-first Annitersary, April 28. appropriated to school extension in each colony, raised the total income of the so

The chair was occupied by the Rev. Dr. ciety to 3,4451. 58. 3d.

Godwin, of Oxford, and prayer was preThe different resolutions were moved

sented by the Rev. T. Morris, of Portsea. and seconded by the Rev. Messrs. Wilson,

The Rev. J. H. Hinton, one of the secreAdams, Stowell, Gibbon, Hughes, Close,

taries, presented an abstract of the report, Auriol, Bridge, and the Secretary.

which stated that one object of the Union was to obtain, from year to year, statistical

information concerning the Baptist denomi. TRINITARIAN BIBLE SOCIETY.

nation at large, so as to be able to take for

themselves, and to present to the publie, a Twelfth Anniversary, May 3.

general view of the body with which they

were connected. An attempt towards this General Marshall occupied the chair. had been made on an extended scale in 1838 The Rev. A. S. Thelwall, clerical secretary, and 1839, the result of which was published read the report, which commenced by in the report of 1840. During the last year declaring, that at the present time it is a similar effort had been made, and the peculiarly important for the people of God to returns gave the following view of the take their stand upon plain scriptural prin- state of the Baptist denomination in the ciples. In many cases, the Committee found United Kingdom. Number of churches : that foreign versions of the Scriptures were

In England ................... only translations of translations, and that in

In Wales .....

257 Popish countries a Popish version of the Vul

In Scotland ......

73 gate was sent forth by British Protestants. In

In Ireland.. 1837, the Committee resolved on obtaining



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Number of churches in associations, 1006; numerous, but they lamented that the inchurches formed within the last three years, come of the association prevented them from 105.

responding to them to the extent they could 1418 churches return their number of wish. The issue of Protestant tracts had members amounting to 131,272, and giving amounted to 167,900, and of other publicaan average of 92 in each church. If this tions 62,300. The Protestant Magazine average be applied to the whole number of continued its useful labours. The receipts churches, it gives a total of 154,100. This for the past year, including the special as may be taken as representing a population of well as general receipts, amounted to 1,5281., four times the number, or 616,400.

and the expenditure to 1,3991. The debt of 1141 churches return the number of Sun the association had been reduced by 1001., day scholars, amounting to 143,027. At the balance of it now remaining being 3001. the same ratio, the number in all the These were all independent of the special churches would be about 210,000.

fund for publications, of which there was a 609 churches report their village stations, balance in hand of 1631. amounting to 1527. At the same ratio, the The resolutions were moved and seconded total number would be 4151.

by Major Brock, the Rev. Messrs. Bicker960 churches report a clear increase during steth, M'Ghee, Stowell, and W. C. Wilson; the last year, amounting to 10,402 ; 179 also by Colonel Vernon, M.P., General churches report a clear decrease, amounting Marshall, and R. Glynn, Esq. to 763; and 135 churches report their numbers unchanged. The actual clear increase for the year, reported by 1274 churches, is

LONDON CITY MISSION. 9369. The average clear increase in these churches

Eighth Anniversary, May 4. during the year, is about seven and a half; or the clear increase per cent. about eight The chair was Occupied by J. P. Plumptre, and a quarter. At this ratio, the elear an- Esq., M.P. nual increase of the whole body would be The report was read by the Rev. R. 12,558.

Ainslie, and represented the institation as The meeting was addressed by the Rev. being in a most satisfactory and prosperous Messrs. Marsh, Morris, Hinton, and the state. Since the last annual meeting, the Rev. Dr. Steane.

attention of the committee had been specially directed to the Metropolitan and City Police

Force. The committee addressed to them a PROTESTANT ASSOCIATION.

letter, urging the importance and necessity of

true religion, a copy of which was placed in Annual Meeting, May 10.

the hands of each policeman. The commit.

tee had also supplied libraries to the stationJ. P. Plumptre, Esq., M.P., presided, and houses, half the expense having been liberally the Rev. Dr. Holloway offered prayer. borne by the Religious Tract Society. The

The secretary read the report, which com committee had also called attention to the evil menced with expressions of mingled feelings consequences of the fairs held in the neighof gratitude for the past, and of confidence bourhood of the metropolis. On last Easter for the future. The committee believed Sunday, about 40,000 persons left London that the society's operations were never for Greenwich ; and it was calculated that on more needed than at the present time. The the day following (Easter Monday), at least increasing spread of Popery could only 100,000 persons visited Greenwich, and be successfully arrested by a systematic spent, at the lowest calculation, 15,0001. ; attempt to check its progress; by an united, and they regretted to find that an attempt had bold, and faithful stand against the dissemi. been made to revive another of these nuisnation of those doctrines against which the ances in the eastern suburbs of London, at country ought to be warned, before a mista Stepney. The committee had, however, ken and false liberality paralyzed all the powe made representations on the subject to the er of the nation to resist them. Several Pro proper authorities; and as this was not a testant meetings had been held during the past chartered fair, they hoped it would be put year in various places throughout the country. down. It appeared that the population of They had devoted a special and separate the metropolis, witbin eight miles of St. fund to the publication of the standard works Paul's cathedral, amounted, in 1841, to of eminent Protestant writers, in order 2,103,279 persons; and to this number they thereby to meet, with the best kind of oppo- must add for the last two years an increase, sition, the publications which were put forth according to the ratio of increase for the with such increased zeal by the Romanists. preceding ten years, of 62,585 persons. In The applications to the society for grants for other words, the population of London had the circulation of Protestant tracts had been increased, within the last two years, almost

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