Outlines of Physical Geography

J.H. Colton, 1856 - 225 ページ


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23 ページ - Hudson, the Green Mountains of Vermont, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
17 ページ - ... invisible. These animals are of a great variety of shapes and sizes, and in such prodigious numbers, that, in a short time, the whole surface of the rock appears to be alive and in motion. The most common...
17 ページ - The growth of coral appears to cease when the worm is no longer exposed to the washing of the sea. Thus, a reef rises in the form of a cauliflower, till its top has gained the level of the highest tides, above which the worm has no power to advance, and the reef of course no longer extends itself upwards. The...
99 ページ - Observatory, concerning the winds and currents of the ocean, directed me to look for open water. Nor was the open water the only indication that presented itself in confirmation of this theoretical conjecture as to a milder climate in that direction.
17 ページ - ... and from four to five inches long, and two or three round. When the rock was broken from a spot near the level of high water, it was found to be a hard solid stone; but if any part of it were detached at a level to which the tide reached every day, it was discovered to be full of worms of all different lengths and...
16 ページ - The examination of a coral reef during the different stages of one tide is particularly interesting. When the tide has left it for some time it becomes dry, and appears to be a compact rock, exceedingly hard and ragged ; but...
59 ページ - The area over which this upraising took place was estimated at one hundred thousand square miles : the rise upon the coast was from two to four feet ; at the distance of a mile inland, it was...
59 ページ - A great wave swept over the coast of Spain, and is said to have been sixty feet high at Cadiz. At Tangier, in Africa, it rose and fell eighteen times on the coast ; at Funchal, in Madeira, it rose full fifteen feet perpendicular above high-water mark, although the tide, which ebbs and flows there seven feet, was then at half ebb.
60 ページ - In Holland the stork is protected by law, because it eats the frogs and worms that would injure the dikes. 10. It is one of the most marvelous facts in the natural world that, though hydrogen is highly inflammable, and oxygen is a supporter of combustion, both, combined, form an element, water, which is destructive to fire.
134 ページ - ... of the northern trade wind. Now, in passing from the Canaries to Cumana, on the north coast of South America, it is scarcely ever necessary to touch the sails of a ship ; and with equal facility the passage is made across the Pacific, from Acapulco, on the west coast of Mexico, to the Philippine Islands.