JB/T 8922-2011 Translated English of Chinese Standard (JB/T 8922-2011, JBT8922-2011): Rolling bearings. Specifications for vibration (velocity) of cylindrical roller bearings

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This standard specifies the vibration (velocity) technical conditions of the N-type, NU-type, NJ-type, NF-type cylindrical roller bearings, whose external dimensions conform to GB/T 283-2007, which have a diameter series 2 and 3, a nominal inner diameter of 15 mm ~ 120 mm, a radial clearance conforming to group 0 clearance specified in GB/T 4604-2006 (hereinafter referred to as bearings). Group V specified in this standard is the basic requirement for vibration (velocity) of general-purpose bearings. "V" is not marked on the bearings. Groups V1, V2, V3 are suitable for bearings that require vibration (velocity). This standard applies to the production inspection and user acceptance of finished bearings by the manufacturer.



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