The Edinburgh Annual Register, 第 4 巻、第 1 部

Walter Scott
John Ballantyne and Company, 1813


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26 ページ - An act for the more effectual preserving the King's person and government, by disabling papists from sitting in either house of parliament.
26 ページ - I AB do sincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George...
195 ページ - The question was negatived without a division. A motion, originating in worthier motives, and intended for a better purpose, was made by April 4. Mr Barham, that a committee should be appointed to consider and report upon the practicability and expediency of supplying our West India colonies with free labourers from the East.
445 ページ - No expressions of mine could do justice to the conduct of the troops throughout. Nothing less than the almost unparalleled exertions of every officer, the invincible bravery of every soldier, and the most determined devotion to the honour of his Majesty's arms in all, could have achieved this brilliant success, against such a formidable enemy so posted.
448 ページ - It is to be hoped that the example of what has occurred in this country will teach the people of this and of other nations what value they ought to place on such promises and assurances ; and that there is no security for life, or for anything which makes life valuable, excepting in decided resistance to the enemy.
273 ページ - Cole's division was therefore ordered to form an oblique line to the rear of our right, with his own right thrown back. And the intention of the enemy to attack our right becoming evident, I requested general Blake to form part of his first line, and all his second, to that front, which was done.
448 ページ - ... by promises of good treatment to remain, they were plundered, and .many of their houses destroyed on the night the enemy withdrew from their position; and they have since burnt every town and village through which they have passed.
445 ページ - Norcott's two companies of the 2d rifle corps, and Major Acheson, with a part of the 67th foot (separated from the regiment in the wood), formed on the right. Colonel Wheatly's brigade, with three companies of the Coldstream guards, under Lieut.
256 ページ - I intended they should be, I consider the action that was fought by the Light division, by Colonel Beckwith's brigade principally, with the whole of the 2nd corps, to be one of the most glorious that British troops were ever engaged in.
36 ページ - Highness's views for the security and happiness of the country. Mr. Perceval has never failed to regret the impression of Your Royal Highness with regard to the provisions of the Regency Bill which His Majesty's servants felt it to be their duty to recommend to Parliament. But he ventures to submit to Your Royal Highness that, whatever difficulties the present awful crisis of the country and the world may create in the administration of the executive government, Your Royal Highness will not...