The Gentleman's Magazine, 第 79 巻、第 1 部

E. Cave, jun. at St John's Gate, 1809
The "Gentleman's magazine" section is a digest of selections from the weekly press; the "(Trader's) monthly intelligencer" section consists of news (foreign and domestic), vital statistics, a register of the month's new publications, and a calendar of forthcoming trade fairs.


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216 ページ - ... not an open enemy, that hath done me this dishonour : for then I could have borne it.
109 ページ - During the season of repose, his time was devoted to the care and instruction of the officer and soldier ; in war He courted service in every quarter of the globe. Regardless of personal considerations, he esteemed that to which his country called him, the post of honour, ami by his undaunted spirit, and unconquerable perseverance, he pointed the way to victory.
109 ページ - ... and his ardent mind, while it looked forward to those brilliant achievements for which it was formed, applied itself, with energy and exemplary assiduity, to the duties of that station. In the school of regimental duty he obtained that correct knowledge of his profession so essential to the proper direction of the gallant spirit of the soldier; and he was enabled to establish a characteristic order and regularity of conduct, because the troops found in their leader a striking example of the discipline...
324 ページ - And the right honourable the lords commissioners of his majesty's treasury, his majesty's principal secretaries of state, the lords commissioners of the admiralty, and the judge of the high court of admiralty, and the judges of the courts of viceadmiralty, are to take the necessary measures herein as to them may respectively appertain.
365 ページ - High German' alone, that is, the dialects of south and central Germany, and the principal specimens of the oldest High German literature date only from the end of the eighth or the beginning of the ninth century.
37 ページ - We unite in entreating your Majesty to listen to the voice of humanity, silencing that of the passions ; to seek, with the intention of arriving at that object, to conciliate all interests, and by that means to preserve all the powers which exist, and to ensure the happiness of Europe and of this generation, at the head of which Providence has placed us.
160 ページ - Henry Kirke White died at Cambridge in October, 1806, in consequence of too much exertion in the pursuit of studies that would have matured a mind which disease and poverty could not impair, and which death itself destroyed rather than sub dued.
109 ページ - I feel myself so strong, I fear I shall be long dying. — It is great uneasiness — it is great pain. — Every thing Francois says is right; I have the greatest confidence in him.
109 ページ - Abercromby, and he became the companion in arms of that illustrious officer, who fell at the head of his victorious troops, in an action which maintained our national superiority over the arms of France. " Thus, Sir John Moore, at an early period, obtained, with general approbation, that conspicuous station in which he gloriously terminated his useful and honourable life. " In a military character, obtained amidst the dangers of climate, the privations incident to service, and the sufferings of repeated...
22 ページ - Them that are learned Christenly, I beseche : for as moche as I am sure, and my conscience beareth me recorde...