Stadia Surveying: The Theory of Stadia Measurements, Accompanied by Tables of Horizontal Distances and Differences of Level for the Reduction of Stadia Field Observations

D. Van Nostrand, 1889 - 148 ページ

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11 ページ - PLATTNER. Manual of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis with the Blow-Pipe. From the last German edition, revised and enlarged. By Prof. Th. Richter, of the Royal Saxon Mining Academy. Translated by Prof. HB Cornwall, assisted by John H.
7 ページ - Lowell Hydraulic Experiments. Being a selection from experiments on Hydraulic Motors, on the Flow of Water over Weirs, in open Canals of uniform rectangular section, and through submerged Orifices and diverging Tubes. Made at Lowell, Mass. Fourth edition, revised and enlarged, with many new experiments, and illustrated with 23 copper-plate engravings.
4 ページ - Submarine Warfare, offensive and defensive, including a discussion of the offensive Torpedo System, its effects upon Iron-Clad Ship Systems and influence upon future naval wars. With twenty lithographic plates and many wood-cuts. 8vo, cloth 5 oo BEILSTEIN (F.) An Introduction to Qualitative Chemical Analysis, translated by IJ Osbun.
12 ページ - POOK (SM) Method of Comparing the Lines and Draughting Vessels Propelled by Sail or Steam. Including a chapter on Laying off on the MouldLoft Floor. By Samuel M. Pook, Naval Constructor, i vol.
15 ページ - SWEET (SH) Special Report on Coal; showing its Distribution, Classification, and cost delivered over different routes to various points in the State of New York, and the principal cities on the Atlantic Coast. By SH Sweet. With maps, i vol.
10 ページ - Schools, in w.hich the Definitions and Rules of Geometry are familiarly explained; the Practical Problems are arranged from the most simple to the more complex, and in their description technicalities are avoided as much as possible. With illustrations for drawing Plans, Sections, and Elevations of Railways and Machinery; an Introduction to Isometrical Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and Shadows.
5 ページ - SR A Treatise on the Method of Government Surveying as prescribed by the US Congress and Commissioner of the General Land Office, with complete Mathematical, Astronomical, and Practical Instructions for the use of the United States Surveyors in the field.
14 ページ - SHUNK, WF The Field Engineer. A Handy Book of practice in the Survey, Location and Track-work of Railroads, containing a large collection of Rules and Tables, original and selected, applicable to both the Standard and Narrow Gauge, and prepared with special reference to the wants of the young. Engineer.
10 ページ - Prof. RS Elementary Treatise on the Mechanical Theory of Heat, and its application to Air and Steam Engines.
5 ページ - FUEL, its Combustion and Economy ; consisting of an Abridgment of A Treatise on the Combustion of Coal and the Prevention of Smoke." By CW WILLIAMS, AICE With extensive additions on Recent Practice in the Combustion and Economy of Fuel— Coal, Coke, Wood, Peat, Petroleum, &c.