as ever.

best frames, I can discern an spiritual and eternal good. I evil heart of unbelief working ; have felt, this morning, I trust, an evil heart, which, if God leave in some degree, a spirit to trust to itself, will go directly away in God, willing and happy to from him, and plunge me again leave myself, and all my coninto as great doubts and distress cerns in his hands, rejoicing Oh, that I


hour- that all events are at his wise ly feel my dependence, and that and hely disposal. I felt sensiI might have greater light.” ble of the need of dependence “ Monday evening, August 13. on God in all I attempt, and that At noon

-I thought all endeavors to do good are noI could see the law, both in its re- thing without his blessing and quirements and penalty, to be a co-operation.” most fit, harmonious and beau- “ Friday evening, April 5.tiful thing, even should I myself I have had one of the happiest be brought to suffer its curse. days I ever spent. I have been This evening again, I have been writing upon the holiness and enjoying the same views. I l justice of the divine law. I hope I have seen, in some de- hope. I have seen some of its gree, the necessary, haly, and beauty, and have had some of righteous sovereignty of God. that love towards it which gives It belongs to him, as head of the that peace, which the world can universe, and is most perfectly neither give nor take away. I fitting, that he should have mer- have longed, though far less cy on whom, for wise reasons, he than I ought, to be conformed will have mercy. I think my soul to it in heart and life. I have

let GOD be KING, and conversed with several persons rule and reign just as he pleases. to-day upon religion, and have Let me willingly submit to, and had the pleasure to hear of some feel my dependence on him" hopeful good effect of converSimilar to these

hissation with a person some days feelings from month to month, ago. I ought to be very humexcepting some intervals of ble and very thankful, if I may darkness and doubts. In April be useful in this way. I think following he writes thus : I esteem it blessed indeed, to be

“ Tuesday morning, April 2, engaged to do good, especially 1793. Last evening, and this to the souls of men. Oh, that morning, I have felt a willing- I may be humble, zealous, pruness to spend and be spent in the dent, thankful and persevering. service of God. Last night af. Blessed be God for this day's ter going to bed, the Saviour enjoyment." appeared so great and glorious, Lord's day evening, May 5. and amiable, that I trust I felt a This day I have once more enwillingness to suffer any thing, joyed the precious privilege of even death itself for his sake. sitting at the table of my It appeared a most reasonable Lord. I hope I have received thing that I should feel so. I some spiritual nourishment, tho' trust I felt, at the same time, a I have great reason to be ashamlove for my fellow creatures, ed of my stupidity, and coldand a sincere desire for their ness, my pride and unbelief. I good ; and especially for their I have spent this evening very

VOL. VI. NO. 8.

can say,


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agreeably at conference, and was be employed more to his glory something more animated at and for the good of men, than 1 seeing such numbers attend. I have ever employed one before. could not but earnestly long to I would endeavor to improve it see them all united in sincere in some measure as though it affection to God and each other, were my last, as I know not but all the heirs of glory. I have it may be. I would so number had the pleasure, this day, to and improve this year, that E see nine young persons publicly may apply my heart unto wise devote themselves to God. It dom. is glorious to see subjects added to King Jesus !"

And if my days must fly,

" I'll keep their end in sight,” &c. “ Wednesday, A. M. Jan. 1, 1794. Great have been the “ Monday morning, March 10. mercies of God towards me Yesterday I had more than usuduring the past year ; but small al feeling and freedom in praymy returns of gratiude and er and preaching. In the after-obedience. I have

been blessed noon, I preached on 1.Tim. i. 15. with uncommon health and a far In addressing sinners, who regreater share of mental peace ject the Saviour, pointing out and enjoyment, than in any pre-their guilt and danger, I felt ceding part of my life. And some compassion and tendernext to the communications of ness, though far less than I God to my own soul, I consider ought. Many appeared to give as the greatesť meroy, that Ivery serious attention. I canhave received my call to the not but hope that God will give ministry, and the success with me occasion to bless him for which God has been pleased to causing some fruit to redound bless my labors. There is no to his glory. It is peculiarly greater privilege and blessing comforting to think how easy than to see God appear in his it is for him to open the hearts glory, to build up Zion, and to be of sinners to attend to the things an instrument, in his hand, of that are spoken. If it be, his carrying on so glorious a work.” pleasure, I know he can make

“ The next blessing to this I my unworthy and feeble exer consider a very remarkable in- tions eficacious to win souls to crease, in the number and affec-Christ Jesus. Only let him tion of religious friends. I speak the word, and saints shall think I esteem no earthly pos- arise and trim their lamps, and session so dear as godly friends. sinners bow befove him with They are the excellent of the willing minds.". earth, in whom is my greatest

I will add but one paragraph delight. These, and the innu- more from his diary, which was merable other inercies of the written on his birth day, and is Lord, which I have received, as follows :ought to induce me, with renew- “ Lord's day March 22, 1801. ed alacrity and cheerfulness, to This day I am 34 years of age devote myself to his service. nearly half the extent of human And through his grace and life. I have, indead been an strength, I am resolved that the unprofitable servant. It is humyear, I am now beginning, shall I bling to think-how greatly I hait It appears


misspent the precious years that of their hope, and see that they are gone, and are now for ever are not building on the sand ! eut of my reach. I am still Yeas let al who think they stand, fearing, (at least much of my take heed lest they fall: time) that I never employed them, in any degree, as I ought. Still, from conviction, if not from choice, I must say, the ser-To the Editors of the CONNEEvice of God appears right and TICUT EVANGELICAL MAGAgood. If I am not to be happy ZINE. in serving God, I know not that GENTLEMET, I indulge the least hope, imagination or desire of being happy in want of matter for the Maga

PERCEIVING that you are in any other way, beyond a doubt, that there can

zine, and unwilling so useful a be no satisfying portion to a r'a

publication should stop, I send

for tional mind, but the living God.

your perusal some thoughts In him must be our rest, and

on Matt. xxviii. 20. inheritance, or, from the very

Lo, I am with you alway, even nature of things, certain perdi- unto the end of the world." tion awaits us. Oh, that I might discern clearly his glory, and THESE words appear to be feel beyond a doubt, united to the close of the last converhim in holy love! I pray him to sation which Christ had with his enable me to live to his glory.” apostles, while upon earth. Ha

Such were the feelings of this ving ofered himself without excellent man. It appears that spot to God, as a sacrifice of a he had much communion with sweet smelling savor ; having God, and joy in divine things, thus finished the atonement for although he was often in the sin, and brought in an everlasting valley of despondency. He of righteousness, he rose from the ten expressed, in his diary, a dead on the third day according longing desire for the salvation to his own prediction. Having of his people, and earnestly triumphed over death and the prayed that God would revive grave, he continued and converand carry on a work of grace sed with his disciples forty days, among them. But his work is to convince them of the truth now done, his labors are now of his resurrection, and furnish finished, and he is gone,

them with the evidence which doubt not, to receive the reward would enable them to be witof a faithful servant.

nesses of the glorious fact ; and If a man, so eminent for piety, to give them those instructions as was Mr. Huntington, and and encouragements which were whose whole life and conversa- necessary to prepare them for tion were so agrecable to the acting the part assigned them rules of the gospel, could have in his kingdom. so many doubts and fears con- If we contemplate our Lord cerning his future state ;. what as a conqueror, risen above all reason have many who profess the enemies of his person and to be Christians, to examine kingdom, just about to ascend themselves and the foundation, and take an cxalted seat in hea


ven, far above all principality, comforted, by his resurrection, and power, and might, and do his presence and conversation ; minion, and every name which yet he was now about 10 depart is named, not only in this world, out of the world, and they were but that which is to come ; how to see him no more here. He majestic ! how glorious does he now commands them to go forth appear! If we contemplate him and proclaim those very truths as standing in a world of rebels for which he suffered, beginning against his own kingdom, and with the very people who had declaring, All power is given to crucified him ; to go on from me, in heaven and in earth, what them to foreign nations, to peodo we expect? To see this pow-ple of a strange language. To er exerted to subdue the rebels ? preach against the superstitions To see them all fall in one com- and idolatries to which those mon ruin, beneath the weight of people were attached, and teach his vindictive arm ? Such would them a new religion ; a religion be the natural expectation of which combatted, at once, all guilt ; such the catastrophe the corruptions of their hearts, which every descendant of apos- all the prejudices induced by tate Adam might justly expect. superstition and long habit ; and Bụt, oh, how different the fact ! all the rites to which they had “ All power is given to me :- been ever accustomed. A little Go ye therefore and preach the number of artless, illiterate men, gospel to every creature.” In my he commissions to convert a name, preach repentance and re-world ; to contend with policy, mission of sins to all nations ; power, learning and deep rooted he who believeth shall be saved, prejudices. The view of these and he who believeth not shall difficulties may seem enough to be damned. What a combina- appal the stoutest heart. How tion of majesty, meekness and could they, without strength, compassion, is here ! How am-worldly resources, or patronage, iable does the Saviour now ap- expect to succeed in such an enpear, clothed with greatness and terprize ? Christ well knew the condescension ; with power and difficulty of the work, and the clemency; with justice and love! weakness of the instruments he

The commission which he employed. Therefore to encougave to his apostles was most rage them, he gave this anibenevolent in its import ; yet mating promise, “ Lo, I am most arduous and difficult in the with you alway, even to the end execution. View the situation of the world." of the apostles at that moment. We are naturally led to enTheir Lord had lately been put quire into the meaning of this to death for his holy life and promise, or what it implies. doctrines; his opposing the lusts Christ had, before this time, and prejudices of men, and de- informed his disciples that he claring himself to be the Son of should, ere long, go to the FaGod ; and they had viewed their ther, and they should see him own lives as in great jeopardy | no more in this world. on account of their connection heavens were to receive him, till with him. Though their hope the time of the restitution of all had been revived and their hearts I things, which God hath spoken

« The


by the mouth of all the holy | they were moved by the Holy prophets.” It could not, there- Ghost." The Holy Spirit therefore, be his personal, bodily pre- fore, is the Spirit of Christ. And sence which he promised, but therefore, as we sometimes find the presence of his holy spirit. him speaking of the Spirit, as beThis we may conclude from the ing sent by the Father ; so he promise of the Spirit, under the also speaks of sending him him. character of a comforter or ad-self. “If I go not away the vocate, which Christ repeatedly comforter will not come to you; made to his disciples, when he but if I depart, I will send him spoke of leaving them. John to you,” John xvi. 7. and xv.

26. xiv. 16, &c. “ I will pray the Fa- In Gal. iv. 6, we read “ God hath ther and he shall send you an- sent forth the Spirit of his Son other comforter, that he may into your hearts, crying, Abba, abide with you for ever, even the Father.” That the Holy Spirit Spirit of truth ;-I will not leave of God is here intended by the you comfortless, I will come to Spirit of his Son, it is thought you.” Here the sending the there can be no doubt if we conHoly Spirit to them, and Christ': sider that he is given to assist coming to them, seem to imply God's people in prayer, and the same. And we find the Ho- compare this with Rom. viii. 26. ly Spirit, called the Spirit of " Likewise the Spirit also helpChrist. Rom. viii. 9. « If so be eth our infirmities ; for we know that the Spirit of God dwell in not what to pray for as you. Now if any man have not ought ; but the Spirit maketh the Spirit of Christ, he is none of intercession for us, with groan. his.” In the former clause he is ings which cannot be uttered.” called the Spirit of God; in the From these considerations, I letter, the Spirit of Christ. And conclude that the promise of it is worthy of remark that; in Christ's presence, and the prothe 10th verse, he speaks of mise of the Spirit to be with his Christ's being in them; and, disciples, both imply the same from the connection, it seems thing. He is present with them evident that he here means the by his Spirit. This will receive same thing by Christ's being in further confirmation, perhaps, them, as he meant in the 9th if we attend to

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other verse, by the Spirit of God dwell-things which seem to be implied ing in them. The apostle, 1 Pet. in his promised presence. It i. 11, tells us that the prophets cannot be supposed that he prosearched " what, or what man-mised to be with them merely ner of time the Spirit of Christ as a spectator, or companion ; which was in them, did signify; but as one deeply interested in when he testified beforehand the the work in which they were ensufferings of Christ and the glo- gaged ; to direct, . aid and enry which should follow.” The courage them ; to qualify, prosame Spirit who dictated to the tect and succeed them. The propbets was the Spirit of Christ; work he appointed them, as has and we are informed 2 Pet. i. 21. been observed, was arduous, far that “the prophecy came not exceeding mere human strength in old time by the will of man ; to accomplish. Christ had told but holy. men of God spake as them, “ Without me, ye can do


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