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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For JANUARY, 1753:

To be Continued. (Price Six. Pence each Monin.)
Containing, (Greater Variery, and more in Quamily, iban ary Monthly Book of the same Price.)
I. A remarkable Latin SPEECH of Q. ELI XVI. Modesty and Assurance, a Fable.
ZABET#, with an English Translation. XVII, Address of the Merchants, Traders
II. The Life of Sir Francis Bacon.

and Citizens of Dublin.
NI. The Life of Archbishop Tillotson. XVIII. Solution of a Mathematical Question
IV. A Description of WESTMORELAND. objected to.
V. Copy of the Prussian Memorial.

XIX. A Remark on Mr. Freke's Treatise.
VI. The Life and Character of the famous XX. Observations on Oaths, and the horrid
Christina, Queen of Sweden.

Crime of Perjury. VII. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli. XXI. The Countryman's Complaint against tical CLUB, &c. continued : Containing the Game Laws. the SPŁECRES of Servilias Prifcus, Pom XXII. Alterations in the List of Parliaponius Atticus, and Quintus Mucius, in the DEBATE on the Subsidy Treaty with XXIII. Account of Sir Hans Sloane, Bart, the King of Poland, Elector of Saxony. XXIV: POETRY: The Spectres ; Ode for VIII. Observations on the Time for keep New. Year's Day'; a Pastoral Dialogue ; ing Christmas.

lanthe and Iphis, a Song new set to MuIX. Two Letters of the famous Madam de lick; Epitaph. &c. Maintenon.

XXV.' The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : X. Account of a new Paper, called The Sellions at the Old Bailey ; remarkable WORLD

Accidents ; General Court of the S. S.
XI. Affecting Story of Conftantia.

Company ; Dublin Yearly Bill of Morta-
XII. Substance of his Majesty's Speech. lity, &c. &c. &c.
XIII. The Lords Address, with the ng's XXVI. Promotions; arriages and Births ;

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
XIV, The Commons Address, with the XXVII. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
King's Answer.

XXVIII. Monthly Bill of Mortality.
XV, Curious Observations on Gold and XXIX. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.
Silver Lace.

XXX. Catalogue of Books.
With a new and correct Mar of WESTMORELAND, and the Heads of Sir FRANCIS
BACON and Archbishop TILLOTSON, both beautifully engraved by eminent Hands.

LONDON : Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Role in Pater-Nolier-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat sees from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any single Month to compleat Sets.

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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.
A Manzabern in tantin perechtice nu in

and lecturer of St. Lawrence Jewry
Elizabeth in answer to the Polish

ambassador's, with an English translatie

made dean of Canterbury ibid.
on, and proper remarks

3, 4

the affair between him and lord

Copy of the memorial presented by the Ruffel

ibid. 6, & 33

Pruisian minister, concerning the Silefia

made dean of St. Paul's, and


-6 archbishop of Canterbury


Obfervations on the time for keeping Objections to a folution of a matlemati

his death and private charities 34


Some account of the late Sir Hans Sloane, cal question


ibid. A remark on Mr. Freke's Treatise on the

A description of Westmoreland 7, 8 Nature and Property of Fire ibid. D

The JOURNAL of a learned and political Observations on gold and silve lace 35

CLUB, &c. continued


The several sorts of Glver ore ibid. E, and

DIBATI on a new subsidy treaty with the


king of Poland, elector of Saxony Observations on oaths and the horrid

ibid. crime of perjury

Sprick of Servilius Priscus in favour of POLTRY. lanthe and Iphis, a song new

the treaty


· ret to mufick


SPEECH of Pomponius Atticus against the A new country dance


treaty, but in favour of the motion for Translation of a poem in the Musa Anglia

a subsidy

cane, intitled, Danur Spesira, by Mr.

Dispute between the electors and the Hackett
princes of the empire upon the question, A pastoral dialogue


who shall judge of the necessity of elect Ode for new year's day, by Colley Cib.

ing a king of the Romans 13, 14 ber, Erq;


SPERCR of Quintus Mucius in favour of Hey for the forcerer !


the treaty

15 Epitaph on Mrs. Colquhoun of Luís ibid.

Danger of the empire's being without a The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER


16 Account of an engagement between the

Lite and character. of Christina, queen of Twigtwees and French Indians in Anie.




A letter of Madam de Maintenon to her Address of the merchants, traders and


citizens of Dublin


Another letter of hers, giving an account Dublin yearly bill of mortality 42

of the last sickncís and death of Lewis Opening of the present ft fion of parlia.



The life of Sir Francis Bacon

23-26 Remarkable accidents


Account of a new paper, called The Oath of the scavengers, questmen, &c.



dispensed with


Modcity and Assurance, a fable 27 Sellions at the Old Bailey


Substance of his majesty's speech at the Westminster election begun and finished

opening of the sellion

42, 43

The lords address, with the king's answer General court of the S, S. company 43

Marriages and births


The commons address, with his majesty's Deaths, particularly of Sir Hans Sloane


43, 44

Affecting story of Conftantia ibid. F. &c. Ecclefiaftical preferments


The countryman's complaint against the Promotions.civil and military


game laivs

31 Alterations in the list of parliament ibid.

The life of Dr. John Tillotson, archbishop Persons declared bankrupts


of Canterbury

31–34 Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, wea.

bred up amongst the disenters, ther


but conforms to the church at the re Monthly bill of mortality






chosen preacher at Lincoln's Inn, A catalogue of books

The Prepejal for making an effectual Provifon for obe Poor : By Henry Fielding F19; Shail
te con ridered in cur next. --Our Poetical and ciber' Correspondents are defired to fend their Preces
** early in the Monib a: paffible, in order to ibeir being injersed in Time.

19 January was Publipood,
N APPENDIX to the LONDON MAGAZINE for 1752, with

a Beautiful FRONTISPIECE, a General TITI E curiously engraved,

Conpleat INDEXES, and several other Things, necessary to be bound up with the


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Up Occafion of tbe prefere Dispute with

quam eleftionis, atque etiam revièr eletus,

non tam berè percipiat quid inter regres contemi!, Prusia, the following Anecdote from the Hifiory of Qucen ELIZABETH mufi, we

quam majeres fui nobiscum obforvarunt, & alii birk, be agrecable to o:4 Readers.

fortafle drinceps obfervabunt. Quid od re ate

tinet, videris mulros libros perlegille, libros URING the war tamen principum non arrigifle, neque intelligere carried on by that quid inter roges convenit. Cum vero jus netwise and glori- A ture, & gentium commcmoras ; bou irito alle ous queen against" jus natura & gentium, ut cum bellum inter

Spain, several of

reges intercedai, liceat alteri alterius vndique the Swedish and allata præfidia intercipere, e re in damitni Dantzick ships had fuum convertantur, prævida e : Hoc feito ok been seized by our

jus naturæ & gentium ; ubi itidem domim Tips of war, on Auftriæ narras (quam 1.119 ranti fusis) non

account of their te lateat ex cadian domo non defuide qui regbeing loaded with contraband goods for num Polonize regi tun interripere voluiflent. Spain, and probably some exceffes had B De reliquis, quæ cum ciulta funt & firgularım then likewise been committed, as there deliberanda, non funt bujus loci ac sem pris, always are upon such occasions.

accipies quod a quibusdam confiliariis bwis ori Upon this Sigismund, King of Poland desigtalis deliberandum fuerit. Interim vikas and Sweden, fent Paulus de Jaline, his Squirfeas. amballador, to queen Elizabeth, to demand fatisfaction, which at his first au

This answer runs in English thus: dience he began to do in Latin, the only How much am I deceived ! I expected language then used upon fich occasions ; C an envoy, but thou hast brought me but he did it in such a higli tone and challenge. By thy credential letters, I haughty manner, that the queen cut him took thee to be an ambassador, but I find thort with the following extempore an. thou art a herald. In all my life I never fwer in Latin.

heard such a speech. I am surprited, I Heu quam decepta fui! Expeftavi nun am really amazed at so great and so uncium : fi verò querelam mibi adduxili ; per usual impudence in publick ; nor do I kteras te accepi efle legatum, ir verd beraldim think that thy master, had he been here isveris. Nunquam in vila ialem orationem. coditi. Miror, fanè miror, tantam et lumina

himself, would have made use of any such D

language. But, if there be any such iptaliram is publico eudaciam; neque puro, di thing in his instructions to thee, as lie is rix tuus adeler, talia verba protuliffet: Sini a young king, not by hereditary right, aliquid tale tibi in mandatis commifit (qued but by cieliion, and even but lately cleatquidem valdè dubito) tribuendum, quòd cùm ed, I must impute it to his being unacia jis juvenis, non iom jupe jantamis quained with that language which is January, 1:53


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4 A remarkable SPEECH of Queen ELIZABETH. Jan. proper among sovereigns, and which his

legation of his majesty the king of Prur. ancestors have always observed towards fia, is obliged to remind your excellency us, and his fucceffors from henceforth of the pressing follicitations employed by probably will. As to what relates to himself and predecessor, at several times, thyself, thou seemeft to have read many for obtaining from the equity, and thro' books, but never to have looked into the the justice of the ministry of this court, book of princes, nor to understand what the fatisfaction which the Pruffian meris decent among sovereigns. But since A chants have demanded, of being indemthou talkest of the law of nature and nified for the violences and depredations nations, know, that when war brcaketh they have sustained from some of the out between two kings, they are, each English privateers, during the last war. of them, warranted by the law of na Your excellency will remember, that * ture and nations, to intercept all supplies these merchants had some their Tips brought to the other, let them come from taken from them, fome their effects forced whence they will, and to take care that 140 away, others had them detained ; and such supplies may be made use of against altho' it was evidently made appear, that themselves. Know this to be the law of


none of them dealt in contraband trade, nature and of nations. Where again thou they have not hitherto been able to obfalkest of the house of Austria, which tain any redress, neither from the English thou now buildeft so much, on, thou art tribunals to whom they applied, nor from not ignorant, that there was not wanting the government, before which they laid of that house, one wlio designed to in their complaints : And that, by a fingutercept from thy king the kingdom of Jariy strange contradiction, when even Poland *. As to the rest, being nume those tribunals found no specious pretext rous and such as must be particularly ( for confiscating their ships and effects, considered, they are not proper for this and consequen:ly discovered the injustice time or place : The resolutions of the of the prize, they nevertheless did not commissioners appointed for this purpose fail to condemn the proprietors in colls, Thall be communicated to thee. In the to the behoof of the privateers, and lemean time fare thee well, and be quiet. viable upon the capture. Thus did that great princess answer a

The laws of equity ought incontestably powerful king, who only talked in a

to be the same for all nations ; and an manner which the thcught infolent; and D

Englithman ought to expect the finding a it is remarkable, that this fpirited answer

sanctuary at Berlin, in the justice of its was made by her when she was old ; when

tribunals, against the violence of their the was involved in a war with Spain,

subjects, the same as a Prussian ought to then the most potent monarchy in Eu

find it at London, against any illegal prorope ; when she had been deserted by

codure of theirs. le is upon this princiher ally, Henry IV. of France, who had

ple, that good faith and mutual commade a separate peace with Spain ; and

merce fand established between nation when there was a dangerous rebellion in

and nation : It is also upon this very Ireland, headed by the famous Ter-Owen, e principle, that the mercliants of Europe and supported by Spain.

irathick with their neighbours,' and that And Speed, who gives us this anecdote,

the Englith nation carries on ro advantells us, that having ended her oration,

tageous a commerce. All countries look the lion-like rising, daunted the malapert

on these ties of equity as facred and inorator no less with her stately port and

violable, and they respect them at home, majestick departure, than with the tart.

that they may receive the benefit of them ness of her princely checks : And turning

abroad, whenever the necessity comes to

exist of their having recourse to them. to the train of her attendants, said, F « God's death, my lords, I have been

His majesty believed, that, with a na. forced this day to scour up my old Latin

tion fo full of noble sentiments, so genethat hath long lain rusty."

rous as the English, it would be no diffi

culty to obtain for his subjects the fatifIn our Magazine for last year. p. 603, we faction that was due to them; and your

gave tbe Subfiance of what ibe King of excellency will remember, that, in cale Pruilia calls an Expofition of bis Mo.

of a refuial, the intimation was not omit. tives for detaining Part of the Silesia

ted, that his majesty, the king of PrusLcar, by way of Com persation for the Da G lia, would find himself obliged (tho' with mage done to his Subjects in tbe laft War ty

regret) 10 seize the capital funds for our Privatcers. And now we stall give a

which the dutchy of Siicna stood mort. Copy of the Memorial presented by bis Mini

gaged to the English, especially as his Ber borc upon that Subject, as follows, viz,

majesly had no other mcans of indemniI T is by order of the king his master, fying his subjects. that the undersigned fecretary to the

The The arcbduke Maximilian of Auftria, ércibe to the cooperar Pobodi'y b II. bad dijurce ibe crown wirb Sigismund,

MEMORIAL of the Prussian MINISTER.

5 The intentions of the king my master jeets, upon that of each merchant sepa. are pure: His majesty was determined to rately; 'whence it results, that of 239,850 fulfii, with all integrity, the engagements crowns, which those merchants reckoned he has contracted with the English na due to them, the commission has adjudged tion, and acquit the debts incumbent on to them no more than 159,486 crowns, him ; but he is determined at the same 20 gr. principal, and 33,283 crowns intime to make good to his fubje&ts the tereft, at the rate of 6 per cent. prote&tion which he owes them.

A Tho' his majesty has all the reason to That his majesty might precipitate no be persuaded, that the said commission thing in an affair of this nature, and in has proceeded according to the forms of order to afford the English government the most impartial justice, his majesty time enough for reflection, his majesty has, nevertheless, ordered the under. continued discharging the Silesia loan un signer to declare, in the present memotil payment of the last term; but when rial, that his majesty is disposed to have his majefty faw that neither the equity of any contested facts examined afresh by his demands, that neither time, reasons, the said commission, if any officers, or for repeated importunities, produced any B English privateers, who shall believe effect, in favour of the Prussian mer themselves wronged thereby, think prochants, the king thought himfelf obliged per to interfere therein, and to get the to have recourse to the last meahire that judgment altered, in case the allegations remained in his power, that of deducting of the party, so complaining, mould be from the money due to the English the found valid. sum which his subjects demanded for The king fixes, for the exhibition of their indemnification.

these allegations, the term of three The same law that obliges us to the fair C months, reckoning from the day of this dealing of paying our debts, authorizes us declaration, As the list of the several to exact the same measure of justice from captures annexed to this memorial conour debtors. What a fingularly strange tains the names of those who made them, sort of law would that be, that should his majesty refers it to the good pleasure regulate all in favour of one side, and no of the British government, in what manthing in favour of the other? In this af ner it (all be proper to inform the parties fair, however, the point in agitation is of the judgment pronounced, that they

may enter their complaint against it acto , is forcibly with-held from them. If it is but just to term lapses without any one's interpofing pay one's debts, it is yet more fo to repair in his own vindication, his majesty will the damages one has occafioned by one's abide by the decree of his council, and own fault, and with premeditated design. in pursuance thereof, will order the de

After reasons so strong, after having, duction of the sum adjudged to his sub. in vain, demanded reparation from those jects, including the interest thereon at who alone could make it, is there any 6 per cent. until the soth of July of the colour whatever for pretending, that the E current year ; which faid deduction, so king mould give up his own fubjects ? ordered from the money due to the English, And could he do it, even if he would ? amounts to 194,725 Brandenburg crowns, He owes the last term to the English ; he 4 gr. ind 5 deniers, and is to be applied ftops it, and, after having acquainted the to the indemnification of the Prussian British government upon all occasions, of merchants. His majesty at the same time the measures his majesty could not but declares, that he is ready to order a reindispensably take, be appointed a com mittance to be made to the commissioners miffion to judge, with impartiality, and F of the Silesia loan, of the regidue of what with a rigid exactness, the pretensions of is owing upon that claim, both on acthe Pruffian merchants. At the head of count of the capital, and of the intereft this commilion, too his majeły placed a growing thereon, at the rate of 7 per Inan, whom to name, fuffices to sanctify cent, to the tenth of July of this present the whole procedure. The then high

year. Always provided, that the said chancellor (Cocceii) three ministers of commissioners shall produce an authentick ftate, and several counsellors of justice,' release for the said principal and interest. have examined the claims of the mer. In case that, against all expectation, chants, and liquidated their junt amount. they Mall in England refuse to come into

This commiffion having terminated this G this ro equitable a regulation, I am to affair, the onder-ligner has the honour to declare to your excellency, that the king present, enclosed herewith, to your ex will order the said sum to be judicially decellency, copies of the decrees given upon livered to his chamber of justice in Berlin, the different ciaims of the Prusian fub. there to remain in deposite, till it inali


not even what is owing from the Foreiling D cording to law. It, nevertheless, the said

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