The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces

Courier Corporation, 2014/05/05 - 240 ページ

The author of many books on typography, Dan X. Solo was also the proprietor of his own typography shop in Oakland, California — an establishment dedicated to unusual typography and special effects. This comprehensive catalog offers graphic designers a dazzling selection of over 4,000 typefaces and optical effects available from Solotype Typographers.
Here, in Solo's words, is "a great cast of characters" — the alphabet — abetted by a cornucopia of typographical ideas and an endless resource of letters, words, phrases, slogans, logos, humorous comments, headlines, and graphic symbols. Individual sections of the book display a rich variety of typefaces in categories such as Condensed, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Rustic, Thick-and-tin, Calligraphic, Uncials, Latins, and Blackletter.
Samples are imaginatively presented. "Stagecoach," for example, is printed in Fargo typeface, evoking dusty trails, rawhide, and ten-gallon hats, while "Sizzling summer savings" appears appropriately in the flamboyant Firebug typeface. All typefaces are indexed for quick and easy reference. As entertaining as it is practical and useful, this impressive treasury of versatile typefaces and optical effects will be indispensable to busy commercial artists as an inexhaustible source of typographic ideas and a "swipe file" of words, phrases, and letters for use in graphic art projects.

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