POSTSCRIPT. The Editor has reviewed the Lists of Chapels, &c. in the English counties, &c., and begs to offer the following explanations.

1. That the mark * is only affixed to those places which are printed in the Appendix of the First Report of the Commissioners of Dissenting Registers. The Appendix to the Second Report, which is not yet prepared, will, he understands, contain a List of those places from which Registers have been subsequently forwarded, and which in any future List will be duly marked.

2. The dates, as stated in the introductory paragraph, have been mainly taken from the register lists, which supply the date of the origin of each cause, rather than of the building of the chapel in which the people at present worship.

3. Some few chapels-perhaps not half a score-which are inserted in this list, have passed into the possession of other denominations. On this topic the Editor will reserve himself for a future opportunity. It is also to be regretted, that a few omissions have occurred, which the Editor hopes to correct, should a new edition of this list be called for.

4. The letter A has been gladly affixed to all pastors and churches known to be associated with their brethren. Its absence must not be, however, construed into a reflection upon the standing of ministers and churches ; for the Editor regrets to acknowledge, that so imperfectly is the principle of organization regarded amongst us, that some brethren, whose praise is in all the churches, are not connected either with a county or district association.

5. The Editor requests that the absence of the name of a collegiate institution in the fourth column, may not lead to the conclusion that the individual whose name occurs in the same line has not enjoyed educational advantages. The lists of students educated in our colleges are in several of their reports very meagre and incomplete, which in many cases will account for the blank referred to.

6. There will probably be found in the preceding lists some names of places, whose pastors have not associated with the Independent churches. As, however, they have returned themselves to the Registrar-General as Independents, the Editor felt that it was his duty to insert their names in a list of the Congregational or Independent churches of England.

Finally, the Editor, commending his honest but imperfect efforts to serve the denomination to which he belongs, to the blessing of God and the candid consideration of his brethren, begs to solicit their continued co-operation, and the employment of their best influence to enrich the pages, and to extend the circulation of their own organ—THE CONGREGATIONAL MAGAZINE.

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[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

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