A descriptive and historical guide to Ashby-de-la-Zouch and the neighbourhood


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172 ページ - In the hole of the desk were store of tobacco pipes that had been used. " On one side of this end of the room was the door of a closet wherein stood the strong beer and the wine, which never came thence but in single glasses, that being the rule of the house exactly observed ; for he never exceeded in drink or permitted it.
92 ページ - ... some of which had grown to an immense size. The ground, as if fashioned on purpose for the martial display which was intended, sloped gradually down on all sides to a level bottom, which was enclosed for the lists with strong palisades, forming a space of a quarter of a mile in length, and about half as broad.
170 ページ - ... five pounds. His house was perfectly of the old fashion, in the midst of a large park well stocked with deer, and near the house rabbits to serve his kitchen, many fishponds...
172 ページ - ... with thick crust, extremely baked. " His table cost him not much, though it was good to eat at ; his sports supplied all but beef and mutton, except...
38 ページ - Another letter, from an officer of the Revenge, states the following remarkable request of the illustrious deceased : " The late Marquess of Hastings, in a letter found amongst his papers after his death, requested that on his decease, his right hand might be cut off, and preserved until the death of the Marchioness, when it was to be interred in the same coffin with her Ladyship ! In pursuance of his direction the hand has heen amputated.
171 ページ - ... that he might defend such meat as he had no mind to part with to them. The windows, which were very large, served for places to lay his arrows...
171 ページ - ... not intimately acquainted with her. This made him very popular, always speaking kindly to the husband, brother, or father, who was to boot very welcome to his house whenever he came; there he found beef pudding and small beer in great plenty, a house not so neatly kept as to shame him or his dirty shoes, the great hall strewed with marrow bones, full of hawks...
173 ページ - He drank a glass or two of wine at meals; very often syrup of gilliflower in his sack ; and had always a tun glass, without feet, stood by him, holding a pint of small beer which he often stirred with rosemary.
173 ページ - He lived to be an hundred ; never lost his eyesight, but always wrote and read without spectacles ; and got on horseback without help. Until past four-score, he rode to the death of a stag as well as any.
170 ページ - And indeed all his neighbours grounds and royalties were free to him, who bestowed all his time on these sports, but what he borrowed to caress his neighbours wives and daughters ; there being not a woman in all his walks of the degree of a yeoman's wife or under...