Illustrations of Political Economy, 第 9 巻


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98 ページ - Every tax ought to be so contrived as both to take out and to keep out of the pockets of the people as Little as possible, over and above what it brings into the public treasury of the state.
103 ページ - ... could not stand against unrestrained foreign competition would be discouraged, yet as no Importation could be continued for any length of time without a corresponding Exportation, direct or indirect, there would be an encouragement, for the purpose of that exportation, of some other production to which our situation might be better suited; thus affording at least an equal, and probably a greater, and certainly a more beneficial, employment to our own Capital and Labour.
105 ページ - That although, as a matter of mere diplomacy, it may sometimes answer to hold out the removal of particular prohibitions or high duties, as depending upon corresponding concessions by other states in our favour, it does not follow that we should maintain our restrictions in cases where the desired concessions on their part cannot be obtained; our restrictions would not be the less prejudicial to our own capital and industry because other governments! persisted in pursuing impolitic regulations.
103 ページ - Government of this and every other country, each trying to exclude the productions of other countries, with the specious and well-meant design of encouraging its own productions, thus inflicting on the bulk of its own subjects, who are consumers, the necessity of submitting to privations in the quantity or quality of commodities, and thus rendering what ought to be the source of mutual benefit and of harmony among states a constantly recurring occasion of jealousy and hostility.
102 ページ - That freedom from restraint is calculated to give the utmost extension to foreign trade, and the best direction to the capital and industry of the country.
106 ページ - ... objectionable be suggested. But it is against every restrictive regulation of trade, not essential to the revenue, against all duties merely protective from foreign...
104 ページ - That a declaration against the anti-commercial principles of our restrictive system is of the more importance at the present juncture, inasmuch as, in several instances of recent occurrence, the merchants and manufacturers...
109 ページ - Your good fortune has been small : you arrived at the gates of the imperial house, and were unable to lift your eyes to the face of Heaven (the Emperor).
27 ページ - When the soil is so far exhausted as to place the owner out of reach of the sugar-bounties, more food is raised, less toil is inflicted, and the slave population increases. Legislative protection, therefore, not only taxes the people at home, but promotes ruin, misery, and death, in the protected colonies. A free trade in sugar would banish slavery altogether, since competition must induce an economy of labour and capital ; ie, a substitution of free for slave labour.
104 ページ - States have assailed their respective Governments with applications for further protective or prohibitory duties and regulations, urging the example and authority of this country, against which they are almost exclusively directed, as a sanction for the policy of such measures. And certainly, if the reasoning upon which our restrictions have been defended is worth anything, it will apply in behalf of the regulations of foreign States against us.