'Huchown of the Awle Ryale' the Alliterative Poet: A Historical Criticism of Fourteenth Century Poems Ascribed to Sir Hew of Eglintoun

J. MacLehose and sons, 1902 - 148 ページ
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45 ページ - ... is the apt statement of one 2 who made an abstract and brief chronicle of the poem. The French text of the poem is only now in course of being edited, but an early Scottish translator, who, as I believe myself to have demonstrated, was none other than John Barbour, gave this French poem vigorous and admirable rendering into the Scottish vernacular as The Avowes of Alexander and The Great Battell of Effesoun — these forming the second and third parts of the composite poem of which the first...
98 ページ - That bene knowen and kydde for clerkes of the beste, Als gude als Arestotle, or Austyn the wyse, That alle schent were those schalkes, and Scharshull...
61 ページ - Si se tenoit li rois d'Engleterre ou chief de sa nef, vestis d'un noir jake de veluiel ; et portoit sus son chief un noir capelet de [bièvre1], qui moult bien li seoit.
65 ページ - were these : The Soudan of Babilony ; the Kyng of Turkye ; the Kyng of Baldak ; the Kyng Belmaryn ; the Kyng of Tartare ; the Kyng of Lettow — of which iii were slayn.' The king of Cyprus, who had in 1361 captured Satalie by a sea-expedition, was in the end of 1364 getting ready a fleet at Venice for a similar exploit against the Sultan of...
121 ページ - And the blykkande belt he bere theraboute, Abelef as a bauderyk, bounden bi his syde, Loken under his lyfte arme, the lace, with a knot, In tokenyng he was tane in tech of a faute.
139 ページ - ... type; it is the countenance of an immortal who ranks among the great formative forces in the literature of the English tongue, who, while Chaucer was still (to public intents) silent, had ransacked the storehouses of Latin, French, and English, in the quest of material for romantic narrative, and who no less than Chaucer set his seal forever on the literary art of his own generation and of the generations to follow.
154 ページ - ALL BOOKS MAY BE RECALLED AFTER 7 DAYS Renewals and Recharges may be made 4 days prior to the due date. Books may be Renewed by calling 642-3405 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY BERKELEY, CA 94720 RETURN CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT TO...
76 ページ - Hafe passed the passe . that I shall passe sone ; 14 And I shall neven you the names . of Nyne of the Beste That ever wy in this werlde • wiste appon erthe, That were conquerours full kene . and kiddeste15 of other. [Here follow 330 lines in which the poet catalogues the exploits of the Nine Worthies.] 1.
47 ページ - Twa senatours ther come and certayne knyghttez, Hodles fro the bethe ouer the holte eyves, Barefote ouer the bente with brondes so ryche, Bowes to the bolde kynge and biddis hym the hiltes, Whethire he will hang theym or hedde or halde theym on lyfe, Knelyde before the conquerour in kyrtills allone.1 Where could this have come from unless from the...
72 ページ - And be felle fro be fete fayre I departede And flewe it doun with my fiste faste to the rigge. I tighte owte my trenchore and toke of the scholdirs, Cuttede corbyns bone and...