Basho's Journey: The Literary Prose of Matsuo Basho

State University of New York Press, 2005/04/21 - 191 ページ
In Bashoμ’s Journey, David Landis Barnhill provides the definitive translation of Matsuo Bashoμ’s literary prose, as well as a companion piece to his previous translation, Bashoμ’s Haiku. One of the world’s greatest nature writers, Bashoμ (1644–1694) is well known for his subtle sensitivity to the natural world, and his writings have influenced contemporary American environmental writers such as Gretel Ehrlich, John Elder, and Gary Snyder. This volume concentrates on Bashoμ’s travel journal, literary diary (Saga Diary), and haibun. The premiere form of literary prose in medieval Japan, the travel journal described the uncertainty and occasional humor of traveling, appreciations of nature, and encounters with areas rich in cultural history. Haiku poetry often accompanied the prose. The literary diary also had a long history, with a format similar to the travel journal but with a focus on the place where the poet was living. Bashoμ was the first master of haibun, short poetic prose sketches that usually included haiku.


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