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FOR MAY 1807.


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[WITH A PORTRAIT.] Inisi ves us pleasure that we can, in that sensibility, inherent to British boof our readers to the portrait of a man sufferings of our allies; while that houpon whose actions the eyes of all nest indignation which French barbarity Europe, and a great part of Asia, are, excited, roused the generous feelings of at this awful crisis, also turned with ad: the nation, which scemod absorbed in miration and anxious solicitude ; a man onc passion ; namely, abhorreace at a who, under the guidance of Providence species of warfare new in the annals of and the sanction of his Monarch, has civilized Europe, that spared neither meriicd eternal fame, and universal gra- age nor sex, infants nor captives; which titude, for having stopped, in some de- bat down churches and defiled altars ; gree, the torrent of barbarous warfare, which pervaded even the closets of which in its devastating course threats ladics, and extracted political secrets ened to overwhelm and annihilate the from the toilets of Princesses. kingdoms of the North, as it had the Great, therefore, was the public ex: kingdoms of the South.

ultation, when the Imperial Alexander There is, says the poet, a tide in bu- opposed his arms as a shield to the man affairs,

Prussian Monarch, and the power of

Russia as a barrier to the progress Which, taken at the food, rolls on to for- of the Gallic l'surper; and still greater, tune.”

when his armies, under the conduct of On such a full sea the Corsican l'surper General Bennigsen, were crowned with had long been afloat: loug had his ne

We have already given the farious ambition burst through all re. portrait of the illustrious Emperor * straints, and long had he attempted to

who is considered as the deliverer of become the King of Kings, the sole ar

Europe; and we congratulate ourselves biter of the world.

that we are now, by the favour of an It would be to little purpose to en

ingenions fricod, enabled to lay before deavour, by his actions, io trace which

the public a brief notice of the history of those persons of ancient times, whom

of the veteran Chief who has so faith. historians have agreed to term Herors, fully and successfully carried into effect he intended to initate; he seems, while


generous purpose of his Royal Mas. in his success he has exceeded most, iu

ter. his mind to possess the bad qualities of ail.

LETIN AUGUSTUS THEOPHILLUS DE Fey cyents have excited more con

BANTEIN, Baron of Pennigsen, Gencral cern, indeed more consternation, than in Chief of the Russian Armies, is de those which were included in the ac

scended from an ancient llanoverian counts received of the transactious in family, formerly of celebrity in the Prussia, When Bulletin after Bulletin

Church ; leis ancestors having beca recorded (though certainly with some exaggeration,) how her arinies wither

* European Magazine for March, 1807, ed before the gigantic power of France, Vol. LI, No. 303.


successipely Deans and Canops of Hal- Polish Lady, named d'Andzeykiening. berstadt * for some generations Levin About this time the Empress, to evince Frederick, his father, preferred the mi- her continued approbation of his con. litary to the ecclesiastical path, and, duct, promoted him to the rank of passing through the several gradations, General of Cavalry; and in 1999, be died Çolonel of the Duke of Bruns- obtained the appointment of Civil and wick's Guards. His mother, who pre- Military Governor of Lithuania. vious to ber marriage had borne the With respect to his family, we can. title of Baroness of Rauchaupt, is still not say to a certainty how inany chil. living, and has attained the age of dren he has. One son is an Oficer in eighty-three years.

his own regimeut; another we under. The subject of tbis Memoir was born stand to be in England. A daughter by in the year 17:5. When ten years old, his first wife, since married to Baron he became Page of Honour to the Elec- Leuthe, became the protegée of Carotor of Hanover; and in 1759 was pre. line Matilda, the unfortunate Queen of sented with a commission as Ensign in Denmark, during her residence at Zell. the Foot Goards. What rank he sub- At her death, in 1775, she strongly reseguently attained in this regiment we commended this young lady to the prokoow not+; but find he quitted the loction of the Countess Walmoden, wbo army in 1768, on his marriage with most amply fultilied the intentions of the daughter of the Baron of stein- her royal mistress. An only brother of berg, Hanoverian Ambassador at the the Baron's, who was lately in London, Court of Vienna On the death of this and lodged at Jaquier's Hotel, is a GeLady, in 1773, he entered into the ser- neral in the Hanoverian service. vice of Russia, with the rank of Lieute- In person, General Bennigsen is tall nant-Colonel. The Empress Catherine and well made; the fire of his eye, the Ild gave him the command of a and his expressive countenance, mark corps of Cossacs, which he resigned for the energies of a mind intent on " [mthe regiment of Narva: but not until mortel Tame.As a disciplinarian, he after the successful expedition against is extremely strict and severe; otherthe rebel Pugatschew . He afierwards wise, he is affable and condescending: served in different regiments previous He affects splendor in his manner of to his being appointel Colocel of that living, and is very generous to those of Kiowie, at the head of which he who, by talent, or attention to their distinguished himself in the war with military duties, he considers deserring Poland. At the battle of Mir, General of his favours. Eg a constant atten. Bennigsen bad the commaud of the left tron to these points, he has acquired, in wing of the Russian army, and behaved a superior degree, not only the love, so inuch to the satisfaction of the Lin. but the esteem of his army. press, that she sent him the insignia of Besides the Order already mentioned, the Order of St. Wolodimir, accumpa. and that of it. Andrew, with which he bied by a very Hattering letter : his vas invested after the battle of Eylau, conduci and bravery were likewise rury he is decorated with those of Alexander conspicuous in the Persian war. He Newski, St. Anne, St. George of the was present at the storming of Wilna second class, and with the Prussian Or. in the revolutionary war in Poland, der of the black and Red Eagle. anno 1794 ; soon after which he mar. ried a very beautiful and accomplishcd

Tolke Editor of the European Magazine. A large handsome town in the Circle of Lower Saxony, cupulal of a principality of the ve author of the Memoir of Miss Nainc name. By information from one quarter we

pleasure in your last Norrber, is right learn lie was Colonel; and from another quar- jó expressing himself doubtfully witda ter, equally reapectable, that he was only a regard to that Lady's “ having been Captain when he left ile reyiment: the lat. the only Actress horoured with a royal ter appears 10 is to be the most probable. command in this reigos.”.

Pugalschew was defeated and taken The following play-bill will prove that prisoner by Suwarnow.Vide Europ. Mag. Mrs. King had received the same graVol. XXXVI, p. 327.

tious distiuclive from Their Majesties:

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I highesi hemotance the presente aigle

By Command of Their Majesties. Among those friends to mankind, Mr. At the THEATRE ROYAL, in DRURY Hastings stards the foremost. To the LINE,

encouragement which literature reThis present Wednesdav. Oct. 18, 1775, AS YOU LIKE IT.

ceived during his wise and vigorous

Oriental administration, we owe many
Touchstone, by Mr. King.
Orlando, by Nir. Reddish.

of the advantages above enumerated : Jaques, by Mr. Jefferson.

We are therefore glad that our kind Doke Senior, by Mr. Hurst.

Correspondent has, in the subsequent Duke Frederick, by Mr. Bransby. notices, afforded us an opportunity to Oliver, by Mr. Davies.

join our mite of esteem to the national Amiens, (with songs,) by Mr. V'ernun. stock of gratitude for bis long services, Silviuis, by Mr. Whilfield.

and the general admiration of bis ta. A tam,, biv Mr. Aloody.

leats and his virtuts. Calia, (with the son2,) by Miss Jarratt.

Piicebe, by Mrs. Davies.
Autrev, by Mrs. Bradshaw.

ECIENTIFIC NOTICE. Rosalind. ( by Command,) by Mrs. King, Major Csbome, of Meichet Park, in (Being her second uppearance upon this stage.) the county of Wilts, who erected there

The Farce this evening was The Irish some years ago an elegant Minda tem. Widow.

ple iii hozour of the virtues and distin. I am, Sir,

guisbed merits of that great character, Four Constant Reader, Mr. Hastings *, has lately presented to

E, the Honourable the East Todia Com.

pany, for a place in their Oriental Li. ORIENTAL ANTIQUITIES.

brary aud j! Liseum, the following Hindu

Antiquities, which were collected during IT is a circumstance that confers the his residence in the Upper Provinces of

Hindustan. that literary researches bave been more

A throne supported on four low cointimately blended with commercial lumas, the whole richly carved in fine

alabaster. • pursuits, and even with military exer

It appears to have been tions, than in any former period, with used for religious purposes by the

Hindus. out excepting the times of the ancient GRECIANS and ROMANS. The human

An altar furnished with a fountain, mind in the latter part of the last cen

which occasionally was made to play on tury, impelled by the genins of a few the apex of the prolific emblem of naindividuals, seems to have acquired a ture, personified in the person of Siva, new stimulus, which has urged it to the third person of the Hindu Triad. researches that are not only extremely Besides the priucipal figure, there is çurious in themselves, but extremely sitting on the altar an image of Brahma, beneficial to mankind; as under that of Guntsa, of time sacred bull of Siva, impulse antiquarians have, from sources

and of a female goddess supposed to be either wholly mpervaded, or very

Bhureuri the consort of Siva, with that slightly traccd, been able to extract of 2110 her female, perliaps intended for a great store of materials, which, while the consort of Brahma. This altar is they elucidate the ancient historians, also of pure alabaster, and highly ornapoets, and geographers, also reicct very

mnonted. considerable light on the Mosaic cus

I figure of Butha with seven heads mogony of the world, and the systems

carved in a copper coloured alabaster. of the ancient Mythologists.

The sacred fire of the Magi, which descending to their successors, the

FEMALE STORTING. Guars, had smouldered through ages, Ta hunting party made bs the

Emperor Francis 1, in 1755, there brilliancy among the English in Hin- were 23 persons, three of whom were dustan; the flame of literature, famed ladies ; tic Princess Charlotte de Lorby men of the greates talents, appears raine was one of them. The chase once more to have illuminated the tast, and by a regular progress spread to the West: so that, as in coinmerce, the benefits to both countries promise to be scription were rire in our number ido De

Of which a faithful repres'ntation and dereciprocal

wwer, 180., Pol. 124, p. 148.

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