DEATH OF THOMAS WILSON, ESQ. The friends and members of the Society have long been prepared, by their knowledge of the declining health and growing infirmities of its venerable and honoured Treasurer, to receive the solemn tidings of his death. On the morning of Saturday, June 17, after several days of severe suffering, he breathed his last, and entered into rest.

As an expression of their sentiments and feelings, in relation to this deeply afflictive event, the appended Memorial has been adopted by the Board of Directors :

That in recording the decease of their late venerable friend and coadjutor, Thomas Wilson, Esq., the Directors of the London Missionary Society, with mournful pleasure, embrace the solemn occasion to express their high sense of his valuable services as one of its earliest friends and most liberal supporters, as well as in discharging the duties of his office as the Treasurer of the Institution : they are constrained, also, by a sense of justice to his memory, to bear their willing testimony to the scriptural simplicity of his christian faith, and the uniform consistency and purity of his character ; while his public worth, as a generous supporter of benevolence and religion, and especially as the munificent benefactor of that section of the Christian Church of which he was a member, demand their gratitude to God, who enriched him with his grace, and made him a faithful steward in his service.

That the assurance of affectionate sympathy and condolence from the Directors, be presented to Mrs. Wilson, Joshua Wilson, Esq., and the other members of the bereaved family ; with the expression of their devout hope, that they may be sustained and comforted under this painful dispensation, by those divine and gracious principles which formed the

character and cheered the spirit of their departed relative. The remains of our beloved and lamented friend were consigned to their last resting-place, on Friday, June 23, in the family vault, at Abney-park Cemetery. A Deputation from the Board, consisting of Thomas Challis, Esq., Chairman ; Rev. A. Tidman and Rev. J. J. Freeman, Foreign Secretaries; Rev. T. Lewis, Rev. Dr. Morison, R. Cunliffe, Esq., John Dyer, Esq., and F. Smith, Esq., attended the funeral, which proceeded from Highbury-place, at twelve o'clock.

Other members of the Board, anxious to pay their last tribute of respect, also attended on the occasion. The solemn service at the Cemetery was commenced in the chapel, with reading the Scriptures and prayer, by Rev. J. H.

Godwin ; followed by an address from Rev. Dr. Henderson. The Rev. A. Tidman addressed the friends and spectators at the tomb, and the Rev. T. Lewis offered the concluding prayer.

DEATH OF THE REV. JOSEPH FLETCHER, D.D. The afflictive dispensation, which forms the subject of the foregoing record, was preceded only a few days, by an event of the same mournful and trying character.

The death of the Rev. Dr. FLETCHER, which occurred on Thursday, 8th of June, is already known to the christian public, among whom it has awakened an unani. inous feeling of profound and affectionate sorrow. At their earliest meeting, after the lamented occurrence, the Directors recorded their estimation of his character, and their grief for his removal, in the following terins :

That this Board has received with deep emotion, the painful intelligence of the decease of their beloved and highly honoured friend and co-adjutor, the Rev. Dr. Fletcher.

That it hereby expresses and records its most affectionate and chris. tian condolence with the widow and bereaved family of their departed brother, under the pressure of this affliction ; praying that the God of all consolation may administer the balm of heavenly peace to the afflicted spirit ; and with the church and congregation at Stepney, which have been deprived of a Pastor so justly revered. And also, that it hereby records its devout submission to the great Disposer of all huinan affairs, who has thus been pleased to remove from the scene of his earthly labours, to the home of perfect rest, one of the inost enlightened, ardent, and stedfast friends of Protestant Christianity, and of Christian Missions, --one who had long identified himself with this Society in particular, as a Contributor, Advocate, and Director; first in the country, and subsequently in the Metropolis ;-who, on numerous and important occasions, cheerfully rendered it essential service by pleading its claims in public, and aiding its counsels in committee ;-and whose talents and attainments, whose eloquence and energy, were consecrated to the cause of God and of truth in the world, and of whom it is the joy of his friends, even while they deplore the loss they sustain, to be assured that for him

to live was Christ, and to die gain. The last offices of respect and affection toward our departed friend and brother, were fulfilled on Friday, the 16th of June. The Rev. A. Tidman, and Rev. J. J. Freeman, Foreign Secretaries, formed the Deputation from the Board of Directors, to accompany the funeral procession. The relics of our honoured friend were laid in the same burial-ground which so soon afterwards received the last remains of Mr. Wilson, and the occasion was marked by similar solemnities.

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DEATH OF MRS. BIRT IN CAFFRELAND. It is now the painful duty of the Directors “When the body was removed from to communicate the full particulars of this under the wagon, it was too evident that most distressing event, which was briefly all attempts at recovery were fruitless. Our stated last month. Our intelligence is de- brother Kayser was nearest, and, when he rived, from a letter dated March 11,"re- arrived, the scene was afflicting beyond ceived within the last few days, from the measure. The driver and leader sat weepRev. Henry Calderwood, whose sentiments ing under a tree. Three native girls, with on the occasion, as therein expressed, have the now motherless babe, formed another received our earnest and unqualified sym- group, also weeping; and there lay our pathy, and cannot but awaken correspond- brother overwhelmed with grief, by the ing emotions among all the friends of the side of the bruised and lifeless body of her Society

who had been the sharer of all his joys and " It is with feelings of the deepest grief I am called upon to convey the truly “Our departed sister was an amiable melancholy intelligence of the sudden friend, and a valuable wise. All who can death, by accident, of our beloved sister, value either female or christiap worth must Mrs. Birt. This most distressing event have esteemed her. There was nothing occurred on the first of the present month. showy about her, but her character was Our brother and sister were returning from solid; and we think she could be ill spared. the sea-side, whither they had gone for the But the Lord judges not as man judgessake of Mrs. B.'s health, which has been He can carry on his work without any of indifferent for some time past. Between us. Our brother has been comfortably susthe station of Mr. Kayser, and that of Mr. tained throughout the trying providence, Birt, the wagon was overturned, and our since his mind recovered from the first dear sister almost instantaneously killed. tremendous shock. He can yet sing of Mr. Birt, bis little child, and another little mercy as well as judgment. The remains girl, were also in the wagon, but escaped of our dear sister were committed to the unhurt.

dust at the Umxelo, on tbe 3rd instant. “A considerable time necessarily elapsed All our own brethren, and those of the between the overturning of the wagon and Scotch Societies who could reach in time, the arrival of efficient aid. Mr. Kayser, were present; and we all felt that the Lord and two of the Scottish brethren, who was most distinctly speaking to us.

We acted a truly brotherly part, were as soon as mourn, but not as those who hare no hope. possible on the spot. But, although the We have laid her remains in the dust, but most effective aid had been at hand, I do her spirit is not there: through our tears not think, from the position of the wagon, around her grave, we could look forward to and of the body of the deceased, it could a blessed and glorious resurrection. have been of any avail. As it was, the “On our return to Caffreland, I was case of our brother was truly touching. much pleased to mark in the mind of the When he emerged from the wagon, he saw deceased a greater interest, as I thought, in the real situation of his dear wife: her her work, and a growing fitness for it; and head was outside the wagon, the side of we fondly hoped she might be long spared. which had fallen on her neck—the driver But our Master was only preparing ber for and leader, confounded by the scene, were a purer and happier service, where the of little use for a time, and they and our wanderings and trials of the Missionary are all but distracted brother tried in vain to

O, how solemn, how touching, raise the load that was crushing, or, I be- the appeal to us all to be up and doing our lieve, had already crushed to death, his be- Father's work, while it is called to-day!" loved partner.

no more.

ARRIVAL OF MISSIONARIES AT CAPE TOWN. The Directors rejoice in being enabled to E. Hone, of the Ladies' Society, reached state, that the Rev. Robert Moffat, Mrs. Cape Town in safety by the ship Fortitude, Moffat and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ashton, on the 10th of April. Mr. and Mrs. Inglis, Mr. Gill, with Miss

EMBARKATION OF MISSIONARIES FOR INDIA. On Saturday, June 3, the Rev. William Mrs. C. Campbell also embarked in the Buyers, with Mrs. Buyers, and child, em- same ship, and will be landed at Madras, barked at Portsmouth, in the ship Ellen- whence she will proceed to rejoin her husborough, Capt. Close, for Calcutta, on his band at Mysore. return to Benares.

ARRIVAL OF MRS. AND MISS LOWNDES FROM CORFU. On Saturday, April 29, Mrs. Lowndes, ac- from whence they proceeded to Devonport, companied by her eldest daughter, who, for where they are now staying for the benefit some time past, has laboured under serious of Miss Li's health. indisposition, arrived in safety at Falmouth,

From the 13th April to the 31st of May 1843, inclusive.


£ 8. d.
£ s. d.

£ 5. d. Miss Whalley, Brother,

Native Evangelist in

Mr. G. Simmons...... 2 2 0 and friends ................ 2 10 0 India, under Rev. A.

671. 178. 10d. Nonconformist 2 2 6 F. Lacroix

25 0 0 Poplar, Trinity Chapel.

... 60 4 Collected in a small work

Sundries for a second

Queen street, Ratcliffe ... 11 5 6 shop of tailors ...

0 8 4 ditto ...................... 25 0 0 Robert-street, GrosvenorCollected by the Misses

Aux. Soc. per Mr. Se


64 6 1 Stone ... 2 14 4 well, on account...... 59 18 10 Spafields

......... 25 0 0 Collected at Mrs. Boyes's,


31 3 4 Stoke Newington, Abney St. John's Wood

0 0 Claremont Chapel

........ 38 17
8 Chapel

18 0 Ditto for the Chinese

Shepherd's Market......... 5 8 4 Mission .................. 1 12 0 Craven Chapel............... 71 7 2 Tabernacle

40 0 0 J. and S. N.

1 1 0 For the Chinese Mission 5 0 0 Tottenham Court-road 20 5 6 S. N. a thank-offering for

For the Nat. Tea. John

Fitzroy Rooms, collected the Chinese Mission ... 0 0 0 Craven

11 17 0

by Mrs. Fletcher.. 12 15 6 Mr. W. Pegs .........

5 00 Do. Mr. W. Reid 2 2 0 Trinity Chapel, Phillip'sAnna, for the Surat Mis

Do. Mrs. W. Reid

1 1 0 street, Kingsland 7 15 8 sion 0 5 0 For the Bengal Mission,

Union street

........... 18 7 2 A thank-offering on per Rev.A.F. Lacroix 32 12 o Walthamstow

30 0 0 bridal day.

5 0 0
1231. 198. 2d.

Walworth, York-street 738 6 E. H. by Mr. W. N. Nash 5 0 0 Esher-street.................. 617 7 Weigh House

81 157 Mrs. James Clarke ....... 10 0 0 Falcon-square ................ 29 10 10 Well-street ........... 27 13 6 Per Rev. A. F. Lacroix

Finsbury Chapel ............ 22 2 6 Kennington Sunday-sch. 2 8 6 For the Bengal Mission, Hackney, St. Thomas's

H. Williams, Esq.

7 7 0

41 17 1 Bedford, Old Meeting 39 13 S C. Tilt, Esq.................. 24 0 0 Messrs.J.and T.Tait, for

For Teacher in Africa.. 4 2 6 F. Meyer, Esq. 25 0 0 the Chinese Mission 3 0 0

For Mrs. Porter's School, Misses Collins, to defray

441. 178. Id.


4 0 0 the expenses of an itin


10 16 0

471. 158. 9d. erancy

24 0 0 Horsleydown, on account 100 0
Holywell Mount.............

Biggleswade, Mrs. J. N.

22 12 0 For the Chinese Mission.

Foster, for the Chinese

1 2 0

Mission..... J. W. Bromley, Esq.

5 0 0 5 0 0 Kensington ................. 45 7 6 Luton, for the Chinese James Peek, Esq.

52 10 0 Kingsland ...................... 15 6 0 Miss Morland, per Rev. Latimer Chapel

Mission, "Anonymous" 5 0 0

9 0 0 J. Mulley 20 0 0 Limehouse, Coverdale Ch. 9 9 0

Berkshire. T. A. Hankey, Esq. 20 0 0 Maberly Chapel

10 17 5 Twyford, Rev. J. Whit5 S. H... 0

3 0 Mile End, New Town


well 0

1 0 0 Mr. F. Pitch. 0 Islington Chapel............ 14 9 8

Lower-street, Islington... 32
$ Burnham .............*****

1 18 8 Mrs. Buck, for Mrs. Lewis's

Miss Sabine, for China 5 0 0

Sunday school........ 1 3 0 School, Coimbatoor .... 2 0 0 Mrs. Piffard, ditto 5 0 0


North East Aux..
Union Chapel, Islington.. 46 19 4

16 10 8 London Auxiliaries and Collee

Mrs. John Wilson

5 0

For Wid, and Or. Fund 0 15 0 tions, 14th May. Holloway Chapel............ 21 09

171. 58. 8d. Aldermanbury................ 100 0 Kentish Town............... 26 6 8

Albany Chapel, Regent's-
Northampton Tabernacle 9 5 5 Tintwistle....

24 23 park 22 0 0 Orange-street

14 4 8

Barbican Chapel............. 54 0 0 Oxendon-street ........... 22 10 0 Derby, Chester-place Sun-
Bethnal Green ...,
9 15 0

day-school, for Schools Brixton Hill, for the Chi.

Poultry Chapel
44 15 10 at the Kuruman

0 10 0 nese Mission ............ 1 1 0 For the Chinese Mission,

Victoria-street, Boys' Bishopsgate Chapel 23 11 1 Mr. A. Caldecott...... 10 10 0 Sunday school......... 011 6 Camberwell 83 50 A Friend

0 10 0 Breadsall Rectory, Rev. Clapham, per Rev. J. Hill

Mr. W. Greig

5 0 0 H. R. Crewe, for the J. Gladstone, Esq. for a Mr. R. J. Hendrie... 5 Oo Chinese Mission .........

5 0 0


.......... 26

.......... 20

cher ...

Hunt .....

£ s. d.
£ 3. d.

£ 8. d.
Poyle ................

14 Putney ........................ 16 18 0 Blandford, Emma H....... 0 10 0 For the Chinese Mission,

T. Kingsbury, Esq...... 5 5 0 J. Trumper, Esq. 10 10 0

Warwickshire. Stalbridge, Miss Taylor... 1 0 0 Mrs. Bryan

0 4 0 Juvenile Contributions 1 0 0

A Missionary in Warwick.
361. 158. 4d.

0 0
Tottenham & Edmonton 8 0 1

Carr'sWeymouth, "Anonymous,"

Mrs. Wright.....

Birmingham, a
2 0 0
lane friend

1 1 0 for the Widow and Fa

Do. for China

1 0 0

Per W. Beaumont, Esq.mily of the late Rev. J.

111. 1d. Williams

West Bromwich, Mayer's-
2 0 0 Highgate Congregational

8 78

green, Rev. J. Hudson
and friends ................

82 35 Chigwell-row 7 2 6 Finchley

11 0

8 Chigwell, Hon. Mrs. Up

Enfield Highway............

2 6 5

Westmoreland. 5 0 0 Enfield

11 50

Kirkby Lonsdale, Rev.W. Chelmsford, per Mr. I.

C. Wilson ..................

1 1 0 Monmouthshire. Perry, for a Missionary Newport, Mill-street ...... 3 12 6


25 00

1 06

Melksham, per Rev. W. Stratford 7 11 0


13 17 6 Barking.........................

6 19
W. Fox, Esq.

7 0 0 Mark's Gate.................. 5 4 Norwich, J. Venning, Esq.

Ditto, for the Chinese Plaistow ......... 23 2 0 for two girls in Mrs.


5 0 0 North Weald Bassett, Le

Mault's School............ 5 0 Devizes, the late Mrs. gacy of late Miss ElizaDereham, Mrs.Reeve, for

North, for a Chapel in beth Marshall .............. 10000 the native girl, Susanna

India ..........................

10 0 Reeve

30 0
Docking, Mr. R. Ander-

Portsea, Mr. G. Pratt...... 1 1 0

son ....

2 0 0 Kidderminster, Mrs.WalRev. C. Roome ......... 1 1 Yarmouth, Independent

ker, for the Chinese Basingstoke, for Nat. Girl

1 Mission ........

0 0 Meeting, for the Chinese at Berhampore, Ellen

Mission ...

8 0 6

Miss Walker, ditto...... 0 10 0 1 10 0 For the Nat. Tea, John

Yorkshire. Warsash, R. R. B.......... 2 10 0


10 00 Sheffield, for the Chinese Southampton, per Rev.

T. Adkins, for the Chi-

Miss Walker ................

0 0 nese Mission

Carlton Hall, R. Rams.............. 43 0 6

1 Mr. J. Jones................

0 0
den, Esq. for Native

School in India ..........
10 0 0

61. St. Alban's, J.Dixon, Esq.

Leeds, for the Chinese for the Chinese Mission 5 0 0


Hitchin, Legacy of late
Woodstock, Mr. W. Noble,

E. Baines, Esq.

10 0 0 Mr. J. L. Brookes 5 0 0 for the Chinese Mission 0 10 0 Mr. P. Willans ............

10 0 Tetsworth, Mr.G.Shrimp

5 Rev. J. Ely

0 Huntingdonshire.

0 ton, a thank-offering,

5 Mr. E. Baines, Jun.

0 0 Standground, Mr. B. L. for the Chinese Mission 1 1 0


Mr. J. W. Smith......... 0 0 Ward, for the Chinese Henley-on-Thames, on

5 Mission......

Mr. Sedman............... 10 10 0

0 0 account

32 0 0 Kent.

5 Mr. J. Wade.................

0 0 Shropshire.

5 Mr. Taylor

0 Dover, Russell street .... 16 9 2

0 Wellington ................... 22 2 0

5 Margate, Zion Chapel

Mr. N. Dixon

0 0

0 Sunday-school........ 5 6 0

Mr. Knight and Family 5

0 0 Blackheath-hill, T. W.

Mr. Brooke and Family 5
Bristol Aux. Soc. for the

Mr. J. Wilkinson .......

0 0 Kershaw, Esq., for the

Chinese Mission......... 299 6 6 Chinese Mission ......... 10 10 0 Bath, Miss Sidney Owen,

Friends, by Rev. T.

5 0 Scales......

0 Blackheath, a Friend, by for the Chinese Mission 50 0 0

0 Mr. Burnside

For the N. Tea. William 5 0 0

Sums under 51.

0 Isle of Sheppy, collected Jay, 10th payment ...... 10 00

1161. 108, 8d. On account

0 0 8 6

0 10 by F. W.

Staffordshire, Edenbridge Sunday-sch.

Stone, on account

4 10 0 children,

by Mr. J.
1 7 0

Per Rev. E. Griffiths-
Greeu wich, Maize-hill 14 3 6
Clapham, a Friend, per


1 17 0 Lancashire. Rev. J. Arundel, for the

Morriston, Libanus

4 1 6 Bolton, Mrs. Walker, for Chinese Mission......... 5 0 0

51. 18s. 6d. the Chinese Mission ... 20 0 0 Thames Ditton, for the

Per Rev. W. Hopkins-
Chinese Mission ..........



6 0 2 10 0

3 | 6 Kingston, balance ......... 15

4 Evington

0 31

Mrs. Parry's Mis..box..

3 6 Collection .......

6 12 5 Lincolnshire.


5 0 W. C........ 0 10 0 Morden Hall, Rev. J.

131. 10s.

5 5 0 Llandiloes, 11. Jones, Esq. Totteridge and Whetstone 8 14 2 Mrs. White's Mis.-box 0 15 S for the Chinese Mission 1 0 0

Norwood .................... 19 04


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Further Contributions unavoidably postponed.

Contributiona in aid of the Society will be thankfully received by Thomas Wilson, Esq., Treasurer, and

Rev. John Arundel, Home Secretary, at the Mission House, Blomfield-street, Finsbury, London; by G. Yule, Esq., Broughton Hall, Edinburgh ; J. Risk, Esq., Cochran-street, Glasgow ; and hy Rev. Tehn Hands, Society House, 7, Lower Abbey-street, Dublin.

Tyler & Reed, Printers, S, Bolt-court, I cocon.

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