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For JUNE 1807. [Embellished with, 1. A Portrait of John Pinkertox, Esq. And, 2. A View



Memoir of Jobo Pinkerton, Esq. 411 Letters of Yorick and Eliza

459 On Meliorating the Condition of Boileau's Essay on the Study of StaRogaes 413 tistics

ibid. Description of Southampton 415) A New System of Domestic CookVestiges, collected a d' recollected,


ibid, by Joseph M ser, T'sq. No. LVIII. 417|| Cooke's Conversation

460 The Revolution in Sio Buckles. By Anthologia

461 Joseph Moser, Esq. [Concluded] 424 || Poetry ;- including, Ode for his MaMogli and Tryanna ; or, Tho Troa jesty's Birth-day-The IlusbandMountain: Anriental Anecdote.

- Address to the TempestBy Joseph Moser, Esq.

427 TheSnow-drop-Sonnet-ToMasa Observations on the fall of St. Chad's ter Barrington Purvis-Sounet Church, Shrewsbury

430 Elegiac Stanzas - Sonnet to the Philological Defence of the Utility of Honeysuckle Morning -- Epithe Learned Languages 431

462 The Reasoner. No. Vi.

434 Theatrical Journal;-including, ChaJournal of a Voyage froin the West racter of a new Performer-Clos

Indies, &c. to London (Continued) 435 mg of Covent-garden and DruryOn the Introduction of Machinery line Theatres--Opening of the into the Woollen Manufactory 412

Haymarket Theatre-- Mirs. Didier's Essays, "listorical, Literary, and Mo. Farewell Address, Address spo

ral. No. XV. Oi servations on a ken at .ispley School, &c. 467 Life of Retireinenc 144 Inecdotes of Rall, the Actor

469 Instruchions for Youn: Poets 4.15 | Observations on the American Bear 470 Some Account of the late Dr. John Tutelligence from the London GaDouglas, Bishop of Salisbury 446

ibid. LONDON REVIEW. Foreign Intelligence

476 Beloe's Anecdotes of Literature and Domestic lutelligence

479 Scarce Books 449 || Marriages

425 Thornton's present State of Turkey lonthly Obituary

ibid. (Concluded]

451 Pariations of Barometer and TherCarey's Poeins, chiefly Amatory 458

487 Lord Bacon's fables of the aucients Price of Stocks.

in Philosophy, Morality, and Ci- ndex. vid Policy.

ibid. ll List of Bankrupts,

uram, &c.



Printed by J. Go.d, Sto-lane, Flat-street,


No. 32, CORNHILL. Persons who reside abroad, and who wish to be supplied with this l'ork every Month, as pubkished, muy hure it sent to them, FREE OF POSTAGI, to New York, Halifaa, Quebec, und every part of the West Indies, al Two Guineas per Annum, by Mr. THORNHILL, of the General Post Office, at No. 21, Sherhorne-lane; to Hamburgh, Lisbo:2, Gibraltur, or any Part of the Sediterrancan, at Two Guincas per Annum, by Mr. Bishop, of the General Post Office, at No. 22, Sherborne-lane ; to ony Purt of Ireland, at One Guinea and a Half per erinum, by Dlr. Smith, of the General Post Office, u No. 3, Sherborne-lane; and to the Cape of Good Hope, or any Part of the Eust Indies, at Thirty Shillings per Annum, by Mr. Gur, at the East maia House.

Europ. Mng. Vul. LT, June 1807.

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The letter of IF..C., who desires us to give the Memoirs of an Honourable Baronet, and our opinions respecting his character, we read with attention, and consequently experienced the different sensations of pleasure and pain-- pleasure, that he deems our Magazine, what we have assiduously endeavoured to make it,

and IMPARTIAL ;” and pain, that we should be obliged to refuse a request so respectably urged, upon the ground, that it we inserted the article, however cautiously we might word it, we sbould be in danger of forfeiting our claims to usefulness or impartiality in future. Mr. S., of whom, from his address, we thiuk we have some slight knowledge, will understand, that to at. tempt to delineate the characier of a Gentleman who has already made a greul, and promises to make a still greater figure, in the political world, would probably lead to those PARTY disquisitions and controversies which we have most sedlulousiv endeavoured to avoid. Looking upon buinan actions in the most favourable points of view, our sentiments can be of little importance upon A SUBJECT, respecting which there are, perhaps, as many opinions as there are PARTIEs, we had almost said sects, in the kingdom.

The accpunt of Edward King, Esq., F.R.S., F.S.A., &c., shall be commenced in our next.

We are extremely obliged to Mr. Salisbury for his kind and liberal offer respecting the plate of the Botanical Garden; but upon a mature coosideration of the subject, are of opinion, that, however interesting, it will, with the explanation, occupy more space in the Magazine than we can devote to that particular article.

The Editor did not receive the note from Lady B. until the poetical half-sheet was printed.

Mr. Moser has desired us to intimate to W. J., that the idea of his piece is a very good one, and the anecdote characteristic : but that there are some raaherances in it, which lie is sure the good sense of Mr. J. would, upon revisal, correct.

The Power of Sensibility even in humble life, and Louisa de l'ernon, shall be inserted in our next.

Lectures on Scripture Facts, by W. B. Collyer, shall be reviewed in our next.

AVERAGE PRICES of CORN from June 6 to June 13.

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Wheail Rye | Barl. s Oats Beans

Wheat Rye, Parl. Oats Peace Essex 78 (1.36 636 0129 318 3 liddlesex 77 741 41 5133

5 hent 74 613

01.29 0136
81 8/10 08 612

0 Sussex 72

40.) 0 10

0.22 OO Ollilertford 74 0113 (36 1010 1010 Swolk 72 1000 031 11/27 10136 11 Bedford 70 710.) ( 5 8120 10 Cambridge 67 510 -432 10-25 dl luntingdon 69 01:34 Norfolk 68 1100 1-3 8137 il lorthampt. 71 4:0

41.5 ( 8 0 Lincoln 69 714 324 137 7 Rutland 73


#1 York 70 10115 41 7126 11/13 11 Leicester 71 815 36 31.3 101.37 1 Durham 81

0 17 10119 30 of Vorringliam 7.3 013

08 +115 Northumb. 70 1156 037 11:9 glou o Derby 75 S100 0 0 0 017 6/19 6 Cumberland 73 8 58 19 0132 000 latforal 75 0100 010 1:7 18 Westmorl. 81 401 4112 0132 11 00 05.op 72 116

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8.11 Lancaster 77 540 000 0128 13 81: Hereford 09 Chester 900 000 018 .NO of forcester 69


0 Gloucester 75 3100 C3 7153 &19

& warnick

O 08 Ć Somerset 74 000 02 211

111 o'tilts

10.) 0+ 10

4 Noumouth 78 200 000 010, 00 0 Berks

80 Devon 82 11901037 1117 100 of Oxford

73 300 01.31 o

9 Cornwall 89 800 0139 122 &0.

o Bucks
76 700

1 Dorset 2,0) 033 1113 070 )

WALES Hants 7 9'00 631 49 8110 V. Tales 78 0:0 010 1111111 0

S. ITales

1003 1,19




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Published by I Asperne at the Bible Gown & Constitution.Cornhill. 1. July 1807





FOR JUNE 1807.


[with A PORTRAIT,] A ,

stances attendant upon biographi- through the medium of the press, more cal researches, one of the most diffi- generally disseminated. This, though cult is the compilation of the memoirs seldom practised, would, he said, save of authors during the periods of their the biographer a world of labour, existence; because many are perhaps were it universally adopted. But as inclined to think that too much, and that is a thing rather to be wished than others, that too little, has been said, expected ; perhaps such notices as either of their characters, or of their these, which we are now writing, may, works : “ while a man is yet living,” in some degree, serve as a succedaneum (says Dr. Johnson,) “ we estimate his for better information ; because, if we powers by his worst performance ; and err, we may by the parties themselves when he is dead, we rate them by his be corrected. best:" therefore, recurring to our first Leaving the high antiquity of the proposition ; there is that delicacy re- name of PINKERTON, which we have quired to enable a writer to steer be- seen traced from the time of EDWARD tween the extremes of exaggeration, and the Ist, out of the question, we shall contraction, which too frequently ope- descend, at once, to the grand-father fates as an insurmountable obstacie to of the subject of this meinoir, whose that kind of discussion, which the free- name was Walter PINKERTON, and dom of history requires.

his situation in life, that of a respect

able yeoman of DalsERF, in CLYDESHowever, although these observa

DALE, Scotland.

This worthy man tions may apply to living biography bad a numerous family, one of the in general, they can have but little

sons of which, WALTER, influenced by iniluence with respect to the indivi- the communication then existing be, dual who is the subject of this brief twixt the Presbyterians in NORTA BRImemoir ; because his life (passed, in its Tain and the West of EngLAND, setadolescence, in the flowery paths of tled in SomersETSHIRE; where, it is poetical effusions; and since, in anti- said, that in the business of a hair quarian rescarches, and the pursaits of merchant he acquired a moderate for. useful and elegant literature ;) must, by tune. About the year 1755, he repvery man, and by every set of men, turned to his native country, where he be considered as having been devoted married Mrs. Bowie, the widow of to the public upon the best of principles,

a respectable inerchant in EDINBURGR ; that of cadeaiouring to improve the who, at her death, left him three chilpresent age, and leave a scientific le. dren. Of these, James, the eldest, gacy to the future.

stimulated by the military spirit which It was an observation of that cmi- is indigenous to his country, joined nent antiquary, Mr. George Ver the British army in Gerinany as a vo. Tue, that every man who had in any luuteer, and gloriously fell at the battle art or science acquired celebrity, ought of MINDEN; a battle in which the ex, ta record in his pocket-book the events ertions of the Scotch will never be forof his life, the course of his studies, gotten, either by their friends, or their the progress of his works, and even of enemies. Robert, the brother of this bis ideas, as they suggested any parti. gallant youth, succeeded to an estate cular improvements ; in order that in Lanerkshire, left by their father. the mental progress of science might By his wify the daughter of a medical

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