Roman social life and literature. Age of chivalry

Delphian Society, 1913

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444 ページ - I SAID, I will take heed to my ways, that I sin not with my tongue : I will keep my mouth with a bridle, while the wicked is before me. 2 I was dumb with silence, I held my peace, even from good ; and my sorrow was stirred.
293 ページ - But the kind hosts their entertainment grace With hearty welcome, and an open face; In all they did, you might discern with ease A willing mind and a desire to please. Meantime the beechen bowls went round, and still, Though often emptied, were observed to fill, Filled without hands, and of their own accord Ran without feet, and danced about the board.
392 ページ - All of the famed, and the colossal left By the corrosive Hours to Fate and me? "Not all" — the Echoes answer me — "not all! "Prophetic sounds and loud, arise forever "From us, and from all Ruin, unto the wise, "As melody from Memnon to the Sun.
321 ページ - Christians. The originator of that name was one Christ, ' who, in the reign of Tiberius, suffered death by sentence of ' the Procurator, Pontius Pilate. The baneful superstition, ' thereby repressed for the time, again broke out, not only over ' Judea, the native soil of that mischief, but in the City also, ' where from every side all atrocious and abominable things
45 ページ - Their executions were so contrived as to expose them to derision and contempt. Some were covered over with the skins of wild beasts, and torn to pieces by dogs; some were crucified; others, having been daubed over with combustible materials, were set up as lights in the night time, and thus burned to death.
314 ページ - no woman should possess more than half an ounce of gold, or wear a garment of various colors, or ride in a carriage drawn by horses, in a city, or any town, or any place nearer thereto than one mile ; except on occasion of some public religious solemnity.
271 ページ - Seek not to know," the ghost replied with tears, "The sorrows of thy sons in future years. This youth (the blissful vision of a day) Shall just be shown on earth, and snatch'd away.
392 ページ - THE COLISEUM. Type of the antique Rome ! Rich reliquary Of lofty contemplation left to Time By buried centuries of pomp and power! At length — at length — after so many days Of weary pilgrimage and burning thirst, (Thirst for the springs of lore that in thee lie,) I kneel, an altered and humble man, Amid thy shadows, and so drink within My very soul thy grandeur, gloom, and glory!
298 ページ - Philemon thus prefers their joint request: 'We crave to serve before your sacred shrine, And offer at your altars rites divine; And since not any action of our life Has been polluted with domestic strife, We beg one hour of death; that neither she With widow's tears may live to bury me, Nor weeping I, with withered arms, may bear My breathless Baucis to the sepulchre.
257 ページ - ... sky, Their images they hug, and to their altars fly. The Queen, when she beheld her trembling lord, And hanging by his side a heavy sword, 'What rage,' she cried, 'has seiz'd my husband's mind?