The court companion, containing the arms of the peers, peeresses, and bishops of the United Kingdom. Also, a peerage directory



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54 ページ - Viscounts' eldest sons. Earls' younger sons. Barons' eldest sons. Knights of the Garter. Privy Councillors. Chancellor of the Exchequer. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench.
54 ページ - Scotlaud shall be Peers of Great Britain, and have rank next after the Peers of the like degree in England, at the time of the Union, which commenced the 1st of May, 1707, and before all Peers of Great Britain of the same degree, created after the Union.
38 ページ - They had, anciently, for the support of their state, the third penny out of the sheriff's court, issuing out of the pleas of the shire whereof they had their title, as in ancient times there were no counts or earls but had a county or shire for his earldom.
54 ページ - Peerages of Ireland and of the united kingdom, created after the Union, shall have rank according to creation ; and all Peerages of Great Britain and Ireland shall in all other respects...
57 ページ - Esquires to the Knights of the Bath, Wives of Esquires by Creation. Wives of Esquires by Office. Wives of the younger Sons of Knights of the Garter. Wives of the younger Sous of Bannerets.
38 ページ - England alone, as some were taken from the kingdom of France, as Albemarle and Tankerville. Upon the increase of Earls, their revenue ceased, and their...
56 ページ - QUEEN. Princess of Wales. Princesses, Daughters of the King. Princesses and Duchesses, Wives of the King's Sons. Wives of the King's Brothers.
46 ページ - To consist of the Sovereign, a grand master, a prince of the blood royal, and thirteen knights, making in the whole sixteen, and seven officers. — The lord lieutenant for the time being is the grand master. The star is...
53 ページ - Dukes' eldest Sons. Earls, according to their Patents. Marquesses' eldest Sons. Dukes' younger Sons. Viscounts, according to their Patents. Earls
55 ページ - Viscounts' younger Sons. Barons' younger Sons. Baronets. Bannerets not made by the King himself. Knights Grand Crosses of the Bath. Knights Commanders of the Bath. Knights Bachelors. Eldest Sons of the younger Sons of Peers. Baronets