Old New England Traits

George Lunt
Hurd and Houghton, 1873 - 244 ページ

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205 ページ - ... for the space of seven years from the day of the date of these presents. " Provided, that none of the said persons be such as shall be hereafter, by special name, restrained by us, our heirs or successors.
25 ページ - United States, your banner wears, Two emblems, — one of fame, Alas, the other that it bears Reminds us of your shame ! The white man's liberty in types Stands blazoned by your stars ; But what's the meaning of your stripes ? They mean your Negro-scars.
206 ページ - ONLY being paid, it shall be thenceforth lawful and free for the said Adventurers, the same Goods and...
204 ページ - Virginia, all such and so many of our loving subjects, or any other strangers that will become our loving subjects and live under our Allegiance, as shall willingly accompany them in the said voyage and plantation...
223 ページ - So when a child, as playful children use, Has burnt to tinder a stale last year's news, The flame extinct, he views the roving fire, There goes my lady, and there goes the 'squire ; There goes the parson, oh ! illustrious spark, And there, scarce less illustrious, goes the clerk.
55 ページ - Panthus, and Hicetaon, once the strong; And next, the wisest of the reverend throng, Antenor grave, and sage Ucalegon, Lean'd on the walls and bask'd before the sun: Chiefs, who no more in bloody fights engage, But wise through time, and narrative with age, In summer days, like grasshoppers rejoice, A bloodless race, that send a feeble voice.
102 ページ - Church that was burned down. On the Sunday morning in which that event took place, as they were all preparing to go to church, the flames began to burst forth; the young people screamed from the back part of the house, "A fire! a fire! " and all was in a state of confusion and alarm. The housemaid was not at home, it being her turn for the Sunday "out.
174 ページ - There was not a village in England that had not a ghost in it, the churchyards were all haunted, every large common had a circle of fairies belonging to it, and there was scarce a shepherd to be met with who had not seen a spirit.
210 ページ - The names of the Passengers in the Hercules of London, John Kiddey Mar. for New England. These six Passengers took their Oathes of Supremacy & Alleigeance the 24th March and were left behind the Mary & John, as intended to pass in ye Hercules — viz : John Anthony . Cert, the six first Robert Early William Satcome Thomas Foster William Foster Matthew Hewlett.