Ellerton and Byworth, 1807


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80 ページ - The man in conscious virtue bold, Who dares his secret purpose hold, Unshaken hears the crowd's tumultuous cries, And the impetuous tyrant's angry brow defies. " Let the loud winds, that rule the seas, Tempestuous their wild horrors raise; Let Jove's dread arm with thunders rend the spheres, Beneath the crush of worlds undaunted he appears.
137 ページ - Before great Agamemnon reign'd, Reign'd kings as great as he, and brave, Whose huge ambition's now contain'd In the small compass of a grave : In endless night they sleep, unwept, unknown : No bard had they to make all time their own.
71 ページ - Day presses on the heels of day, And moons increase to their decay ; But you, with thoughtless pride elate, Unconscious of impending fate, Command the pillar'd dome to rise, When lo ! thy tomb forgotten lies.
278 ページ - ... the event however fictitious, or approximates it however remote, by placing us, for a time, in 'the condition of him whose fortune we contemplate; so that we feel, while the...
vi ページ - I will send you, pleased most people of good taste here ; the boxes were crowded till the sixth night ; when the pit and gallery were totally deserted, and it was dropped. Distress, without death, was not sufficient to affect a true British audience, so long accustomed to daggers, racks, and bowls of poison ; contrary to Horace's rule, they desire to see Medea murder her children upon the stage.
344 ページ - But if, through weakness, or my want of art, I can't to every different style impart The proper strokes and colours it may claim, Why am I honour'd with a poet's name ? FRANCIS. IT is one of the maxims of the civil law, that definitions are hazardous. Things modified by human understandings, subject to varieties of complication, and .changeable as experience...
221 ページ - From grave to jovial you must change with art, Now play the critic's, now the poet's part; In raillery assume a gayer air, Discreetly hide your strength, your vigour spare; For ridicule shall frequently prevail, And cut the knot, when graver reasons fail.
9 ページ - With equal pace, impartial Fate Knocks at the palace, as the cottage gate, Nor should our sum of life extend Our growing hopes beyond their destined end.
43 ページ - A fugitive from Heav'n and prayer, I mock'd at all religious fear, Deep scienc'd in the mazy lore Of mad philosophy; but now Hoist sail, and back my voyage plow To that blest harbour, which I left before.— FRANCIs.
30 ページ - Place me where never summer breeze Unbinds the glebe, or warms the trees: Where ever-lowering clouds appear, And angry Jove deforms th" inclement year. Place me beneath the burning ray, Where rolls the rapid car of day; Love and the nymph shall charm my toils, The nymph who sweetly speaks, and sweetly smiles.