Bell's Edition, 第 81〜82 巻

J. Bell, 1797
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48 ページ - The counsel's good, a Fox replies, Could we perform what you advise. Think what our ancestors have done — • A line of thieves from son to son ! To us descends the long disgrace, And infamy hath mark'd our race. Though we, like harmless sheep, should feed. Honest in thought, in word, and deed, Whatever hen-roost is decreas'd, We shall be thought to share the feast. The change shall never be believ'd : A lost good name is ne'er retriev'd. Nay then, replies the feeble Fox, (But hark ! I hear a hen...
3 ページ - And thus her folly reprimands. Whence sprung the vain conceited lie, That we the world with fools supply ? What ! give our sprightly race away, For the dull helpless sons of clay ! Besides, by partial fondness shown, Like you we dote upon our own. Where yet was ever found a mother, Who'd give her booby for another ? And should we change with human breed, Well might we pass for fools indeed.
84 ページ - And from the deep-mouthed thunder flies* She starts, she stops, she pants for breath; She hears the near advance of death; She doubles, to mislead the hound, And measures back her mazy round...
61 ページ - IN other men we faults can spy, And blame the mote that dims their eye; Each little speck and blemish find, To our own stronger errors blind. A Turkey, tired of common food, Forsook the barn, and sought the wood; Behind her ran an infant train, Collecting here and there a grain.
48 ページ - Attend, and be advis'd by Care. Nor love, nor honour, wealth, nor power, Can give the heart a cheerful hour, When health is lost. Be timely wise : With health all taste of pleasure flies.
73 ページ - ... wide domains. At will I crop the year's increase ; My latter life is rest and peace. I grant to man we lend our pains, And aid him to correct the plains; But doth not he divide the care, Through all the labours of the year ? How many thousand structures rise, To fence us from inclement skies ; For us he bears the sultry day, And stores up all our winter's hay; He sows, he reaps the harvest's gain ; We share the toil, and share the grain. Since every creature was decreed To aid each other's mutual...
30 ページ - Why so severe ? (the Cub replies), Our senate always held me wise." " How weak is pride ! (returns the sire), All fools are vain when fools admire ! But know, what stupid asses prize, Lions and noble beasts despise.
120 ページ - s born for sloth ? To some we find The ploughshare's annual toil assign'd. Some at the sounding anvil glow, Some the swift-sliding shuttle throw ; Some, studious of the wind and tide, From pole to pole our commerce guide...