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Conceive a juft hatred and Indignation against all chy Sins in general ; and for those, which are either too gross to be overlooked, or too habitual to be forgotten, express a particular and proportionable Refentment of Sorrow and Shame. And if thou have time and leisure, 'look' well into the Irregularities of all thy Passions, and in thy private Retirements make a full Confession of them, between God and thy own Soul.

Recollect and bewail the unhappy Prevalence of worldly, and carnal Affections; every exorbitant Defire, every ungoverned · Passion : Obferve, how the Motions of evil Concupiscence abound and domineer how unguarded thou art in thy outward Behaviour, and the general Course of thy Conversation ; how easily thou art seduced by Vanity; how vehemently disposed to the Gratifications of Appetite and Sense; how careless and stupid in the weightier Concerns of thy Soul; how apt to let thy self loose to Laughter and extravagant Mirth, and how exceeding loth to mourn for thy Sins with a true, saving, and necessary Contritioh; how eagerly thou pursueft the Pleasures and Advantages of the Body, and how heavy and Nothful thou art in the Exercises of Mortification and godly Zeal'; 'how mighty'curious and inquisitive after News and Trifles, and greedy to be entertained with every Pomp and Beauty that can please thy fighe ; buc how negligent and backward, how full of Disregard and Difdain, to things of less

. gay Appearance, but of true inward Worth, and mighty Consequence to thy better State ; how greedy of Gain, how sparing in thy Alms, how tenacious of this World's Goods How inconsiderate in thy Discourse, how childish and trifting, how wicked or obscene ; how lavish and profure and what a Torment is it to set a Guard before thy Mouth, and keep the Door of

Psalm cxli. shy Lips; how affected or extravagant in thy Behaviour, how eager in thy Actions, how inordinate in



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thy Appetites; but how slow and deaf to the Word of God; how negligent in hearing, and how inflexible to be persuaded by what thou hast heard; how prone to Rest and Ease, and how averse to Labour and necelsary Care ; how wakeful and attentive at Plays, or Balls, and how drowsie and lifeless in Prayer and holy Duties; how impatient till they are done ; and how full of wandring and impertinent Thoughts, while they are in doing ; how easily diverted from thy stated hours of Devotion ; how lukewarm in receiving the blessed Sacrament, how unfixed in thy Mind at the very time of Communicating, and how barrenand unprofitable afterwards ; how soon provoked to Anger upon every slight Miscarriage, and yet how apt to give Offence to others ; How prone to judge, and feverely censure thy Brethren: How stiff and positive in those Judgments and hard Constructions : How insolent and immoderately exalted with good Fortune, and how feeble and dejected under every Cross or Disappointment : How full of good Intendons, and how few of those Intentions have any good effect.

These, and many other Defects, of which each Man's own Conscience can best inform him, it is thy Duty to enquire into very nicely ; to bewail seriously, to confess with the profoundeft humility, and with firm purpose of amendment for the time to come. When this is done, then, without any secret reserve to thy own Inclinations, resign thy self up entirely to God, to be governed by him, and offer to the glory of his Name, thy Soul and Body, a holy, living, and reaSonable Sacrifice : Thus shalt thou come to me worthily, and receive ny mystical Body to thy infinite advantage.

For there is no other Satisfaction in Man's Power to make for his great Affronts, and manifold Provocations againit the Majesty on High ;. no Oblation more acceptable than that of a broken and contrite, a


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pure and upright Heart, offered to God in this Sacra-
ment. He desires nothing but thy self, and he desires
this, not for his own, but thy fake. He who brings
it, let him not doubt Acceptance, for God never de
spises or rejects a true Penitent, but embraces return-
ing Prodigals, with the tenderness of a Father'; and
grants them Pardon for the past, and Grace for the
future. His Word, his Oath is passed. And he who
cannot Lie may securely be depended upon. As I live,
Saitb the Lord, I have no pleasure in the Death
of a Sinner, but rather that he should be con-

Ezek. xviit.
verted and live ; And at what time soever the wicked
Man turneth away from his Wickedness which he bath com-
mitted, and doth that which is lawful and right, be shall
save bis Soul alive; Repent therefore, and turn your selves
from all your Transgressions, and jo Iniquity shall not be your
ruin. For I will be merciful to your Unrighte
oufnesses, and


Sins and Infirmities will I Heb. viü. remember no more.

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Christ died for us, that we fhould live to Him.

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Cbrift.] Ehold and take Example by me. I hung

upon the Cross with a naked Body, and stretch'd-out Arms, and thus offered my self to my Father for thy Sins. No part of me renained, which was not given in Attonement to appease the Wrach of thy justly incensed Judge. And thou in like manner must think it chy Duty, freely and wholly to give up thy self, a clean and holy Sacrifice. Every Power, every Affection of the Soul must be confecrated to me in the blessed Sacrament. What doth the Lord require of thee, but to consult thy own Interest, and fave


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thy self by conveying over thy felf to Me? Whatever else thou dedicateft to my Service, is of no value, no confideration with Me ; for Iseek not Thine, but Thee.

As all the World besides would fail of procuring thy Happiness and Satisfaction, if deprived of Me; so all thy Wealth and Gifts fet apart for my use, can never be well-pleasing in my light, unless with them thou givest thy own felf. My whole Perfon was facrificed for thy Redemption ; either of my Natures single had been insufficient to propitiate for thy Sins; My whole Body and Blood is set upon my Table for thy Entertainment; and what can be the meaning of all this, but that

I should be entirely Thine, and Thou entirely mine? But if thou art not sincere in this Oblation, if it be made with any Proviso's and Exceptions, the Offering is not perfečt, the Sacrifice is maimed, defective in its Parts, and the Union which should follow upon it, must be proportionably lame and imperfect. The first thing therefore to be taken care of, is the liberal and full resignation of thy Person. This must recommend and fanctifie all thy other Acts of Religion; and till thou art released from the Bondage of divided Affections, thou can'st notattain Grace and true Liberty. Hence it is, and upon no otheraccount, that, of so many Professors, and seemingly good ChriItians, so very few stand fast in the Liberty with which Christ hath made them free.” The Condicion is fixed

and irreversible, If a Man forfake not all that Luke xiv. ho hath, he cannot be my Disciple. And there fore if thou delire to be found in this happy Number, enter my. Courts with a Free-will offering, and confecrate every Inclination, every Faculty of thy Soul. Have no Love, no Defires, but Mine. Submit thy self wholly to my Holy Will and Pleasure, and study to serve me truly in Holiness and Righteousness, all the Days, and in all the Actions of thy Life.


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An Act of Self-Resignation.
Disciple. I :

*T is very meet, right, and my bounden Duty, this, O Lord, is but to give thde of thy own. Heaven and Earth are thine, and all that therein is. I defire, with singleness of heart, to dedicate my self to thee, never to retract the Gift, but continue thine for ever. Accept me therefore, entirely devoted to thy Service from this day forward, a Sacrifice of Praise and perpetual Thanksgiving. I call those bleffed Spirits to witness, who, tho invisible to Human Eyes, constantly aflift at our Solemn Acts of Religious Worship : Humbly beseeching thee, that the Oblation of thy dear Son's Blessed Body, represented in this Sacrament, may be effectual for the Salvation of Me, and of all thy faithful People.

I offer to thee, Lord, my manifold Sins and Transgressions, my corrupt Inclinations and vicious Habits, which, from


Youth up until now, have fo grievously provoked thy Wrath and just Indignation, to be a whole Burnt Sacrifice. Slay them, O Lord, before thy Altar, and consume them in the Fire of thy Love, that not any the least Spot of Guilt may remain behind. Purge my Conscience from their Stain, and wipe oue their very Remembrance. Restore to me thy Grace, which my Sins and wilful Neglect have fo often forfeited ; Give me the Comfort of thy Help again, and stablish me with thy free thy re

Psalm li. newing Spirit ; and, having sealed a full Pardon for what is paft , receive me to thy Fatherly Embraces, and affure me of thy Affection by a Kiss of Reconciliation and Peace.

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