The Law and Practice Relating to Criminal Informations, and Informations in the Nature of Quo Warranto: With Forms of the Pleadings and Proceedings

T. & J.W. Johnson, 1847 - 299 ページ

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60 ページ - Officer upon an insufficient Suggestion, nor for any Misnomer or Misdescription of the Officer returning such Process, or of any . of the Jurors, nor because any Person has served upon the Jury who has not been returned as a Juror by the Sheriff or other Officer...
101 ページ - Has, directly or indirectly, by himself or his partner, any share or interest in any contract or employment -with, by, or on behalf of the council.
73 ページ - ... both with respect to the liability of witnesses to be indicted for perjury, and otherwise, as if no such variance had appeared...
59 ページ - L - 1 upon any indictment or information, for any felony or misdemeanor, whether after verdict or outlawry, or by confession, default, or otherwise, shall be stayed or reversed for want of the averment of any matter unnecessary to be proved, nor for the omission of the words 'as appears by the record ;' or of the words < with force and arms ;' or of the words 'against the peace ;' nor for the insertion of the words 'against the form of the statute...
183 ページ - Lancaster, unlawfully did set np, keep and maintain a certain lottery, to wit, a littlego, to the great damage and common nuisance of all the liege subjects of our paid Lady the Queen there inhabiting and residing, and to the evil example of all others in the like case offending, and against the form of the statutes in such case made and provided, and against the peace of our said Lady the Queen, her crown and dignity.
109 ページ - In the event of any such trader as aforesaid being adjudged a bankrupt, or taking the benefit of any Act for the relief of insolvent debtors...
xix ページ - First, those which are truly and properly his own suits, and filed ex officia by his own immediate officer, the attorney general : secondly, those in which, though the King is the nominal prosecutor, yet it is at the relation of some private person or common informer; and they are filed by the King's coroner and attorney in the court of King's bench, usually called the master of the Crown office, who is for this purpose the standing officer of the public.
156 ページ - ... in any particular or particulars in the judgment of such court or judge not material to the merits of the case, and by which the opposite party cannot have been prejudiced in the conduct of his action, prosecution, or defence, to be forthwith amended...
58 ページ - Whereupon the said Attorney-General of our said Lord the King, who for our said Lord the King in this behalf prosecuteth for our said Lord the King, prayeth the consideration of the Court here in the premises, and that due process of law may be awarded against him the said Thomas Paine in this behalf, to make him answer to our said Lord the King touching and concerning the premises aforesaid.
187 ページ - ... and to bring him into public scandal, infamy, and disgrace, and to cause it to be suspected and believed that he...