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296 ページ - Applicants estimate that the water used yearly represents only 1% of all the water in the upper basin of the Colorado River system which has been allocated to consumptive use in New Mexico in accordance with the Colorado River Compact of 1922. The requested action of the FPC is not a major federal action warranting the preparation of an environmental impact statement under the National Environmental Policy Act.
948 ページ - Countries decisions on procedural questions recommendations (b) by unanimity: all other decisions, including in particular decisions which impose on Participating Countries new obligations not already specified in this Agreement. 2. Decisions mentioned in paragraph 1 (b) may provide: (a) that they shall not be binding on one or more Participating Countries; (b) that they shall be binding only under certain conditions. Article 62 1. Unanimity shall require all of the votes of the Participating Countries...
933 ページ - Committee shall report to the Governing Board within a further 48 hours. The report shall set out the views expressed by the members of the Committee, including any views regarding the handling of the emergency. 3. Within 48 hours of receiving the...
960 ページ - ... the period of self-sufficiency. 2. The Standing Group on Emergency Questions shall examine and' report to the Management Committee on a) the concept of and methods of measurement of stand-by oil production as referred to in paragraph 1, b) the appropriateness of "the period of self-sufficiency" as a time limit, c) the question of whether a given quantity of stand-by oil production is of greater value for purposes of emergency self-sufficiency than the same quantity of oil stocks, the amount of...
934 ページ - The Secretariat shall keep the Management Committee informed of its deliberations, and shall immediately report its finding to the members of the Committee and inform the Participating Countries thereof. The report shall include information on the nature of the reduction.
937 ページ - ... 2. The Management Committee shall review the report and make proposals to the Governing Board which, within 30 days of the submission of the report to the Management Committee, and acting by majority, shall take the decisions necessary for the establishment and efficient operation of the Special Section.
941 ページ - ... national experiences and information on energy conservation; ways and means for reducing the growth of energy consumption through conservation. (b) Development of alternative sources of energy such as domestic oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear energy and hydro-electric power, including cooperative programs on exchange of information on such matters as resources, supply and demand, price and taxation; ways and means for reducing the growth of consumption of imported oil through the development of...
933 ページ - Secretariat, including any views regarding the. handling of the situation. 4. The Governing Board shall meet within 48 hours of receiving the Management Committee's report. If it finds, acting by majority, that the conditions set out in Article 13, 14, 15 or '17 are fulfilled, emergency measures shall be activated accordingly. Article 22 The Governing Board may at any time decide by unanimity to activate any appropriate emergency measures not provided for in this Agreement, if the situation so requires.
932 ページ - Article 24. When emergency measures are in force, and the Secretariat has not made a finding under Article 23, the Governing Board, acting by special majority...
931 ページ - April, 1975, report to the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall make proposals, as appropriate, to the Governing Board, which, acting by majority. shall decide on these proposals not later than 1st July, 1975.