the life of sir william petty 1623-1687


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168 ページ - He is a person of an admirable inventive head, and practicall parts. He hath told me that he hath read but little, that is to say, not since 25 aetat., and is of Mr. Hobbes his mind, that had he read much, as some men have, he had not known so much as he does, nor should have made such discoveries and improvements.
198 ページ - If a man can bring to London an ounce of Silver out of the Earth in Peru, in the same time that he can produce a bushel of Corn, then one is the natural price of the other...
199 ページ - Coyne it, &c. the same person, all the while of his working for Silver, gathering also food for his necessary livelihood, and procuring himself covering, &c. I say, the Silver of the one, must be esteemed of equal value with the Corn of the other: the one being perhaps twenty Ounces and the other twenty Bushels.
211 ページ - But that which I would say upon this matter is, that all things ought to be valued by two natural Denominations, which is Land and Labour; that is, we ought to say, a Ship or garment is worth such a measure of Land, with such another measure of Labour; forasmuch as both Ships and Garments were the creatures of Lands and mens Labours thereupon: This being true, we should be glad to...
226 ページ - I take to do this is not yet very usual; for instead of using only comparative and superlative words and intellectual Arguments, I have taken the course (as a Specimen of the Political Arithmetick, I have long aimed at) to express myself in Terms of Number, Weight or Measure; to use only Arguments of Sense, and to consider only such Causes, as have visible Foundations in Nature...
252 ページ - Amsterdam. There is not a better Latin poet living, when he gives himself that diversion ; nor is his excellence less in Council and prudent matters of state ; but he is so exceeding nice in sifting and examining all possible contingencies, that he adventures at nothing which is not demonstration.
252 ページ - At last he mealted his discourse to a ridiculous subject, and came down from the joynt stoole on which he had stood ; but my lord would not have him preach any more. He never could get favour at Court, because he outwitted all the projectors that came neere him. Having never known such another genius, I cannot but mention these particulars amongst a multitude of others which I could produce.
103 ページ - Learning. And because they had these frequent occasions of meeting with one another, it was proposed that some course might be thought of, to improve this meeting to a more regular way of debating things, and according to the manner in other countryes, where there were voluntary associations of men in academies, for the advancement of various parts of learning, so they might doe something answerable here for the promoting of experimentall philosophy.
226 ページ - I have long aimed at) to express my self in Terms of Number, Weight, or Measure; to use only Arguments of Sense, and to consider only such Causes, as have visible Foundations in Nature; leaving those that depend upon the mutable Minds, Opinions, Appetites, and Passions of particular Men, to the Consideration of others...
4 ページ - I declare and affirm, that at the full age of fifteen years I had obtained the Latin, Greek, and French tongues, the whole body of common Arithmetic, the practical Geometry and Astronomy conducing to Navigation, Dialling, &c. with the knowledge of several mathematical trades, all which, and having been at the university of Caen, preferred me to the king's navy ; where, at the age of twenty years, I had gotten up about threescore pounds, with as much mathematics as any of my age was known to have...