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39 ページ - A Candidate who shall produce satisfactory evidence of having passed an Examination for a Degree in Medicine...
267 ページ - Non ego laudari curo, mea Delia : tecum Dum modo sim, quaeso segnis inersque vocer. Te spectem, suprema mihi cum venerit hora, Te teneam moriens deficiente manu ! 60 Flebis et arsuro positum me, Delia, lecto, Tristibus et lacrimis oscula mixta dabis.
37 ページ - Of having been engaged during a period of not less than three years in acquiring a practical familiarity with the details of Mechanical Dentistry, under the instruction of a competent Practitioner.
28 ページ - Fund is under the direction of the Royal College of Physicians of London and the Royal College of Surgeons of England and is governed by representatives of many medical and scientific institutions.
lxii ページ - The deed of settlement shall, before the execution thereof, be submitted to and approved by the lords of our council, and a certificate of their approval thereof, signed by the clerk of our council, shall be endorsed on...
272 ページ - As soon as the sun arose, all their boats were manned and armed. They rowed towards the island with their colors displayed, with warlike music, and other martial pomp. As they approached the coast, they saw it covered with a multitude of people, whom the novelty of the spectacle had drawn together, whose attitudes and gestures expressed wonder and astonishment at the...
37 ページ - Of having been engaged during four years in the acquirement of professional knowledge, subsequently to the date of registration as a Dental Student 6. Of having attended at a recognised Dental Hospital and School : (a) A course of Dental Anatomy and Physiology. (b) A separate course of Dental Histology, including the preparation of Microscopical Sections.
272 ページ - ... and gestures expressed wonder and astonishment at the strange objects which presented themselves to their view. Columbus was the first European who set foot in the New World, which he had discovered. He landed in a rich dress, and with a naked sword in his hand. His men followed, and kneeling down, they all kissed the ground which they had long desired to see. They next erected a crucifix, and, prostrating themselves before it, returned thanks to God for conducting their voyage to such a happy...
71 ページ - Candidates may present themselves for Parts I. and II. separately or at the same time, provided that no candidate be admitted to Part II. unless hn has already passed in Part I.
li ページ - VICTORIA, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith; to all to whom these presents shall come greeting...