Health, Husbandry, and Handicraft

Bradbury and Evans, 1861 - 583 ページ


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259 ページ - Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage; Minds innocent and quiet take That for an hermitage; If I have freedom in my love And in my soul am free, Angels alone, that soar above, Enjoy such liberty.
488 ページ - Between the setting of the sun and the rising of the moon, the great dial may rest ; but only then may it refuse to show the hours.
393 ページ - Next year he returned again, with some other of his townsmen, proffering drier and dearer cloth to be sold ; so that within a few years hither came a confluence of buyers, sellers, and lookers-on, which are the three principles of a fair.
540 ページ - John-apple, curiously wrought, as having passed through the Birmingham press. Though the common round button keeps in with the pace of the day, yet we sometimes find the oval, the square, the pea, the pyramid, flash into existence.
499 ページ - The lost gin-drinker covers her rags with the remnants of the shawl of better days. The farmer's daughter buys a white cotton shawl, with a gay border, for her wedding ; and it washes and dyes until, having wrapped all her babies in turn, it is finally dyed black to signalize her widowhood. The...
502 ページ - ... general form has to be invented, and the subdivisions, and the details within each form, and the filling up of the spaces between, and the colors — as a whole, and in each particular ; and that, before the material can be arranged for the weaving, every separate stitch (so to speak) must be painted down on paper in its right place. Is it not bewildering to think of? Much more bewildering and imposing is it to see. As for the first sketch of the design, that is all very pretty ; and, the strain...
122 ページ - I speak from experience here. For thirty years my business has lain in my study. The practice of early rising was, I am confident, the grand preservative of health, through many years of hard work — the hours gained being given, not to book or pen, but to activity. I rose at six, summer and winter; and (after cold bathing) went out for a walk in all weathers. In the coldest season, on the rainiest morning, I never returned without being glad that I went. I naed not detail the pleasures of the summer...
501 ページ - ... and warping we need not speak, as they are much the same to the observer's and therefore to the reader's eye, as the preparation of yarns for carpets in Kendal, and of silk for ribbons in Coventry. While the washing and drying, and the dyeing and drying again are proceeding, the higher labor of preparing the pattern is advancing. But how much of the lower kind of work can be done during the slow elaboration of the higher ! It really requires some patience and fortitude even to witness the mighty...
498 ページ - From a time remote beyond computation, the sheep of Cashmere have been cherished on their hills, and the goats of Thibet on their plains, and the camels of Tartary on their steppes, to furnish material for the choicest shawls. From time immemorial, the patterns which we know so well have been handed down as a half-sacred tradition through a Hindoo ancestry, which puts even Welsh pedigrees to shame. For thousands of years have the bright dyes, which are the despair of our science and art, been glittering...