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141 ページ - Perhaps she thought, if she had time to think anything, that she might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.
170 ページ - A fungus that's fretting The face of the earth ; A pitiful blunder, A sorrowful wonder, A cry out of darkness, A hunger, a dearth. A cradle to cry in, A coffin to lie in— Betwixt them I steal Past the fun of the fair— Chance calling, Fate guiding Life's roundabout gliding, Till Death, the grey dustman, Surprises me there.
7 ページ - Through the trees, or at the edge of the waters, there peeped nymphs, goat-foot fauns and other immortal creatures of lake and mountain, vale and forest, who spied upon humanity with wonder when the world was young.
8 ページ - Livia anointed the door-posts with oil and fat and decked them with woollen fillets.
2 ページ - Has not marriage itself been weighed in the balance of public opinion and found wanting ? The invention loses its old, four-square majesty.
123 ページ - Livia is my own daughter, be sure there are as good fish in the lake as ever came out of it; and always were and always will be ; but ' once bit twice shy