The Official Baronage of England: Gainsborough -Oxford

Longmans, Green and Company, 1886



106 ページ - Nothing could be more coarse or clumsy or ungracious than his outside. Two large prominent eyes that rolled about to no purpose (for he was utterly short-sighted), a wide mouth, thick lips,
529 ページ - un abord attrayant, un air de grandeur, enfin, tous les avantages du corps parloient pour lui : mais son esprit ne disoit pas un petit mot en sa
300 ページ - with a deyp frynges of half zerd of lengh. My Lord of Kent cott was on barr of cloth of gold, an oder of cremysyn velvyt, pyrlyd, with a demy manche cut of by the elbowe.
102 ページ - He was very big: his hair red, hanging oddly about him : his tongue was too big for his mouth.'—
500 ページ - had a most rich George in a Sardonyx set with diamonds of very great value ; for the rest, very plain.
36 ページ - ill fetered of limmes, croke backed, his left shoulder much higher than his right, hard favoured of visage,
66 ページ - he polished, a tolerable person, for he is exceeding handsome, by far surpassing any of the King's other natural issue.
557 ページ - He is a most neat little beau, and his face has the roses and lilies as finely blended as that of his pretty young
638 ページ - years old, of a good stature, neither very high nor very low ; thick without grossness, rather well-boned for strength than overloaded with flesh ; his face fair, beautiful, broad, stern,
500 ページ - aspect of the Duke of Marlborough, I question not but it would fill the reader with more agreeable images