The plaided boatman, resting on hisoar, | Thine car has heard, with
Points to the fatal rock amid the roar

instead of awe, Of whitening waves, and tells whate'er Our buckskinn'd justices expound the to-night

law, Our humble stage shall offer to your Wire-draw the acts that fix for wires sight;

the pain, Proudly preferr'd that first our efforts And for the netted partridge noose give

the swain ; Scenes glowing from her pen to And thy vindictive arm would fain breathe and live;

have broke More proudly yet, should Caledon The last light fetter of the feudal approve

yoke, The filial token of a Daughter's love. To give the denizens of wood and

wild, Nature's free race, to each her free

born child. Hence hast thou mark'd, with grief,

fair London's race, THE POACHER.

Mock'd with the boon of one poor

Easter chase, (1809.)

And long'd to send them forth as free (In imitation of Crabbe.)

as when

Pour'do'er Chantilly the Parisian train, WELCOME, grave stranger, to our green When musket, pistol, blunderbuss, retreats,

combined, Where health with exercise and And scarce the field-pieces were lest freedom meets!

behind! Thrice welcome, Sage, whose philo- A squadron's charge each leveret's sophic plan

heart dismay'd, By nature's limits metes the rights of On every covey fired a bold brigade; inan;

La Douce Humanité approved the Generous as he, who now for freedom sport, bawls,

For great the alarm indeed, yet small Now gives full value for true Indian

the hurt; shawls :

Shouts patriotic solemnized the day, O'er court, o'er customhouse, his shoe And Seine re-echo'd Vive la Liberté! who flings,

But mad Citoyen, meek Monsieur Now bilks excisemen, and now bullies again, kings.

With some few added links resumes Like his, I ween, thy comprehensive

his chain. mind

Then, since such scenes to France no Holds laws as mouse-traps baited for more are known, mankind :

Come, view with me a hero of thine Thine eye, applausive, each sly vermin

own ! sees,

One, whose free actions vindicate the That baulks the snare, yet battens on the cheese ;

Of silvan liberty o'er feudal laws.


Seek we yon glades, where the Sunk 'mid yon sordid blankets, till proud oak o'ertops

the sun Wide-waving seas of birch and hazel Stoop to the west, the plunderer's copse,

toils are done. Leaving between deserted isles of land, Loaded and primed, and prompt for Where stunted heath is patch'd with desperate hand, ruddy sand;

Rifle and fowling-piece beside him And lonely on the waste the yew is

stand; seen,

While round thehutare in disorderlaid Or straggling hollies spread a brighter The tools and booty of his lawless trade; green.

Forforce or fraud, resistance or escape, Here, little worn, and winding dark The crow, the saw, the bludgeon, and and steep,

the crape. Our scarce mark'd path descends yon His pilfer'd powder in yon nook he dingle deep:

hoards, Follow— but heedful, cautious of atrip; And the filch'd lead the church's roof In earthly mire philosophy may slip.

affords Step slow and wary o'er that swampy (Hence shall the rector's congregation stream,

fret, Till, guided by the charcoal's smother That while his sermon's dry his walls ing steam,

are wet). We reach the frai) yet barricaded door The fish-spear barb’d, the sweeping Of hovel form’d for poorest of the net are there, poor ;

Doe-hides, and pheasant plumes, and No hearth the fire, no vent the smoke

skins of hare, receives,

Cordage for toils, and wiring for the The walls are wattles, and the covering leaves;

Barter'd for game from chase or For, if such hut, our forest statutes say,

warren won, Rise in the progress of one night and Yon cask holds moonlight, run when day,

moon was none; (Though placed where still the Con. And late-snatch'd spoils lie stow'd in queror's hests o'erawe,

hutch apart, And his son's stirrup shines the badge To wait the associate higgler's evening of law,)

cart. Thebuilder claims theunenviable boon, To tenant dwelling, framed as slight Look on his pallet foul, and mark and soon

his rest: As wigwam wild, that shrouds the What scenes perturb’d are acting in native frore

his breast ! On the bleak coast of frost-barr'd His sable brow is wet and wrung Labrador.

with pain,

And his dilated nostril toils in vain ; Approach, and through the un For short and scant the breath each latticed window peep

effort draws; Nay, shrink not back, the inmate is And 'twixt each effort Nature claims asleep;

a pause.

А аз



Beyond the loose and sable neckcloth And liveliest on the chords the bow stretch'd,

did glance llis sinewy throat seems by con When Edward named the tune and vulsion twitch'd,

led the dance. While the tongue falters, as to utter Kind was his heart, his passions quick ance loth,

and strong, Sounds of dire import-watchword, Hearty his laugh, and jovial was his threat, and oath.

song; Though, stupified by toil, and drugg'd | And if he loved a gun, his father swore, with gin,

''Twas but a trick of youth would The body sleep, the restless guest soon be o'er, within

Himself had done the same Now plies on wood and wold his

thirty years before.' lawless trade,

But he whose humours spurn law's Now in the fangs of justice wakes

awful yoke dismay'd.

Must herd with those by whom law's · Was that wild start of terror and

bonds are broke: despair,

The common dread of justice soon allies Those bursting eyeballs, and that

The clown, who robs the warren, or wilder'd air,

excise, Signs of compunction for a murderd With sterner felons train'd to act hare?

more dread, Do the locks bristle and the eyebrows | Even with the wretch by whom his arch

fellow bled. For grouse or partridge massacred in Then, as in plagues the soul contaMarch?'

gions pass,

Leavening and festering the corrupted No, scoffer, no! Attend, and mark


Guilt leagues with guilt, while inutual There is no wicket in the gate of law !

motives draw, He that would e'er so lightly set ajar Their hope impunity, theirfearthe law; That awful portal, must undo each bar: Their foes, their friends, their rendezTempting occasion, habit, passion,

vous the same, pride,

Till the revenue baulk'd, or pilfer'd Will join to storm the breach, and

game, force the barrier wide.

Flesh the young culprit, and example

leads That ruffian, whom true men avoid and dread,

To darker villany, and direr deeds. Whom bruisers, poachers, sinugglers, Wild howl'd the wind the forest call Black Ned,

glades along, Was Edward Mansellonce,—thelight- | And oft the owl renew'd her disma! est heart

song; That ever play'd on holiday his part ! | Around the spot where erst he felt The leaderhein every Christmas game, the wound, The harvest-feast grew blither when Red William's spectre walk'd his he came,

midnight round.

with awe,

When o'er the swamp he cast his Though April his temples may wreathe blighting look,

with the vine, From the green marshes of the stag Its tendrils in infancy curl'd, nant brook

'Tis the ardour of August matures us The bittern's sullen shout the sedges

the wine, shook!

Whose lifeblood enlivens the world. The waning moon, with storm-pre

Though thy form, that was fashion'd saging gleam, Now gave and now withheld her

as light as a fay's, doubtful beam ;

Has assumed a proportion more The old Oak stoop'd his arms, then

round, flung them high,

And thy glance, that was bright as

a falcon's at gaze, Bellowing and groaning to the troubled sky;

Looks soberly now on the ground; 'Twas then, that, couch'd amid the Enough, after absence to meet me brushwood sere,

again, In Malwood-walk young Mansell Thy steps still with ecstasy move; watch'd the deer :

Enough, that those dear sober glances The fattest buck received his deadly

retain shot,

For me the kind language of love. The watchful keeper heard, and sought

the spot. Stout were their hearts, and stubborn was their strife;

THE BOLD DRAGOON. O'erpower'd at length, the Outlaw drew his knife.

(1812.) Next morn a corpse was found upon

'Twas a Maréchal of France, and he the fell

fain would honour gain, The rest his waking agony may tell !

And he long'd to take a passing glance

at Portugal from Spain ;
With his flying guns, this gallant

And boasted corps d'armée-

O he fear'd not our dragoons, with

their long swords, boldly riding, (1810?)

Whack, fal de ral, &c. (In imitation of Moore.)

To Campo Mayor come, he had quietly

sat down, On say not, my love, with that | Just a fricassee to pick, while his mortified air,

soldiers sack'd the town, That your spring-time of pleasure When, 'twas peste! morbleu ! is flown,

mon General, Nor bid me to maids that are younger Hear the English bugle-call ! repair

And behold the light dragoons, with For those raptures that still are their long swords, boldly riding, thine own.

Whack, fal de ral, &c.

Right about went horse and foot, artillery and all,

ON THE MASSACRE OF GLENCOE. And, as the devil leaves a house, they tumbled through the wall;

(Pub. 1814.) They took notime to seek the door,

O TELL me, Harper, wherefore flow But, best foot set before

Thy wayward notes of wail and woe, O they ran from our dragoons, with

Far down the desert of Glencoe, theirlong swords, boldly riding,

Where none may list their melody? Whack, fal de ral, &c.

Say, harp'st thou to the mists that

fly, Those valiant men of France they had Or to the dun-deer glancing by, scarcely fled a mile,

Or to the eagle, that from high When on their flank there sous'd at

Screams chorus to thy minonce the British rank and file;

For Long, De Grey, and Otway,

“No, not to these, for they have rest,Ne'er minded one to ten,

The mist-wreath has the mountainBut came on like light dragoons, with

crest, their long swords, boldly riding, The stag his lair, the erne her nest, Whack, fal de ral, &c.

Abode of lone security.

But those for whom I pour the lay, Three hundred British lads they made

Not wild-wood deep, nor mountain three thousand reel,

grey, Their hearts were made of English oak, Not this deep dell, that shrouds from their swords of Sheffield steel,

day, Their horses were in Yorkshire Could screen from treach'rous bred,

cruelty. And Beresford them led; So huzza for brave dragoons, with

• Their flag was furld, and mute their theirlong swords, boldly riding,

drum, Whack, fal de ral, &c.

The very household dogs were dumb,

Unwont to bay at guests that come Then here's a health to Wellington, to

In guise of hospitality.

His blithest notes the piper plied,
Beresford, to Long,

Her gayest snood the maiden tied, And a single word of Bonaparte before

The dame her distaff slung aside,
I close my song:

To tend her kindly housewifery.
The eagles that to fight he brings

Should serve his men with wings, "The hand that mingled in the meal When they meet the bold dragoons, At midnight drew the felon steel,

with their long swords, boldly And gave the host's kind breast to feel

Meed for his hospitality!
Whack, fal de ral, &c.

The friendly hearth which warm'd

that hand, At midnight arm'd it with the brand, That bade destruction's flames expand

Their red and fearful blazonry.

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