A Life of William Charles Macready

Brentano, 1894 - 201 ページ


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162 ページ - We'd have no friends That were not lovers; no ambition, save To excel them all in love; we'd read no books That were not tales of love — that we might smile To think how poorly eloquence of words Translates the poetry of hearts like ours! And when night came, amidst the breathless Heavens We'd guess what star should be our home when love Becomes immortal; while the perfumed light Stole through the mists of alabaster lamps , And every air was heavy with the sighs Of orange-groves and music from...
154 ページ - I have asked that dreadful question of the hills That look eternal ; of the flowing streams That lucid flow for ever ; of the stars, Amid whose fields of azure my raised spirit Hath trod in glory : all were dumb ; but now, While I thus gaze upon thy living face, I feel the love that kindles through its beauty, Can never wholly perish ; — we shall meet Again, Clemanthe ! Clem.
164 ページ - Was my own lord. Then did I seek to rise Out of the prison of my mean estate ; And, with such jewels as the exploring Mind Brings from the caves of Knowledge, buy my ransom From those twin gaolers of the daring heart — Low Birth and iron Fortune.
162 ページ - A palace lifting to eternal summer Its marble walls, from out a glossy bower Of coolest foliage musical with birds, Whose songs should syllable thy name!
11 ページ - Yet I was filial to my humble parents. But did my sire surpass the rest of men As thou excellest all of womankind?
172 ページ - Ay, is it so? Then wakes the power which in the age of iron Burst forth to curb the great, and raise the low. Mark, where she stands, around her form I draw The awful circle of our solemn Church! Set but a foot within that holy ground, And on thy head — yea, though it wore a crown — I launch the curse of Rome!
10 ページ - Gamester" devotion to her husband stood out as the mainspring of her actions, the ruling passion of her being; apparent when reduced to poverty in her graceful and cheerful submission to the lot to which his vice has subjected her, in her fond excuses of his ruinous weakness, in her conciliating expostulations with his angry impatience, in her indignant repulse of Stukely's advances, when in the awful dignity of outraged virtue she imprecates the vengeance of Heaven upon his guilty head. The climax...
97 ページ - I have improved Macbeth. The general tone of the character was lofty, manly, or indeed as it should be, heroic, that of one living to command. The whole view of the character was constantly in sight : the grief, the care, the doubt was not that of a weak person, but of a strong mind and of a strong man.
179 ページ - ... nothing could have been less heroic than his presentation of the great criminal. He was fretful and impatient under the taunts and provocations of his wife ; he was ignoble under the terrors of remorse; he stole into the sleeping-chamber of Duncan like a man going to purloin a purse, not like a warrior going to snatch a crown.
12 ページ - If Mrs. Siddons appeared a personification of the tragic muse, certainly all the attributes of Thalia were most joyously combined in Mrs. Jordan. With a spirit of fun, that would have out-laughed Puck himself...