eventful lidings of my birthCome | lain Omar joined in sarcasm what may, I have an a. m to wield against my friend, and employing with skill the scimitar of Kyoprili threats too in opposition to my jusThat seimitar, Bernard, centinu.

tification, longer forbearance were ed Alfonso, is the same you have

cowardice ; former provocation $0 of en prized. From that period thirsted for an example ; indignait has been the constant companion

tion gave way to furious rageof n.y travels--no pearl, however all the venom of heated frenzy costly, would have been a richer

rose in arms, and in a moment piesent. I had no memento of my scimitar was unsheathed and my friend; and, though I needed mantled in his delested body. Mus. none to preserve the recollection tapha was unarmed and stoud petof one so near my heart, I blessed

rified with astonishment as he bcit as a precious relict, the only sub

held the reeling carcase of Omar stantial token of Kyoprili's fame;

tumble at his feet. but tarnished by unseemly hands, Stir not, thou base calumniater, and sent to me by heaven as the

thou poltroon pacha ! exclaimed sife.fuard of its glorious achieve. I to Mustapha, 'or by our holy ments.

prophet, I'll make a ghost of thee, Mustapha and his companion to wed your common crimes upon having finished their private a funeral pile. Behold that son of conversation, now returned to | Zaide, whom yonder bravo sought where I was. Omar began to scru to pluck from the genealogical tree. tinize my figure with renewed cu of Mahomed!' Then turning to the riosity; but confiling in the altera- dying villain whom I began to pity: tion of my features, and the periodenfeebled is that arm which that intervened our last mecuing, would have palsied mine-fast ebbs I pretended not to observe his anx. that blood which would have drain. iety, affecting to be solicitous for led these veins ; repent, and die in the wound of Mustapha. I inquired peace-freely do I pardon,do you, if it were possible to procure pro make peace with heaven.' fessional aid; added that I was fearful of its necessity, and requested

· Art thou the boy I bore from his permission to go in search of Morad's house ?' advice. Mustapha treated my “I am!' proposa! with a disdainful frown; resumed his attack upon the honor "And canst thou forgive me of Kyoprili, and hinted,in language then ?' cried the repentant sinner, sufficiently plain, a thirst of revenge for my superiority in combat.

..From iny soul I don' Even this I had presence of (Thanksthanks I die.com. mind to endure; but when the vil. ll posed-Oh! Mahomed--Selim is

no: thy father-Zaide he oprili. The disasier had but rewas continuing, but the name died il cently bappened ; and though I felt upon his lips, and he expired 10 | the cruelly of so dishonorable a leave sne in all the uncertainty of stain upon our character, sill did half finished confession. One I look forward with every happy word more, and prehaps I should presage to the approaching mohave became acquainted with my ment when truth would predomniaorigin; but I was reserved for far ale to re-establish the great name ther trials of my fortitude,

of a failen hero. Mark the conduct of Mustapha, At the hotel where I dined, the the puissant captain pacha of the affair of

-as the topic of conOttoman empire!

versation. The party was numer·O! glorious achievement!'

cus, and chiefly composed of officried he, by heaven it was nobly his comments, and, save one veter

cers of Janissaries. Every one had done! He was a villian, seignior,

an soldier who betrayed some faint and you have immortalized yourself | by a single deed next io conquer

intimacy with my friend, cach was

the harsher censure of Kyoprili's ing Mustapha, was that of annihila

conduct. Won by the warmth of ting Omar!

his apologist, who had become the Oh, but it galls me to the soul, l, ridicule of the company, I inipruto think that such reptiles should dently espoused his opinion, unhold the authority of rank in civil warily announced myself as Kyized society! The wretch tender. oprili's aid-de camp, and declared ed me his hand in congratulation ; upon the honor of a soilder that my but I spurned from me the proffer

commander feli by my side braveed friendship, and left him to the ly opposed to a thousand bayonets, compunctions of his dastard soul. A lund burst of laughier drowned Puzzled as I was to account for his my voice and unable to restrain sentiments of the character of Ky

the distraction of my feclings, I oprili, ny heart revolled against conceived it prudent to leave the the idea of explanation. Few had

room. This was matter of fresh escaped the massacre of to tei! merriment to the party. To me, the tale, and I resolved to appeal indignant as I fell, their conduct to the porte himself, in vindication was an example highly illustrative of our suspected treachery.

of the flimsy tenure of popular o'

pinion. The intelligence of the defeat hall reached Constantinople belore I was followed by him who esme. The same discreditable tale poused our cause, He led the was believed, and the whole city way to a private apartment, and resounded with the infamy of Ky we sat down to enjoy the dchiglie.

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ful sociability which flows from an For the Lady's Miscellany. interchange of kindred sentiments.

SLAVERY. Perceiving I was still irritated at the insult offered to me, he strove

The despondent and downcast

looks of these ill-fated creatures eto sooth my ruffled spirits by as

vince that they anticipate all the su:ing me the party we had quited

horrors of their impending fate. was composed of boys, soldiers by

Bat the sordid, insidious monster profession ; but who reared in the

who instigaled them to the bloody Jap of indolence, had become mere opiniated coxcombs untried in mili

deed of butchering their fellows,

the base author of all their misetary danger. You must understand,' he con

ries stands unaffected, unmoved, tinued, that the affair of

save' his face that has been productive of much noise

- hard unmeaning face and speculation. Report has made

Down which' ne'er stole a gentle fice with your reputation ; and I

tear must confess, notwithstanding my is pervaded by a ghastly grin of knowledge of Kyoprili's patriotism, satisfaction at the success of his that even my suspicions were a

machinations and that his disordiwakened. I have known bim nate desires are to be gratified. lony ; nor am I hasty in my con

This conscientious and magnanclusions. His rapid rise-his cha_imous trafficers in huinan flesh, this racter as a statesman, and his re. more wonderful mercantant stalks nown as a soldier are enough to

and struts about in conscious supe. beget enemies. -Kyoprili has many riority; surveying them with lordand though I dared to espouse his ly, supercillious air, and entering cause at a table I usually frequent, into all the deception and collubelieve me my experience of hu- sions of trading cupidity, by endea, man nature would not warrant me vouring to affect an advantageous 10 seek the conviction of a mob. bargain of his human merchan. We met as strangers ; but our

dize. The contract the infamous meeling I esteem most fortunate, contract is made. They already because I shall now bave the means

enior upon tho duties of their hard of learning the real merits of that disgraceful offices. Immaculate transaction'

loaded with chains and merchan(To be Continued.)

dize they are driven like herds of

beasts to the sea coast. From REBUS,

there they are conducted on board A Fam'd old man,

of vessels destined for their recepArd the Latin for if,

tion. But his career of barbarity Inie led, I believe,

and devastation ends not here ;
A pop'lous place will give,
Which tell me, if you can.

his appetites sre not yet glutied. A. With satanic designs he enters the


sanctuaries of sweet domestic execute deeds of the most criminal bliss; and by force, by stratagem, and heinious tincture ; lo act the and by the profanation of the sa perfected villain in his every grade; cred name of friendship, he finds yea, to commit crimes (using the means to convey others on board words of a bold poet) which would of his vessel ; tearing assunder the make the Devil himself hold up dearest friends and relatives-de his hands & wonder who could do priving children of their father &

them.' Confusedly crammed into provider, the wife of her beloved the narrow cells of their floating partner, the parents of their off-dungeons, with insuffici: nt spring and the lover of his mis. supply of coarse and almost putrid tress. And, when the weighing food to satisfy the pressing calls of of the anchor, the unfurling of the nature : every moment-auntingly sails announce the departure of the insulted, mocked and tormented, vessel which contains those. 10 and for the least transgression, the whom theyare united by the strong least refractoriness shown to the est bonds of amity and fiiendship injury imposed upon them the these poor. miserable destitules most excrn.iating tortures are apmoved by an intuitive and insupplied. This however is but the pressible impulse present, them- incipient state of their sufferings selves upon the shore in the most

the commencement of their disinteresting and affecting artidues; mal career and aggravating mis-some rendered frarstic by the

eries. After a long confinement stroke run lo and fro in “ wild dis.

therein incapacious prisons sull'erorder" uttering, incoherent, buting sickness and hunger, they are heart-piercing expressions of sor

relanded again arranged and sold row. Some in plaintive accents Transferred to masters little less implore the compassion of the ra

unmerciful and inconscientious pacious and iron-hearted plunder they are doom'd to spend their er, and on their bended knees be- lives in vile se;vitude, in a foreign seeching him to rostore unto them Jand estranged from their country, their beloved friends; while others

their dearest friends and relatives ; feeling their injuries in all their

doomed to endure all the contort. madning, most provocative forms ing pains every heart reading woe are wound up to desperation and

and every contumelious insult that in the heighth of their vindicative

flesh is heir to,'imbittered by the sury imprecate awful curses upon | melancholy reflection that their the head of the obdurate spoiler of

progeny are fated to partake of their happiness. At this scene their debasement and inherit their sufficiently affecting to excite the

grief. sympathy of any feeling being, he view3 with that stoic indifference Long 'ere the brilliant orb of which marks the man prepared to day shoots is effulgent beams ou

ver the eastern hills, they are a. If this view of the subjecc the roused from their slumbers by the i philanthrophist and the patriot ruthless hand of oppression, and sell their bosom flushed with the like the goaded ox, with the men congenial warmth of pity on the acing, blood streaming lash' fiery sallies of indignation, what raised above their already lacerat must be their sensations, how must ed shoulders, they are driven 10 it aggravate aud heighten their their wonied labours, to toil at ihe sympathy and irritation in beholdsweat reaking boe,' die live long iing the sons of Columbia'the reday almost waxed and exposed to puted partizans of Liberty and the scorching rays of a meridian equality,' treading in the very suel,!o gratily the fustidious wanis, footsteps of iheir predecesso's, pride and avariciousness of their becoming more than their com pampered masters, till debilituled peers in infiny, by adding hypocand worn down with excessivc la ricy and egregious incongruity to bour, they azail relire and comnut astrocious barbarily and consumate themselves to the simile arms of injus;ice. sleep, but alas ! only to awaken to wreichedness and labour. This

That man only who has felt the theme so weil calculated to excise sting of the accuminated shafts of in the humane boso!n, the gentle | ins the nectar of 'sympathetic

adversity can profler to its sad vićthrob of kind commisseration, in. spires the breast alio with the inost

consolation with the delicacy and do'orous misanthropy and abhor tenderness their peculiar griefs entideas of the crucliyand lenious require; and the heart that writhes wickedness of man: and I am con

with anguish under the scourge of strained to exclaim to the lofficers

affiction, is at those times moro in human flesh hence! base inhu

susceptible of the tender impresman monsters! thou spurncst at

sions of sympaihy. 'Tis a season the mild dictates of humanity, thou peculiarly aclopied for the enburst the sacred barriers of na

gendering of the finer feelings of turs laws, 'leapest the niounds of humanity. riglit and prowl about the earth

" teaching our breasts to glow preying upon thy own species, as if

For other's good and inelt at others the human heart divinc' had been

woe" plucked fion without the breasts and that of the blood-thirdly Hyena And it is a reasonable deducplaced there instead, as if to verify tion to suppose that the man who this assertion that the ferocity of has long'groaned under the scorthe fierces! Tyger thut roves Ara. pion lash of oppression, on whom bia's deserts is mildness, is tender Tyranny had ' fixed his iron talons ness to mans in humanity to man. grasping him like some lordly "Man to nan is the sorest surest ill' beast of piey' would upon his e

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