Alkaya: The Legend of Empyro

Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2011 - 108 ページ
As the prologue unfolds you are enveloped in the fantastical world of Alkaya, filled with mythical creatures, where the perfect society is destroyed by the great dragon and his ultimate agent of chaos Harkane. With the creation of the Empyros by the Alkayans, four warriors force back Harkane and his Repticon forces, ultimately imprisoning the dark plague. The shattered civilization has been corrupted and struggles to regain their utopia. Abandoned by the creators the Alkayans seal the Empyros away only to become a forgotten Legend. Thousand of years have passed, the seal has weakened on the prison. Harkane is coming... A secret team is being assembled by the High council of Alkaya to recover the lost Empyros. Jaypar Prakkari the mysterious Night Elf Rogue, Bantam Pemburu the Repticon hunter. Kolobar Avlossa the Alkayan Fire shaman, and Ferrick Vatten the whale man warrior are recruited by the high elf holy Paladin Sabia Massue. In this first installment of a seven part series we follow our four main characters on an epic journey spanning the four corners of Alkaya revealing the legend of Empyro.

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