The Mouse Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates

George Paxinos, Keith B. J. Franklin
Academic Press, 2001 - 264 ページ
The Mouse Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates, Second Edition is the most comprehensive and accurate atlas of the mouse brain ever published. The first edition of this book has become the acknowledged reference in its field. In the second edition, the authors incorporated lower brainstem sections, an entire sagittal plane of section and revised all delineations, especially of the cortex. This guide is essential to those who study the brain of this species or any similar species, including hamsters. The large, spiral-bound format makes it easy to see the details in each illustration or photograph and compare them to animal models in the lab.

* A coronal set featuring 100 photographs and 100 matching detailed diagrams delineating the entire brain
* A sagittal set featuring 32 photographs and 32 matching detailed diagrams
* Photographs of Nissl- and Acetylcholinesterase sections alternate
* Thoroughly revised cortical delineations and improved subcortical delineations
* Deluxe Edition contains diagrams available on CD-ROM constructed by Paul Halasz

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