· * Brothers! you will perceive other good. It is this opinion by the letter which has just been which has led your brothers from read to you, that we are a depu. their hones and families to visit tation from the Society of you at this time, with a view of Friends to visit you and take endeavouring to communicate to you by the hand in their behalf; you the knowledge which the and for the purpose of examin. Great Spirit has given to them, ing into your situation and con- and which they have found so sulting with you upon the best beneficial.” ineans of being useful to you. 66 Brothers! We have beer

“ Brothers ! your brethren very much gratified to find as the society of Friends who hold we passed through your village, their general council at Balti- that you have so considerable a more, and those who reside in quautity of corn planted, and the state of Ohio, are united that it has been carefully cultitogether as the same people ;- vated and kept clean :

:-For and you will consider whatever your encouragement we cau inwe say to you as coming from form you that your crops geneboth.

rally look as well as any of your “ Brothers ! your brothers whiteneighbours--and your garhave long viewed with sincere dens are also as promising as compassion the continued and any we have met with amongst rapid decrease of their red breth- the white people on the fron. ten; and they have been fully tiers. eonvinced, that the mode of life 66 Brothers! We are but few which you and yourfathers have in number, and our means of aspursaed must, if continued in, sisting you, in changing your perpetuate your sufferings, and mode of living, are not exteninally lead to your total exter- sive, The utmost we can do mination in this country. for you, after we shall have

Brothers ! We are firmly con- completed the mill now ereotvinced that nothing can save ing, will be to put into your you from this destruction but hands the tools and implements an entire change in your man. of husbandry which will be nener of living, and a steady and cessary to enable you to cultiindustrious attention to your vate your lands, and keep a perfarins.

son at your village for the pur“ Brothers! We fully believe pose of instructing you in the that the Great and Good Spirit use of these implements. You is the common Father of all the will of course at once perceive, people upon this great island, that all our good disposition to and indeed upon the whole earth; assist you cannot be extensively and that He views with disap- useful to you unless you fully probation every disposition in determine to take fast hold of the minds of his children to do the tools which we offer you, each other harm: He is con- and with steady and perseverstantly disposed to do them ing industry direct yourselves good, and He approves of every to the cultivation of your lands. effort which they use to do each “ Brothers! It is therefore

made all men,


for yourselves to decide wheth- for we clearly see that what er or not our exertions will be you propose to us is for our benuseful to you.

efit. ó Brothers ! We cannot con: 6 Brothers! We believe witlu clude without reminding you you that the Great Spirit has of the advice we gave you some

both white and years ago, to beware of the use red; and we return our thanks of spirituous liquors : this poi. to Him for preserving you son bas destroyed thousands of through your journey, and bring. our red brethren, and it has al. ing you safe amongst us, and so carried many thousands of for giving us once more the satthe white people to destruction, isfaction of seeing our friends and never fails to overwhelm the Quakers of Baltimore, and with ruin and misery all those taking you by the hand, and who become slaves to the use sitting down together with you. of it, unless they totally with 6 Brothers ! We also return draw from it. To this subject our thanks to the Great Spirit we therefore entreat your par- for having put it into your hearts ticular attention, because to make us this visit, and tell are fully convinced that no ef- us the things which we have forts of ours, nor good intentions just heard ; for it convinces us on your part, can be useful to that He has not given us up. you, whilst you indulge your- 6 Brothers ! Since you have selves in the useof it: we shall not forgotten us, and the Great therefore expect you to banish Spirit has preserved you to come this destructive articlefrom your and visit us, and give us this town, and shall rejoice when advice, we will therefore make we hear that you have determin: one more great effort, because ed to do it,"

we are fully convinced that as We have given the substance He still regards us, He will asof the speech to the Indians, and sist us; and it therefore remains shall now give the substance of with ourselves whether we are the answer of Black Hoof in be- to be preserved from ruin or not. lialf of all the chiefs.

66 Brothers! We speak to you 6. Brothers ! Your communi. the sincere language of our cation shall have our most se- hearts. We will indeed try rious consideration : we know once more to go in the path you it contains the truth. The same advise us; and we are encourthings have been told us before aged with a hope that we shall by good people.

succeed, since it is the unani. 6 Brothers! We know very mous wish of all the chiefs here well that what you have said is assembled, and most of our peointended for our good ; but there ple, to adopt the plan you have

some of our people who recommended; and we will use seem as if they have no ears to every exertion in our power to hear, por hearts to understand : prevail on those of our people but as our friends have not yet who do not now see it right to given us up, we will make a• join us to do it; and we hope mother effort to convince these ; to succeed with them ; but our



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determination is firmly taken, pearances we think will yield that if these people will not us 7000, or 8000 buskels. From pite with us, we will go on with the best inforination we couid out them, and turn our backs get it appeared that a considerupon them, leaving them where able portion of them are becomthey are ; for our resolution is ing industrisus

l'he Agent fixed to pursue farming, and has purchased from the Indians try to raise plenty,

the adjacent premises for the 66 Brothers ! our wishes are accommodation of the persons good, but we cannot at once go who may be placed by Friends on as the white people do : we for the general superintendance are a poor helpless people ; but and management of the estabwe hope when a few of us step lishment." forward and do well, that oth. We shall reserve for the next ers will follow our example. Number an interesting account

66 Brothers! Tell your old of a visit to another settlement men that we are glad in our of Indians at Stony Creek, and hearts to hear your words, and shall close this article with one that it ig a great comfort to us reflection : How much better to see our friends so kindly dis- and cheaper it would be and posed towards us ; assure them how much more certain to prethat we will do all in our power

serve peace with the Indians, if to follow the counsel you have our government would employ given us, and that with a sin. five intelligent and genuine Quacere heart we take thee hy the kers to reside with each tribe, hand, and return our thanks to than to employ military force lo them and likewise to the Mas destroy them, or to keep them ter of all things.

from doing injury to the white “ Brothers ! Your brethren people! It is firmly believed now here in council will pray that if our government would the Great Spirit, the Author of allow the Quakers a fiftieth all things, that he will keep part of the cost of the regular the road open and elear, and pre- troops employed on the frontiers, serve you safe on your journey to be expended among the Inback to your friends and fami. dians, they would do a hundred lies again."

fold more good, and a thousand The committee say in their fold less mischief than the solReport—" whilst at this village diers. Were I a settler on the we visited a number of families frontiers, near to a tribe of the in their cabins, and were every natives, I should think myself where received with great kind. more safe in having one good ness and affection.” They also Quaker or Moravian to reside inform that the Indians of this with them, than in having five village are about 800 persons ; thousand regular troops station

that it is computed that they ed between me and the Indian have 250 acres planted with villages, corn, which from present apo

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PERHAPS no better use can be pastime in the long evening's of' made of the follies, extravagan- The winter ; but the Tartar incies and delusions of the people genuity has discovered a methof other pations and other relig. od of dispensing even with the ions, than to employ them for slight degree of exertion which the discovery and correction of the compendious substitute resimilar inconsistences among quires.

We make • swift tro. ourselves. I'was lately reading chais' roast our meal they eman Edinburgh Review of Tra- ploy the smoke-jack to say their vels” among the Calmucks- prayers for them ;-and the in which an extraordinary and Kurata which spins over the ludicrous account is given of fire in the midst of their hut, praying machines. It is stated transfers all its devotional merthat 6

prayer is one of the prin- it to the owner. The Monguls cipal duties enjoined by Lima- are yet more wisely economical ism ;'and afier remarking on of individual responsibility. A. the iuventions of this age, par- mongst them, the inhabitants of ticularly of steam engines, as a district construet a Kurada at a substitute for human labour, their joint

expense, which is the Reviewer says—“ The fol. placed in a mill-house by the lowers of the Grand Lama have side of a running stream, and done more-they have invented this subscription Kurada is praying-jennies, which do the made so large, that it holds work to perfection. It is a doc- prayers enough to serve for all trine amongst them, that as of the parish; and consequently, ten as the paper, or other sub- except in seasons of uncommon stance upon which the prayer drought, when the water is too is written, is set in motion, this low to turn the mill which movement of the written prayer grinds prayers for the pariskis as meritorious as its oral re- ioners, they are completely expetition. The Kurada, or pray- onerated from the obligations of ing machine is therefore con- wasting their time in the Chustructed upon this principle ;- rule, or temple." it consists of two cylinders, or Much of the amusement of drums, filled withivside with this account is probably to be rolls of paper covered with attributed to the Reviewer, who prayers and ejaculations, writ- tells the story ; but the facts ten iu Tangotian, or saered Jan- may be as he ha's stated them. guage. The drums are hung in a our business is not to amuse our neat frame and are kept on the readers with the follies and dewhirl with great facility by the lusions of other people, but to simple contrivance of a string and lead them to consider whether crank


every turn of the as great inconsistences are not cylinder is perfectly equivaleut to be found anong professed to the repetition of all the prayers Christians, as those which are contained in it. Tlie turning of reported of the Calmucks and the Kurada is av. agreeable Mionguls.

te say,

Christians have the gospel in own praying or it will never be their hands which solemnly en- done. They may be assisted by joins and graciously encourages his gifts, if their hearts are truthe duty of prayer. It also ly engaged; otherwise no part teaches us, thai God is a spirit, of their duty is performed by kis and that those who worship him praying with them or for them. must worship in spirit and truth They may as reasonably rely -implying that such worship on their ministers to perform God requires, and that such on- for them all the duties of jus. ly he accepts. Yet are there not lice and benevolence, as to permultitudes even in this country, form for them their duty of calland some in every parish who ing upou God. invent methods to satisfy their Lei Christians then be careful, consciences in the neglect of a that while they censure the Cal. duty which is enjoined by Him mucks for employing a machine who is called their Saviour ? Or to save the labour of devotion, do they not invent methods of they do not leave room for God performing prayer which are as

“ Out of thine awu south unacceptable to God as that of will 1 julye thee, thou slothful employing machines ?

servant." Are there not too many who But the neglect of prayer and are fond of having a minister, praying by proxy, are not the and pretty regular in attending only exceptionable things in republic worship, who refer the lation to this duty. whole daty of prayer to him? does more than merely to enand who are as heedless and in- join the duty of prayer ; it redevout in time of prayer, as the quires us to pray with a benevoCalmuck is while his forms of lent, forgiving spirit towards prayer are moved by a machine? uur fellow creatures ; and it Are there not many in this assures us that this temper is Christian land who never pray, essential to our obtaining the exeept it be by a substitute ? approbation and forgiveness of So far as this is the case, it is God. What then shall be said of very little consequence to of those prayers in which Christhem, whether the substitute be tians of different sects have in. a machine or a minister of re- dulged towards each other a ligion.

spirit of censure, reproach and It is a great privilege indeed reviling--and in which people to have a good minister, who pos- of different nations, in tiine of sesses the spirit of prayer, and war, have prayed for the dewho has gifts to lead in public struction of one another ! or social worship. But, like such things must be continued all other privileges, this may in our churches, will it not be be abused ; and it is ever abus. less offensive to God and less ed when it is made a substitute injurious to men, te have prayers for personal devotion. In re- performed by a Calmuck magard to prayer, ministers can chine, than by the ininisters of perform no more than their the Christian religion ? own duty; others must do their


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