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was no other than to keep them in awe among the Miamis, and Joliet repaired with the neighbourhood of a fort, which to Quebec. When the riffs are once might check their incursions, and serve palled, the river of Foxes rolls gently as a magazine of provision and ammu. along through a charming country. The nition, in case he thould find it neceffary climate is delightful; the woods are inor convenient to have recourse to arms. terspersed with agreeable meadows, aboundThey seemed rather pleased with the ing with wild beasts, especially those wild design, which was accordingly put in cattle of the Illinois, covered with wool: execution next spring by the count de divers small streams fall into the river of Frontenac, who succeeded him in his Foxes, the banks of which are covered, government. This new general was with a kind of wild oats, which, in the brave, penetrating, polite, and fruitful autumn, attract a prodigious quantity of in resources ; but, at the same time, game. The woods" abound with vines, open to prejudices, imperious, and vin- which bear raisins, with plumbs, apples, di&tive. In the mean time, Mr. Talon, and other kinds of fruit of good favour, having extended the empire of France a which might be greatly improved by culconsiderable way to the North and West, tivation. To the southwaid lies the undertook new discoveries. He had re- country of the Mascoutins, whom the ceived information from the Indians, of French, from a miitake in the etymology, a great river in the west, called Mechaf- call the nation of fire ; and they are in fipi, and employed father Marquette, continual alliance with their neighbours together with one Joliet, a burgber of the Kicapous : though, at this particular Quebec, in an excurfion to that country, period, the terror of the Iroquois and the in order to ascertain whether the Mechaf- Sioux, . had united these nations with the , fipi ran into the South Sea, or into the Miamis : and there were no less than Allancic. They departed together from three thousand warriors in the field. The the bay. of the lake Michigan; and em- Gospel was preached to these people and barking on the river of Foxes, traced it the Outagamis, with little or no effect; up with great difficulty almost to its though the missionaries were kindly source. Then they travelled some time received, and found them much more by land, until they re-imbarked on the humanized than the more northern Indians. Suisconfing, and, steering their course [An. 1674.] During these transactions, westerly, found themselves in the Me- Mr.. de Frontenac, the new governor of chaffipi, in forty-two degrees and an half New France, incurred the displeasure of of north latitude. In falling gently down the clergy ; quarrelled with Mr. de Chelthe stream, they arrived at three villages neau, who had succeeded M. Talon as of the Indians called Illinois, among intendant; and rendered himself odious whom they met with a very hospitable to the people in general by his haughty reception. The truth is, they dreaded and litigious disposition. His predecessor, the approach of a war with the Iroquois, in order to have a check upon the Iroquois who bad lately made incursions into their cantons, had invited those savages to country; and they wanted to engage the settle the meadow of Magdalen, where a alliance or good offices of the governor considerable number fixed their habitation general of Canada. There Indians in accordingly : but as the soil would not habited the country about three leagues bear that kind of grain, which those In. below the place where the Miffouri runs dians use for provifion, a dearth ensued ; into the Mechafsipi. The two travellers and the new colony was in danger of becontinued to fall down the river to the ing abandoned entirely. With a view nation of the Akansas, about the thirty- to prevent this misfortune, the millionathird degree of latitude. Here their pro- ries asked leave of the governor and vifions beginning to fail, they did not intendant to remove this settlement choose to proceed farther, through an opposite to the fall of St. Louis. The unknown country; especially as they count de Frontenac took no notice of were by this time fully convinced, that their request ; but Mr, de Chesneau grantthe river discharged itself into the gulphed it, and the Indians were immediately of Mexico. They therefore returned as transplanted. The count formed, and they went, and parted at Chicagon on treated the intendant with the most the Michigan. Marquette remained outrageous insolence; but, in spite of all Offeber, 1761.

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his efforts, the new settlement was main- rakuy nhould be augmented and secuted tained under the protection of the king, with a good garrison ; and that a settleto whom ic had, been represented as con- ment should be made under its protection, ducive to che safety of the French colo- which might supply it occasionally with ny, , The count de Frontenac endeavour recruits of men and provisions, and build ed to engross the whole authority of the vessels for the navigation of the lake councils and even to appropriate to him. Ontario. Nothing could be more agreefelf the cisle and functions of president; able to the general, who sent him over but the king, interpofing, decreed in an to France with letters of recommenda. ordonnance, that the governor-general tion to Mr. Colbert ; but before he Should have the first place in council, reached Paris, that great minister was che binop the second, and the intendant dead. Nevertheless, he delivered his the third ; and this last retained his right letters to Colbert's son, the marquils de of asking opinions, collecting votes, and Seignclay, who had succeeded his father Ancora pronouncing decrees. While in the department of the marine ; and

o the count, by his arbitrary had the good fortune to ingratiate himself proceedings, embroiled the whole colony iu such a manner, that all his demands of New France, and maintained his go- were granted. He was indulged with vernment, by the dint of family-intereft letters patent of noblecle, with the lord. at court; the fieur de la Sale made his ship or signory of Caderakuy, and the first appearance at Quebec. He was an government of the, fort, on condition adventurer and projector, of a good fa- that he would rebuild it of stones. He mily at Rouen, but without fortune: he likewise received full powers for the had formed the scheme of going in quest free extension of commerce, and the imof a North-West passage to Japan and provement of the discoveries that were China ; and happened to be at Montreal, begun. In the month of July, in the year when Joliet returned from his expedition, 2678, he embarked at Rochelle, accom

to the Mechalsipi. He forth with conjectur- panied by an officer called the chevalier *ed that by tracing this river to irs source, Tonti ; who had been recommended to he should either find ourt what was the ob- him by the prince of Conti, and a number ject of his inquiry, or at least fall upon of pilots and workmen, to be employed 'fuch discoveries, as should make his for- in the prosecution of his schemes, They * tune. He infinuated himself into the arrived at Quebec in September, band > good graces of the count de Frontenac, immediately set out for Caderakuy, where Y who relished his projects, and even pro- he rebuilt the fort, and equipped a yetel

mised to contribute all that lay in his on the lake, with such dexterity, and dir9 power towards their fuccefs. As a pre- patch as conveyed a very favourable idea oevious ftep, la Sale proposed to this go- of his conduct and activity. og 137 . Vernor, that the fortifications of Cade..

[To be continued.] sboches

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