The Parliamentary Debates

Reuter's Telegram Company, 1893

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831 ページ - House for the purpose of discussing a definite matter of urgent public importance and state the matter.
449 ページ - Provided that no railway company shall make, nor shall the court, or the Commissioners, sanction any difference in the tolls, rates, or charges made for, or any difference in the treatment of, home and foreign merchandise, in respect of the same or similar services.
283 ページ - That in the opinion of this House it is necessary that the Established Church of Ireland should cease to exist as an establishment, due regard being had to all personal interests and to all individual rights of property.
637 ページ - ... that the true standard of value consisted in a definite quantity of gold bullion. Every sound writer on the subject came to the same conclusion — that a certain weight of gold bullion, with an impression on it denoting it to be of that certain weight and of a certain fineness, constituted the only true, intelligible, and adequate standard of value, and to that standard the country must return, or the difficulties of our situation would be aggravated as we proceeded.
133 ページ - ... as fully to all intents and purposes as if this act had not been passed, anything herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding.
619 ページ - One thousand millions probably would be an extremely low and inadequate estimate. Two thousand millions or something even more than that is very likely to be nearer the mark. I think under these circumstances it is rather a serious matter to ask this country to consider whether we are going to perform this supreme act of self-sacrifice. I have a profound admiration for cosmopolitan principles.
619 ページ - We have nothing to pay them; we are not debtors at all ; we should get no comfort, no consolation, out of the substitution of an inferior material, of a cheaper money, which we could obtain for less and part with for more. We should get no consolation, but the consolation throughout the world would be great.
233 ページ - Motion made, and Question proposed — " That leave be given to bring in a Bill to prevent, for a limited time, the creation of new interests in Church of England bishoprics, dignities, and benefices in Wales and Monmouthshire.
619 ページ - I suppose there is not a year which passes over our heads which does. not largely add to the mass of British investments abroad. I am almost afraid to estimate the total amount of...
527 ページ - ... thousands of persons taken upon a particular question of legislation, but that you should have men selected from those thousands having the confidence of the majority of the thousands, and that they should meet and should discuss questions for legislation, and should decide what measures should be enacted ; and therefore in this particular question I should object altogether to disposing of the interest of a great many men, and of a great many families, and of a great amount of property — I...