School Management, Including a General View of the Work of Education: With Some Account of the Intellectual Faculties from the Teacher's Point of View: Organization: Discipline: and Moral Training

C.W. Bardeen, 1887 - 376 ページ

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8 ページ - ... that asinine feast of sowthistles and brambles, which is commonly set before them as all the food and entertainment of their tenderest and most docible age.
91 ページ - A sign is necessary, to give stability to our intellectual progress, — to establish each step in our advance as a new starting-point for our advance to another beyond. A country may be overrun by an armed host, but it is only conquered by the establishment of fortresses. Words are the fortresses of thought. They enable us to realize our dominion over what we have already overrun in thought; to make every intellectual conquest the basis of operations for others still beyond.
360 ページ - Which of us can boast, like Hauberle, of having administered, during his schoolmastership of fifty-one years and seven months, 911,527* strokes of the cane and...
55 ページ - Curiosity is as much the parent of attention, as attention is of memory ; therefore the first business of a teacher — first, not only in point of time, but of importance — should be to excite, not merely a general curiosity on the subject of the study, but a particular curiosity on particular points in that subject. To teach one who has no curiosity to learn, is to sow a field without ploughing it.
161 ページ - ... of the pupil-teacher, making, by the union of the two schools, one such teacher sufficient where two would, if the schools were separated, be necessary. Lastly, that, providing for those technical branches of instruction which are not only valuable in themselves, but necessary to secure that public opinion of the parents...
271 ページ - It must be kept by the principal teacher, who is required to enter in it from time to time such events as the introduction of new books, apparatus, or courses of instruction, any plan of lessons approved by the inspector, the visits of managers, absence, illness, or failure of duty on the part of any of the school staff, or any special circumstances affecting the school, that may, for the sake of future reference or for any other reason, deserve to be recorded. No reflections or opinions of a general...
263 ページ - ... 11. On the outside of the cover of each register should be legibly written the name of the school, and the year, also the department (boys, girls, mixed, or infants, as the case may be) and the class or classes to which it belongs.
269 ページ - The names of children withdrawn (whether they are so the answer of .heir parents will decide} should be cancelled at once in the registers, and not included in the returns of Age and Stay at School ; but the attendances (if any) opposite to such names in the class registers, must be counted...
218 ページ - That not more than four pupil-teachers are engaged in the school for every certificated teacher serving in it. 71. The Department is not a party to the engagement, and confines itself to ascertaining, on the admission of the pupil-teacher and at the end of each year of the service — (a.) Whether the prescribed examination is passed before the inspector.
360 ページ - And did he not threaten the rod to 1,707 children who did not receive it, and make 777 kneel upon round hard peas, and 631 upon a sharp-edged piece of wood, to which are to be added a corps of 5,001 riders on the wooden horse...