An Introduction to Heraldry: Containing the Rudiments of the Science in General, and Other Necessary Particulars Connected with the Subject

T. Egerton, 1810 - 158 ページ


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157 ページ - Chief Justice of the King's Bench. Master of the Rolls. Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. Chief Baron of the Exchequer. Judges, and Barons of the Coif. Knights Bannerets, RoyaL Viscounts' younger sons. Barons
111 ページ - Argent and Gules, the latter fimbriated of the second, surmounted by the Cross of St George of the third, fimbriated as the Saltire.
158 ページ - Married women and widows are entitled to the same rank among each other, as their husbands would respectively have borne between themselves, except such rank is merely professional or official; and unmarried women to the same rank as their eldest brothers would bear among men, during the lives of their fathers.
146 ページ - It consists of the sovereign, a grand master, a prince of the blood royal, and thirteen knights, making in the whole sixteen, and seven officers. The lord lieutenant for the time being is the grand master. The star is charged with three imperial crowns of gold, within a circle of gold, with the motto, QVIS SEPARABIT, MDCCLXXXiu.
155 ページ - The king's children and grandchildren. * brethren. * uncles. * nephews. * Archbishop of Canterbury * Lord Chancellor or Keeper, if a baron. * Archbishop of York. * Lord Treasurer. * Lord President of the Council, * Lord Privy Seal, * Lord Great Cham- 1 berlain.
103 ページ - John, sitting on a tomb stone, in his left hand a mound, his right hand extended or, with a linen mitre On H 4 his his head, and in his mouth a sword, fesswise, all proper.
97 ページ - Miserere mei Deus secundum magnani misericordiam tuam ; " the rim is surmounted with sixteen leaves, in shaj)e resembling the oak leaf, every alternate one being somewhat higher than the rest, nine of which appear in the profile view of it ; the cap is of crimson satin, closed at the top by a gold tassel, and turned up with ermine. See p.
104 ページ - Sigillum commune colegii regalis de brasinnose in oxonia." The arms are : The shield divided into three parts paleways ; the centre or, thereon an escutcheon charged with the arms of the See of Lincoln (gules, two lions passant gardant in pale or, on a chief azure Our Lady crowned, sitting on a tombstone issuant from the chief, in her dexter arm the Infant Jesus, in her sinister a sceptre, all or) ensigned with a mitre, all proper ; the dexter side argent, a chevron sable between three roses gules...
143 ページ - Troy, is composed of nine imperial crowns of gold, and eight gold roses and thistles, issuing from a gold scepter, enamelled in their proper co...
105 ページ - ... three mitres labelled gold. MANCHESTER : or, on a pale engrailed gu., three mitres labelled gold ; on a canton of the second, three bendlets enhanced arg. NORWICH : az., three mitres labelled, two and one, or.