Late Laurels, 第 1〜2 巻

Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, 1864

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11 ページ - It was the English,' Kaspar cried, 'Who put the French to rout; But what they fought each other for I could not well make out.
53 ページ - Nay I have done, you get no more of me; And I am glad, yea glad with all my heart, That thus so cleanly I myself can free; Shake hands for ever, cancel all our vows, And when we meet at any time again, Be it not seen in either of our brows That we one jot of former love retain. Now at the last gasp of love's latest breath, When his pulse failing, passion speechless lies, When faith is kneeling by his bed of death, And innocence is closing up his eyes, — Now if thou would'st, when all have given...
295 ページ - ... Tis well to be merry and wise, 'Tis well to be honest and true; 'Tis well to be off with the old love, Before you are on with the new.
127 ページ - Tis but an hour ago since it was nine, And after one hour more 'twill be eleven. And so from hour to hour we ripe and ripe, And then from hour to hour we rot and rot; And thereby hangs a tale.
37 ページ - The dropping of the daylight in the West, The bough of cherries some officious fool Broke in the orchard for her, the white mule She rode with round the terrace — all and each Would draw from her alike the approving speech...
237 ページ - SHUT OUT. THE door was shut. I looked between Its iron bars ; and saw it lie, My garden, mine, beneath the sky, Pied with all flowers bedewed and green : From bough to bough the song-birds crossed, From flower to flower the moths and bees ; With all its nests and stately trees It had been mine, and it was lost. A shadowless spirit kept the gate, Blank and unchanging like the grave. I peering through said : " Let me have Some buds to cheer my outcast state.
37 ページ - Just this Or that in you disgusts me; here you miss, Or there exceed the mark...
296 ページ - I strove against the stream and all in vain : Let the great river take me to the main : No more, dear love, for at a touch I yield; Ask me no more.
1 ページ - And one, an English home— gray twilight pour'd On dewy pastures, dewy trees, Softer than sleep — all things in order stored, A haunt of ancient Peace.
65 ページ - quand on n'a pas ce qu'on aime, il faut aimer ce qu'on a...