Journal of the Statistical Society of London, 第 46 巻

Charles Knight, 1883

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289 ページ - Here lies our Sovereign Lord the King, Whose word no man relies on ; Who never said a foolish thing, And never did a wise one.
231 ページ - The importance of female education in India cannot be over-rated ; and we have observed with pleasure the evidence which is now afforded of an increased desire on the part of many of the natives of India to give a good education to their daughters. By this means a far greater proportional impulse is imparted to the educational and moral tone of the people than by the education of men.
281 ページ - In this way the paper would be very useful, and he had great pleasure in proposing a vote of thanks to Mr.
145 ページ - The number of calls for fires, or supposed fires, received during the year has been 2,341.
93 ページ - If ever sinner became suddenly convinced that there was a good deal to be said in favour of a moral life, that sinner at the moment I speak of was Gustave Rameau.
308 ページ - Arithmetic Form on blackboard or slate, from dictation, figures up to 20; name at sight figures up to 20; add and subtract figures up to 10 orally, from examples on blackboard.
57 ページ - Committees, which he shall attend, and in case of an equality of votes, shall have a second or casting vote. He shall sign all diplomas of admission of Honorary Fellows.
307 ページ - there shall be provided for every school district a sufficient amount of accommodation in public elementary schools available . for all the children resident in such district, for whose elementary education -efficient and suitable provision is not otherwise made.
622 ページ - ... are, individually, twice as well off on the average as they were fifty years ago. The "poor" have thus had almost all the benefit of the great material advance of the last fifty years.