The naval history of Great Britain, from ... 1793, to ... 1820, with an account of the origin and increase of the British navy. Chamier, 第 4 巻



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246 ページ - ... can release a subject from his natural allegiance, as that, provided the jurisdiction of another independent state be not infringed, every nation has a right to enforce the services of her subjects wherever they may be found. Nor has any neutral nation such a jurisdiction over her merchant vessels upon the high seas as to exclude a belligerent nation from the right of searching them for contraband of war or for the property or persons of her enemies. And if, in the exercise of that right, the...
255 ページ - British vessel of superior force, one of a squadron then lying in our waters and covering the transaction, and has been disabled from service with the loss of a number of men killed and wounded. This enormity was not only without provocation or justifiable cause, but was committed with the avowed purpose of taking by force from a ship of war of the United States...
425 ページ - Imperieuse, and other ships employed in that service, it appears to us that the said Admiral Lord Gambier, on the 12th day of the said month of April, the enemy's ships being then on shore, and the signal having been made that they could be destroyed, did for a considerable time neglect or delay taking effectual measures for destroying them.
404 ページ - ... hand-grenades. The puncheons were fastened to each other by cables wound round them, and jammed together with wedges; and moistened sand was rammed down between these casks, so as to render the whole, from stem to stern, as solid as possible, that the resistance might render the explosion the more violent.
426 ページ - Right Honourable Lord Gambier; but that his lordship's conduct on that occasion, as well as his general conduct and proceedings as commander-in-chief of the Channel fleet...
128 ページ - Peschell, the second, but his presence was absolutely necessary on board. To an officer of your discriminating judgment, I trust I shall stand excused if I take the liberty of recommending Lieutenant Fleming to your notice for his meritorious conduct on this occasion. He appears to me to be an officer of distinguished merit and bravery, and I understood he was highly respected by his late captain, the good, the amiable, and my gallant predecessor the Honourable John Murray.
469 ページ - I shall, notwithstanding that, probably not make the signal to form the line of battle, but, keeping the closest order, with the van squadron attack the van of the enemy, while the commander of the lee division takes the proper measures, and makes to the ships of his division the necessary signals, for commencing the action with the enemy's rear, as nearly as possible at the same time that the van begins : to his signals, therefore, the captains of that division will be particularly watchful.
250 ページ - States, to show to the captain of her this order, and to require to search his ship for the deserters from the before-mentioned ships, and to proceed and search for the same ; and if a similar demand should be made by the American, he is to be permitted to search for any deserters from their service, according to the customs and usage of civilized nations on terms of peace and amity with each other.
384 ページ - WITH varying opposition, but with unvaried success, the newly-constructed semaphoric telegraphs, which are of the utmost consequence to the safety of the numerous convoys that pass along the coast of France, at Bourdique, La Pienede, St.
34 ページ - The loss on the part of the garrison was extremely severe : the governor of the fort, a Spanish gentleman who had volunteered, the second captain of the Confiance, and nine others were killed ; and 30, including nearly all the officers of the privateer, were wounded.