Itill red with the blood of the hus- that the troops of his moft Chrifband and father, that he has spilt, tian majesty, and those of the to the same indeed of those who French East-India company, shall gave them up to him ; but not less be deemed prisoners of war to his to the shame of the commander of Britannick majesty upon the terms the English army, who should not of that cartel ; but requires that have allowed such a piece of tliey surrender themselves prisoners "barbarity to be committed in his of war, to be used as he shall think camp.

consistent with the interests of the As I am tied up by the cartel in king his master. And colonel the declaration which I make to Coote will shew all such indulMr. Coote, I consent that the gen- gences as are agreeable to humatlemen of the council of Pondicher. nity. ry, may make their own represen Colonel Coote will send the gretations to him, with regard to what nadiers of his regiment, between may more immediately concern the hours of eight and nine o'clock their own private intereits, as well to-morrow' morning, to take posas the interest of the inhabitants of session of the Villenour gate; and the colony.

the next morning, between the Done at Fort Louis of Pondi- fame hours, he will also take pof

cherry, the 15th of January, fesion of the gate of Fort St. Louis. 1761.

The mother and sisters of Raza Signed, LALLY. Saib shall be escorted to Madras,

where proper care shall be taken To colonel Coote, commander in for their safety; and they shall not,

chief of his Britannick majelty's on any account, be delivered into forces before Pondicherry. the hands of nabob Mahomud Ally

Cawn. A true copy. Franc. Rowland, Sec.

Given at the head quarters at Colonel Coote's answer to Mr. Lally's the camp before Pondicherry, proposals.

this 15th of January, 1761. HE particulars of the capture

Signed, Eyre Coote. of Chandernagore having been long since transmitted to his Bri Articles proposed to colonel Cocte by tannick majefty, by the officer to the chirj of the Jesuits; to which whom that place furrendered, co no answer was returned. lonel Coote cannot take cognizance of what passed on that occasion ; HE superior council of Ponnor can he admit the same as any dicherry authorized by the way relative to the surrender of count' de Laily, lieutenant general Pondicherry.

of the armies of his most Christian The disputes that have arisen majesty, and his commissary in Inconcerning the cartel concluded dia, to treat for the faid town and its between their Britannick and inhabitants, present the following most Christian majesties, being as articles to colonci Coote, commando yet undecided, colonel Coote has er of his Britannick majesty's troops not in his power to admit, on the coatt of Coromandel,

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Article I.

ances as they shall think fit who are Upon the reduction of the place, now charged with them, and in its inhabitants thall not in any wife whole poffeffion they hall, in the be injured, their houses Thall be mean time, remain. preserved, and they shall retain all Art. V. The treatment herein their effects and merchandize, with before ftipulated by the first article, liberty of choice to convey them for the inhabitants of Pondicherry, wherever they shall think proper, Mall be extended to all the memor to continue their dwelling in the bers of the council, company's afaid town, as new subjects of his gents, officers settled in the said Britannick majesty; and they shall town, and all others, who have be treated as the old subjects have been, or now are, in service of the been treated; accordingly, those company; and so in like manner to who have heretofore had possessions the merchants, whether Armenians, or advantages, shall not be deprived or of any other nation, settled hereof them.

tofore in Pondicherry for their Art. II. They shall be maintain- trade. ed in the exercise of the Roman Art. VI. The Creoles, or natives Catholic religion, in the same man- of Mauritius and of Bourbon, aner as has been practised under the mounting in number, to forty-one, French government. The churches including five officers, as well those and the houses of the ecclefiaftics who are in health, as those who and religious persons shall be pre- have been wounded, or are invalids, ferved, together with everything having served as volunteers, and not thereunto belonging whether they being soldiers, should have the libe fituated without or within the berty of returning to their home by town. The missionaries shall have the first good opportunity they may liberty of passing from place to place, find. and shall find, under the English Hag, Art. VII. Safeguards fhall be the same protection as under the granted to prevent disorder. French flag.

Art. VIII. All the foregoing arArt. III. Not only the buildings ticles shall be executed according to and houses, belonging to private good faith. persons, whether laymen, ecclefiaftics, or religious persons, fhall be Francis ROWLAND, Secretary. left in the condition they are,

but also the buildings belonging to the company, as well as the fort, the Translation of the supreme order, warehouses, and the walls of the from the Mogul's Court at Dyhly, town, with all the fortifications, until to Sciddee Ibrahim, of Rajapore, the date of these last, that is to say, received March 19, 1761. every thing of this kind, belonging to the company, shall be decided by A copy of the Supreme order, to be rethe two respective courts.

Specied by the world, under the seal Art. IV. The papers of the re of Safdar Jung Bababoer, visier, gistry and notary office, on which received at Sahajanabad. depend the fortunes of the inhabitants, shall be sent to France with E it with delight 'observed, by out any obstacle, by such convey our subjects of the said place,

A true copy:


and the world in general, that we stones, &c. all which are laid at his have sent our enemies to the lower majetty's feet. regions, by the mortal wounds of Ye shall send copies hereof to all our skilful swords. They were fur- our cities, and publish this joyful rounded at the camp of Singar, and news to the whole world. Praise prevented from being supplied with be to God, the ungrateful enemy is any kinds of provisions or water, cut off from the pleasures of life, as which obliged them at last to kill the stars fall from heaven. and eat their cows, whom they used to worship as the Almighty God, as also to search their dung for the Capitulation for the citadel of Bellegrain they had eaten on. Thus

ifle, made June 7, 1761. unhappily fituated, they resolved to die rather than subject themselves Preliminary Article.

HE chevalier de St. Croix, lakhar, (or January 1761) their whole camp was ordered to be in and commandant of the citidel of readiness to make their laft effort, Belleisle, proposes that the place shall which our officers and army, of zea

furrender on the 12th of June, in lous hearts, received with intrepidi- case no fuccours arrive before that ty, and returned as quick as light-time ; and that, in the mean while, ning, and terrible as thunder. În a no works should be carried on, on moment of time they dispatched either side, nor any act of hostility, them to Johannum, (hell;) this se nor any communication between the parated the head of Villvasraw, (the English besieging, and the French commanding officer) from his body, beleged. and cast it on the earth : Bhavoo or

Refused. Sadobo was first wounded and then

ARTICLE I. trampled to death by his own ele The entire garrison Mall march phant; Mallarlie Holcar was cut through the breach with the honours down; Chingosie and Damasie are of war, drums beating, colours flytaken prisoners, and their inferior ing, lighted matches, and three officers and seapoys were Nain in pieces of cannon, with twelve rounds numbers, impossible herein to ex. each. Each soldier shall have fifteen press.

rounds in his cartouch box. All the Twenty-two thousand of the ene- officers, serjeants, foldiers, and inhamy, male as well as female, have bitants, are to carry off their baz. been made Moors, and distributed gage. The women to go with their the handsomest of the women as hulbands. concubines to our officers, and the Granted. In favour of the galothers as Naves to our army; but lant defence which the citadel has the riches they have taken cannot made, under the orders of the chebe ascertained, the following is only valier de St. Croix. part : fifty thousand horses, four II. Two covered waggons shall hundred thousand head of cattle, be provided, and the effects which one crow and three quarters of rupes, they carry shall be deposited in two eleven thousand camels, five hundred covered boars, which are not to be elephants, besides pearls, precious visited.

[U] 3


The covered waggons are refused; be kept a French guard of equal but care Thail be taken to transport number, until the king's troops shall all the baggage to the continent by march out to embark. Those guards, the shortest way.

shall be ordered to permit no Eng. III. Vessels' shall be furnished for lish soldier to enter, nor no French carrying the French troops by the soldiers to go out. horiest way into the neareit ports of A gate shall be delivered to the France, by the first fair wind. trooj's of his Britannick majesty, the Granted.

moment the capitulation is figned; IV. The French troops that are and an equal number of French to embark, are to be victualled in troops shall occupy the same gate. the same proportion with the troops VII. A veffel Thall be furnished of his Britannick majelly; and the to the commissaries of war, and to fame proportion of tonnage is to be the treasurer, in which they may allowed to the officers and soldiers carry their baggage, with their sewhich the English troops have.

cretaries, clerks, and fervants, withGranted.

out being molested or visited. They V. When the troops shall be em Thall be conducted, as well as the barked, a vesiel is to be furnished other troops, to the nearest


of for the chevalier de St. Croix, bri. France. Granted. gadier in the king's army, to M. de VIII. Meff. de Taille, captain la Ville, the king's lieutenant, to general of the Garde Cofte, lamp M. de la Garique, colonel of foot, major, two lieutenants of canoneer's with brevet of commandant in the of the Garde Coste, and ninety bom. absence of the chevalier de St.Croix, bardiers, cannoneers, serjeants, and and to the field officers, including fusileers, Gardes Coftes of Belleisle, those of the artillery, and engineers; paid by the king, shall have it in as also for the three pieces of can their choice to remain in the island non, as well as for the foldiers of as well as all the other inhabitants, the Cour Royale, to be transported without being molested, either as to Nantz, with their wives, fervants, to their persons or goods. And if and the baggage which they have they have a mind to sell their goods, in the citadel, which is not to be furniture, boats, nets, and, in ge. visited. They are to be victualled neral, any effects which belongs to in the same proportion with the Eng- them, within fix months, and to lith officers of the same rank.

pass over to the continent, they shall Care shall be taken that all those not be hindered; but, on the conwho are mentioned in this article trary, they shall have proper affiftfhall be transported, without loss of ance, and the necessary passports. time, to Nantz, with their baggage They shall remain in the island and effects, as well as the three under the protection of the king of pieces of cannon, granted by the Great Britain, as the other inhabifirit article.

tants, or shall be transported to the VI. After the expiration of the continent, if they please, with the term mentioned in the firit article, garrison.

of the citadel shall be deli IX. M. Sarignon, clerk of the vered up to the troops of his Britan- treasury of the French troops, the nick majefty; at which there thall armourer, the Bourgeois cannoneers,


a gate


the store keepers, and all the work- subsist the French troops to the momen belonging to the engineers, may ment of their departure. remain at Belleifle with their fami They shall be furnished with nealies, or go to the continent with the cessary subsistence till their deparfame privileges as abovementioned. tare, on the same footing with the

Granted to remain in the island, troops of his Britannick majesty. upon the same footing with the XIII. Major Gen. Craufurd, as other inhabitants, or to be tranf- well as all the English officers and ported with the garrison to the con- foldiers, who have been made pritinent, as they shall think


foners since the 8th of April, 1761, X. The Roman Catholick reli- inclusive, shall be set at liberty after gion shall be exercised in the island the signing of the capitulation : and with the same freedom as under a shall be dilengaged from their parole. French government. The churches The French officers of different shall be preserved, and the rectors ranks, volunteers, ferjeants, and and other priests continued; and, soldiers, who have been made priin case of death, they shall be re

foners since the 8th of April, shall placed by the bishop of Vannes. also be set at liberty. They shall be maintained in their The English officers and soldiers, functions, privileges, immunities, and prisoners of war in the citadel, are to

be free the moment the capitulation All the inhabitants, without di- is signed. The French officers and ftin&tion, shall enjoy the free exercise soldiers, who are prisoners of war, of their religion. The other part of shall be exchanged according to the this article must necessarily depend cartel of Sluys. on the pleasure of his Britannick

All the above articles shall be exemajesty.

cuted faithfuiły on both sides, and XI. The officers and foldiers, such as may be doubtful shall be fairwho are in the hospitals of the town ly interpreted. Granted. and citadel, shall be treated in the After the signature, hostages shall fame manner as the garrison; and be sent on both sides, for the security after their recovery, they shall be of the articles of capitulation, furnished with vessels to carry


| Granted. to France. In the mean while they All the archives, registers, public shall be fupplied with subsistence papers, and writings, which have and remedies till their departure, any relation to the government of according to the state which the the island, shall be faithfully given comptroller and surgeons shall give up to his Britannick majelty's comin. Granted.

missary: two days shall be allowed XII. After the term mentioned for the evacuation of the citadel in the preliminary article is expired, and the transports necessary for the orders shall be given that the com: embarkation, Tall be ready to remissaries of artillery, engineers, and ceive the garrison and their efprovisions, shall make an inventory fects. A French officer shall be of what shall be found in the king's ordered to deliver up the warlike magazines, out of which, bread, stores and provifions; and, in gewine, and meat shall be furnished to neral, every thing which belongs



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