Poems on several occasions

J. and R. Tonson, H. Woodfall, W. Strahan, R. Baldwin, T. Caslon, T. Longman [and 4 others in London], 1767

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71 ページ - Alas ! in vain My kindred forc'd me to the main, Naked, and in the face of day ; Look not, ye fishermen ! this way : What virgin had not done as I did ? My modest hand, by nature guided, Debarr'd at once from human eyes The seat where female honour lies, And though thrice dipt from top to toe, I still secur'd the post below.
131 ページ - The man who loves a country life, Breaks all the comforts of his wife;, And if he quit his farm and plough, His wife in town may break her vow. Love, Laura, love, while youth is warm,. For each new winter breaks a charm ;, And woman's not like China, fold, But cheaper grows in growing old; Then quickly chufe the prudent part, Ox clfe you.
151 ページ - No more thy blood its narrow channels warm. Who then would wish to stretch this narrow span, To suffer life beyond the date of man? The virtuous soul pursues a nobler aim. And life regards but as a fleeting dream: She longs to wake, and wishes to get free, To launch from earth into eternity.
184 ページ - True conftancy no time, no power, can move. He that hath known to change, ne'er knew to love.
150 ページ - Ere the foundations of the world were laid, Ere kindling light th' Almighty word obey'd, Thou wert; and when the subterraneous flame Shall burst its prison, and devour this frame, From angry...
148 ページ - But when the gloomy reign of Night returns, Stript of her fading pride, all Nature mourns: The trees no more their wonted verdure boast.
216 ページ - Shall grafp falfe flattery and the feign'd carefs ; Ca•n we. believe that mean, that fervile wife, Who vilely fells her dear-bought love for life, Would not her virtue for an hour refign, If in her fight the proffer'd treafure mine.
70 ページ - Lock-up her volumes of devotions ; " But, if for man her rage prevail, " Bar her the fight of creatures male. " Or elfe, to cure fuch venom'd bites, " And fet the fhatter'd thoughts arights ; " They fend you to the ocean's fhore, " And plunge the patient o'er and o'er.
8 ページ - Inquir'd what news, or such a lady's name, And did the next day, and the next, the same. Places, I found, were daily given away, And yet no friendly gazette mention'd Gay. I ask'da friend what method to pursue ; He cried, i I want a place as well as you.
35 ページ - Why to true merit should they have regard ? They know that virtue is its own reward. Yet let not me of grievances complain, Who (though the meanest of the Muse's train) Can boast subscriptions to my humble lays, And mingle profit with my little praise.