The Elementary Education Act, 1876: (39 and 40 Vict., C. 79)

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ix ページ - It shall be the duty of the parent of every child to cause such child to receive efficient elementary instruction in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and if such parent fail to perform such duty, he shall be liable to such orders and penalties as are provided by this Act.
48 ページ - Any exception, exemption, proviso, excuse, or qualification, whether it does or not accompany the description of the offence in this Act, may be proved by the defendant, but need not be specified or negatived...
19 ページ - That is found begging, or receiving alms (whether actually or under the pretext of selling or offering for sale anything), or being in any street or public place for the purpose of so begging or receiving alms ; " That is found wandering and not having any home or settled place of abode or proper guardianship or visible means of subsistence...
81 ページ - Factory or workshop" means any premises on which any manual labour is exercised by way of trade, or for purposes of gain, in or incidental to the...
72 ページ - Every question at a Meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present, and voting on that question ; and in case of an equal division of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
x ページ - That the child is under efficient instruction in some other manner : (2.) That the child has been prevented from attending school by sickness or any unavoidable cause...
28 ページ - ... no part of the duties of such inspector to inquire into any instruction in religious subjects given at such school, or to examine any scholar therein in religious knowledge or in any religious subject or book : (4) The school shall be conducted in accordance with the conditions required to be fulfilled by an elementary school in order to obtain an annual parliamentary grant.
58 ページ - there shall be provided for every school district a sufficient amount of accommodation in public elementary schools available for all the children resident in such district, for whose elementary education efficient and suitable provision is not otherwise made.
95 ページ - parent " in relation to a young person includes guardian and every person who is liable to maintain or has the actual custody of the young person ; The expression
x ページ - ... is certified by the teacher of the school to have been prevented from attending by sickness or other unavoidable cause...