For this he strips-nor bolt, nor chain,
Cou'd Damon's warın pursuit reítrain.

See him o'er hill, morass, or mound,
Where'er the speckled game is found,
Tho' bent with age, with zeal pursue ;
And totter tow'rds the


in view.
Nor rock, nor stream, his steps recard,
Intent upon the blest reward !
One vasal Ay repays the chace !
A wing, a film, rewards the race !
Rewards him, tho' disease attend,
And in a fatal surfeit, end.
So fierce Camilla Ikim'd the plain,
Smit with the purple's pleasing stain,
She ey'd intent the glittring stranger,
And knew alas! nor fear, nor danger:
'Till deep within her panting heart,
Malicious fate impelld the dart !

How studious he what fay’rite food
Regales dame nature's tiny brood !
What junkets fat the filmy people !
And what liqueurs they chuse to tipple !

Behold him, at some crise, prescribe,
And raise with drugs the sick’ning tribe !
Or haply, when their spirits fau'ter,
Sprinkling my Lord of Cloyne's tar-water.

When nature's brood of insects dies, See how he pimps for am’rous fies!


T 4

See him the timely succour lend her,
And help the wantons to engender!

Or see him guard their pregnant hour ;
Exert his soft obstetric pow'r :
And, lending each his lenient hand,
With new-born grubs enrich the land !

* O Wilks! what poet's loftiest lays
Can match thy labours, and thy praise ?
Inmortal fage! by fate decreed
To guard the moth's illustrious breed !
'Till Aute’ring swarms on swarms arise,
And all our wardrobes teen with flies!

And must we praise this taste for toys ?
Admire it then in girls and boys.
Ye youths of fifteen years, or more,
Resign your moths—the season's o'er.
'Tis time more social joys to prove;
'Twere now your nobler talk-to love.
Let ****'s eyes more deeply warm ;
Nor, Nighting nature's fairest form,
The biass of


souls determine
Tow'rds the mean love of nature's vermin.

But ah! how wond'rous few have known,
To give each stage of life its own.

'Tis the pretexta's utmost bound,
With radiant purple edg’d around,
To please the child; whose glowing dyes
Too long delight maturer eyes :

And • Alluding to Mr. Wilks's very expensive proposals. -Mothes its Buterflies delmented by tienjanıni Wilks"

And few, but with regret, assume
The plain-wrought labours of the loom.
Ah! let not me by fancy steer,
When life's autumnal clouds appear;
Nor ev'n in learning's long delays
Consume my faireft, fruitless days :
Like him, who should in armour spend
The sums that armour should defend.

Awhile, in pleasure's myrtle bow'r,
We share her smiles, and bless her pow'r:
But find at last, we vainly strive
To fix the worst coquette alive.

! that with affiduous flame
Have long pursu'd the faithless dame
Forsake her soft abodes awhile,
And dare her frown, and Night her smile .
Nor scorn, whatever wits may say,
The foot-path road, the king's high-way.
No more the scrup'lous charmer teize,
But seek the roofs of honest ease;
The rival fair, no more pursu'd,
Shall there with forward pace intrude ; '
Shall there her ev'ry are essay,
To win you to her slighted sway ;
And grant your scorn a glance more fair
Than e'er she gave your fondest pray'r.

But would you happiness pursue ?
Partake both ease, and pleasure too?


Would you, thro' all your days, dispense
The joys of reason, and of sense?
Or give to life the most you can,
Let social virtue shape the plan.
For does not to the virtuous deed
A train of pleasing sweets succeed ?
Or, like the sweets of wild desire,
Did social pleasures ever tire ?

Yet midst the groupe be some preferr’d,
Be some abhorr'd-for Damon err'd:
And such there are-of fair address
As 'twere unsocial to caress.
O learn by reason's equal rule
To fhun the praise of knave, or fool!
Then, tho' you deem it better still
To gain some rustic 'squire's good will
And souls, however mean or vile,
Like features, brighten by a smile;
Yet reason holds it for a crime,
The trivial breast shou'd share thy time :
And virtue, with reluctant eyes,
Beholds this human facrifice !

Thro' deep reserve, and air erect,
Mistaken Damon won respect;
But cou'd the specious homage pass,
With any creature, but an ass?
If conscious, they who fear'd the skin,
Wou'd scorn the sluggish brute within.



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What awe-struck saves the tow'rs enclose,
Where Persian monarchs eat, and doze?:
What prostrate rev’rence all agree,
To pay a prince they never see!
Mere vassals of a royal throne !
The fophi's virtues must be shewn,
To make the reverence his own.

As for THALIA—wouldst thou make her
Thy bride without a portion ?-take her.
She will with duteous care attend,
And all thy pensive hours befriend ;
Will swell thy joys, will share thy pain;
With thee rejoice, with thee complain ;
Will smooth thy pillow,'pleat thy bow’rs ;
And bind thine aching head with Aow'rs.
But be this previous maxim known,
If thou canst feed on love alone :
If blest with her, thou canst sustain
Contempt, and poverty, and pain :
If fomthen rifle all her graces-
And fruitful be your fond embraces.

Too soon, by caitiff-spleen inspird,
Sage Damon to his groves retir'd :
The path disclaim’d by sober reason ;
Retirement claims a later season ;
Ere active youth and warm desires
Have quite withdrawn their ling’ring fires.
With the warm bofom, ill agree,
Or limpid stream, or shady tree.


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