The Mind and Other Poems

Tilt and Bogue, 1841 - 310 ページ

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192 ページ - But for those obstinate questionings Of sense and outward things, Fallings from us, vanishings ; Blank misgivings of a Creature Moving about in worlds not realised...
111 ページ - Yes, this is love, the steadfast and the true, The immortal glory which hath never set ; The best, the brightest boon the heart e'er knew : Of all life's sweets the very sweetest yet...
129 ページ - Twas morn — but mist and cloud huug deep upon the lonely vale, And shadows, like the wings of death, were out upon the gale. For He whose spirit woke the dust of nations into life— That o'er the waste and barren earth spread flowers and fruitage rife — Whose genius, like the sun, illumed the mighty realms of mind — Had fled...
219 ページ - FORGIVE and forget ! why the world would be lonely, The garden a wilderness left to deform, If the flowers but remembered the chilling winds only, And the fields gave no verdure for fear of the storm ! Oh ! still in thy loveliness, emblem the flower, Give the fragrance of feeling to sweeten life's way ; And prolong not again the brief cloud of an hour, With tears that but darken the rest of the day. Forgive...
133 ページ - sighed, " that I should see this day ! " Next rode, in melancholy guise, with sombre vest and scarf, Sir Edward, Laird of Ellieslaw, the far-renowned " Black Dwarf " ; Upon his left, in bonnet blue, and white locks flowing free — The pious sculptor of the grave — stood " Old Mortality ! " " Balfour of Burley," " Claverhouse," the " Lord of Evandale," And stately
284 ページ - Tis pleasant, by the cheerful hearth, to hear Of tempests and the dangers of the deep, And pause at times, and feel that we are safe ; Then listen to the perilous tale again, And with an eager and suspended soul, Woo terror to delight us. ... But to hear The roaring of the raging elements, . . . To know all human skill, all human strength, Avail not, . . to look...
169 ページ - Thus, let's love one another, 'midst sorrows the worst, Unaltered and fond, as we loved at the first. Tho' the false wing of pleasure may change and forsake, And the bright urn of wealth into particles break, There are some sweet affections that wealth cannot buy, That cling but still closer when sorrow draws nigh, And remain with us yet, though all else pass away ; Let us love one another as long as we stay.
131 ページ - Was it a dream ?— methought the " dauntless Harold" passed me by — The proud " Fitz-James," with martial step and dark intrepid eye ; That " Marmion's " haughty crest was there, a mourner for his sake ; And she — the bold, the beautiful ! — sweet
133 ページ - With lofty brow and bearing high, dark " Ravenswood " advanced, Who on the false " Lord Keeper's" mien with eye indignant glanced ; Whilst graceful as a lonely fawn, 'neath covert close and sure, Approached the beauty of all hearts — the " Bride of Lammermoor !" Then " Annot Lyle," the fairy queen of light and song, stepped near, The " Knight of Ardenvhor," and he, the gifted Hieland Seer; "Dalgetty,"" Duncan,"
28 ページ - For ever hast thou been a gift of light, — A voice in the eternity of days, — A presence in the everlasting sight, Soaring where even seraphs fear to gaze — Snatching the secret fire of heaven's own rays — Wielding the thunders in thy fearless hold; The awful hand alone, that made thee, stays Thy vast ambition — thine aspirings bold, — And with its touch of might bids thy wild pinions fold.