the following day. Bennet has absconded : bis | of ground in the county of Louth, and was in the wife fled during the scuffle, and has not since employment of his Lordship as a labourer. No been heard of.

disagreement took place between them until the WILTSHIRE.

defendant took a fancy to about four acres of the SINGULAR AND DREADFUL ACCIDENT, prosecutor's land which the latter refused to part Mr. Samuel Foot, attorney, of Salisbury, met with; and this drew down upon him the displea. with a singular and very dreadful accident: -Ex

sure of his Lordship, which manifested itself in amining some phials which had been set hy, with several acts of oppression. In the month of Dechemical preparations, he was induced to un cember, 1809, the act for which the defendant was screw the glass stopper of one of them filled with now before the Court was cominitted. On a 2 white powder; the instant he had effected Monday in that month he summoned the prose. his purpose, the powder exploded with won. cutor before him for the alleged offence of cutting derful force ; the phial was blown to atoms, the timber; but the charge was not acted upon, bis left hand torn'in strips, the finger-nails and and he was sent away, with orders to attend again. bones being afterwards found quite bure, and on Saturday. His Lordship, however, did not he was obliged to undergo amputation at the wait for the expiration of the tinie, but on the wrist; his right hand was much shattered, and intermediate Thursday he went with a constable the right thumb obliged to be amputated above to the prosecutor's house, and arrested him upon the first joint; his coat, waistcoat, and shirt were the warrant. In vain did he implore his landa. toro away in front, and he was very severely lord's clemency, urging that his wife was despairwounded in the belly, where it is apprehended ed of in a fever, and that his child lay dead in the some of the pulverized glass has lodged ; his

next apartment to her. In vain did he urge his eyes and face were greatly injured ; and it innocence; for, after the most minute investiga-. appears he must have been instantly killed, had | tion, not a trace appeared to warrant the charge he not been near the mantle-shelf, with his head

of cutting the treos, none having ever grown inclined over it, in the under part of which

where they were alleged to have been eut. His shelf some of the bones were found. Mr. Foot

Lordship inexorable, and, without either oath, sustained this severe injury, and has undergone | information, or any document whatever to subthe subsequent operations with wonderful forti

stantiate the charge, committed the prosecutor to . tude, which has materially contributed to his

prison for felony, where he lay confined in a. present favourable symptoms; be remains free

dungeon, as a felon, for twenty-four days, and. from fever, so that there are hopes of his reco

was not delivered until the Assizes, wben he was. very, and also that his eye-sight will be pre

discharged for want of prosecution. The defence served.

set up by the defendant on his trial was error in.

judgment; but every circumstance tended to. IRELAND

prove that his Lordship was actuated by nalicious ABUSE OF AUTHORITY.-Lord Louth was motives, and that it was done in revenge, in con. brought up in the Court of King's Bench to re sequence of the prosecutor's refusal to give up. ceire judgment, having been convicted in Trinity || the four acres. The Judge stated that the court Term upon a criminal information for abuse of ll had taken a considerable time to mature their his authority, and oppression as a magistrate in opinion of what the sentence ought to be, and the year 1809, in issuing a warrant against M. ll thereby afforded to the defendant an opportu. Mathews, his tenant, the prosecutor, and having nits of making compensation to the prosecutor, him arrested and committed to Dundalk gaol for which had been done; but the reparation to the an alleged felony, of having cut timber upon his public for the injury yet remained, and the court Lordship's estate between siin-rise and son-set. had decided as the sentence of his Lordship, that Judge Day recited the evidence given on the trial, be be imprisoned in Newgate for three calendar from which it appeared, that the prosecutor held months. The sum paid to the prosecutor is said under the defendant, since the year 1801, a piece to be £300, besides costs.

London : Printed by John Bell, Southampton-street, Strand. August 1, 1811.






A Pew Series.

ERIBELLISHMENTS. 1. A correct Portrait of the Right Honourable LADY SPENCER.. 2. An ASTROLOGER,, by GERARD Dow. 3. An Old WOMAN.saying her Prayers, by Van Ostade. 4. A WHOLE-LENGTI FIGURE in the Fashions of tlie SEASON, COLOURED. 5. I nterior of the CONSERVATORY at CARLTON Houss. 6. Au elegant and new PATTERN for NEEDLE:Wonk. 7. The Tizzies; an Original Song for the Harp and Piano-forte, composed by Mr.

DIBDIN, expressly and exclusively for this Work.





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