LVIII.: Catalogue de livres


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81 ページ - Recherches sur les formes grammaticales de la langue française et de ses dialectes au XIII...
106 ページ - Testament!,' with 90 wood-cuts beautifully engraved. Crown 8vo. half bound morocco, 1(. Is. A few copies printed entirely on India paper, 2J. 2s. THE DANCE OF DEATH, exhibited in fifty-five elegant Engravings on Wood, with a Dissertation on the several Representations of that Subject; more particularly on those attributed to MACABER and HOLBEIN, by FRANCIS DOUCE, FSA 8vo.
215 ページ - A Parallel in the manner of Plutarch, between a most celebrated man of Florence, and one, scarce ever heard of, in England...
47 ページ - A Descriptive catalogue of the books printed in the fifteenth century, lately forming part of the library of the Duke di Cassano Serra, and now the property of George John Earl Spencer...
174 ページ - Primavera y Flor de Romances, ó, colección de los mas viejos y mas populares romances castellanos, publicada con una introducción y notas por . 2 vols.
59 ページ - The Civil and Literary Chronology of Greece, from the earliest Accounts to the death of Augustus.
211 ページ - Six Old Plays, on which Shakspeare founded his Measure for Measure. Comedy of Errors. Taming of the Shrew. King John.
164 ページ - Hypnerotomachie ou Discours du Songe de Poliphile, déduisant comme Amour le combat à l'occasion de Polia.
37 ページ - I love the memory of Vinny Bourne. I think him a better Latin poet than Tibullus, Propertius, Ausonius, or any of the writers in his way, except Ovid, and not at all inferior to him.
224 ページ - Apothegmns que son dichos graciosos y notables de muchos reyes y principes illustres, y de algunos philosophos insignes y memorables y de otros varones antiguos que bien hablaron para nuestra doctrina y exemplo...